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There are several languages among the populations and races of Thedas. Some have been lost with the passing of time and were replaced by others.

Languages Edit

  • Ander in the Anderfels[1]
  • Antivan in Antiva[1]
  • Ciriane, the language of the Ciriane tribe who first settled central Orlais.[2]
  • The common tongue, also referred as the King's Tongue or Trade tongue, was invented by the dwarves in order to trade with each other and later introduced to other races.[3][4] It is the most common language of Ferelden.[5]
  • The dwarven language in the present day are no longer spoken, and only a few words and phrases remain in common usage.[3]
  • The elven language or Elvish[6] was largely lost when Elvhenan fell. In modern-day Thedas, elves use some Elvish words (the Dalish more frequently than city elves), but speak the common tongue on a regular basis. Keepers are supposed to be the only ones who know the secret of writing it.[1]
  • Qunlat, the Qunari language.[7]
  • Orlesian in Orlais.[1][3] Most Orlesians are bilingual, this language is primarily spoken in isolated communities of marshmen.[8]
  • Rivaini in Rivain[1]
  • Tevene is the current language in the Tevinter Imperium. People who are not Tevinter usually call the language Tevinter.[9]
    • Ancient Tevene is the ancient and dead language of the Tevinter Imperium. The annums (annual holidays) in the Thedosian calendar use a high name from Ancient Tevene, and a low name (Trade tongue).[10]

Notes Edit

  • In Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, the witch Yavana speaks in an unknown tongue to a High dragon. However further information about this tongue is not known.[11]
  • Dwarven runes are used on signs by the dwarves as well as by the humans on the surface. In the latter case, they are used instead of the native language, as it is common for peasants to not be able to read.[12]

Trivia Edit

  • During the development on Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare hired a linguist (who went by the username "Beesechurger" on the old forum) to work on elven and Dwarven languages and phrases, but opted to use only some words or phrases.[13][14]

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