You killed my friend--and good King Cailan. I demand satisfaction, ser.

Ser Landry is a knight in the Denerim Market District involved in the quest Honor Bound.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ser Landry is a knight who served with Teyrn Loghain's forces at the Battle of Ostagar and believes the Grey Wardens were responsible for the death of King Cailan. He is particularly fond of chivalry and embraces chivalric traditions such as honor, duty to his lord, and dueling.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

As the Warden walks by Ser Landry, he will recognise them as having been Duncan's apprentice at Ostagar. He accuses the Grey Wardens of being traitors and will demand a duel to satisfy his honour. The Warden can lie about who they are or use persuasion or intimidation on Landry to avoid the duel. If both fail, he will insist that the Warden meet him in the back alley where the Wonders of Thedas is located.

If the Warden refuses and walks away, Landry will ambush the Warden during a random encounter within Denerim. He is assisted by his seconds, making the fight difficult, but rewarding. This ambush can be perpetually avoided by using the World Map.

If the Warden agrees to the duel, Landry will run around the corner to where his foot soldiers are waiting. The Warden can duel him one on one or order the party to attack Landry and his men. If the player engages in the duel but then runs towards the market area, Ser Landry tells the Warden that he will not have the duel spilling over into the market place. He then says, "This is not over". However, he is not encountered again afterwards.

Duelling Landry one-on-one results in Ico Appr Heart.png Oghren approves (+1).

Once he has been defeated, the Engraved Mace can be retrieved from his body.

After the Landsmeet finishes, Ser Landry will disappear, causing the player to miss the chance to complete Honor Bound.

This section contains spoilers for:
Darkspawn Chronicles.

He is encountered alongside Bann Teagan in the Denerim Market District during the Kill Bann Teagan quest during the Massacre in the Market.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is a scripting comment that can be viewed if his dialog file is opened in the toolset that says convincing Ser Landry that Wardens would never side with the darkspawn should result in a "good XP bonus" that is "at least equal the XP for killing him in a duel". This was never implemented, however.
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