Landmarks in the Oasis is landmark collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Discover all landmarks in the Forbidden Oasis.

Acquisition Edit

Triggered when any Oasis landmark is found.

Walkthrough Edit

There are 8 landmark locations in the Forbidden Oasis:

  • Wooden Bridge - slightly north-west of Desert Camp.
  • The Weight of War - west of the Wooden Bridge landmark. Grants Codex entry: The Weight of War.
  • Worn Pillars - north of the Wooden Bridge landmark and up a ladder. Grants Codex entry: Worn Pillars.
  • Spiral Mine - north-west of the Worn Pillars landmark, upper level (see Gallery). There is another entrance to the cave but this is the closest to the landmark. Grants Codex entry: Spiral Mine.
  • Envers Mining Company - atop the mining crane, north-east of the map.
  • Upper Walkways - near the Upper Walkways landmark, slightly south-west of Solasan temple.
  • Intrinsic Pool - in the Intrinsic Pool, in the middle of the map (lowest level)
  • The Marker - statue in the ruins south of Desert Camp. Grants Codex entry: The Marker.

Rewards Edit

Discovering all eight landmarks yields:

  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Power

Codex entries Edit


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