Landmarks in the Oasis is landmark collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Discover all landmarks in the Forbidden Oasis.

Acquisition Edit

Triggered when any Oasis landmark is found.

Walkthrough Edit

There are 8 landmark locations in the Forbidden Oasis:

  • Wooden Bridge - slightly north-west of Desert Camp.
  • The Weight of War - west of the Wooden Bridge landmark.
  • Worn Pillars - north of the Wooden Bridge landmark and up a ladder.
  • Spiral Mine - north-west of the Worn Pillars landmark, upper level (see Gallery). There is another entrance to the cave but this is the closest to the landmark.
  • Envers Mining Company - atop the mining crane, north-east of the map.
  • Upper Walkways - near the Upper Walkways landmark, slightly south-west of Solasan temple.
  • Intrinsic Pool - in the Intrinsic Pool, in the middle of the map (lowest level)
  • The Marker - statue in the ruins south of Desert Camp.

Rewards Edit

Discovering all 8 landmarks yields:

  • Influence 80
  • Power 1

Descriptions Edit

Wooden Bridge Edit

A footbridge constructed by the Envers Mining Company. A few words are carved into a plank, only faintly visible in its weathered wood:

Pass the time with another day. All the same, but you earn your pay.

The Weight of War Edit

Sketches of the statue from various angles occupy several pages of the journal:

I have seen the pose before. Often it represents the burdens carried by those who die by the sword. Usually the man—or the head of his enemy—bears some identifying mark, but I can find none here. Perhaps there is some message in their uniformity. No claims to personal glory, only stern acceptance of duty. Given the Approach's association with the Wardens, it is a fitting sentiment.

—Excerpt from the journal of Henri Ducette, Envers Mining Company representative and amateur historian
—From Codex entry: The Weight of War

Worn Pillars Edit

A sketch of the pillars, followed by another drawing imagining the pillars as part of a grand monument, with appended notes on the subject:

The remains of the structures surely predate the Second Blight. Perhaps older. My knowledge of ancient Imperium architecture is limited. There are some similarities, but I'm uncertain of their origin. One of the miners thinks they're elven—of course this is based on a few carvings he found that "look sort of elfy." The pillars are unlike the ruins one sees in the Dales. Of course, these would be much older than anything found there.

—Excerpt from the journal of Henri Ducett, Envers Mining Company representative and amateur historian
—From Codex entry: Worn Pillars

Spiral Mine Edit

We are in agreement that the incident that took place last week in the Spiral Mine was an unfortunate accident. Condolences will be sent to Didot's wife, along with pay owed.
—Official statement, posted by the mine overseer, name illegible
—From Codex entry: Spiral Mine

Envers Mining Company Edit

Operations at this site are no longer profitable. Official closure will occus on 13, Justinian, 9:39 Dragon.

All workers will be fairly compensated for their time. Those interested in further employment may contact our people in Val Firmin.

—Notice to oasis site bosses by Marceau Envers, owner-proprietor of Envers Mining Company

Upper Walkways Edit

After watching one young lad scale a rock face on a bet, I was comforted to find that not all the miners share his lack of self-preservation and a railing had been built along the upper walkway.

I admit the walk does offer a fine view of the heart of the oasis. The pool and...

—Excerpt from the journal of Henri Ducette, Envers Mining Company representative and amateur historian.

The next page marks the beginning of a new entry:

Ducett was clearly fascinated by the region. Yet, like all accounts of the area, a clear description of the "heart" of the oasis is lacking.

—Annotation by Enchanter Renaud, agent of the Inquisition

Intrinsic Pool Edit

At the center of it: the scent of water, the soft call of a tusket wading through the pool. You almost forget that outside the oasis there's simply... nothing.

—Excerpt from a letter sent to Manon DuLac in Verchiel from her brother, Leon

The Marker Edit

The sand stretched for miles, broken occasionally by a stony outcrop. The monotony was wearing, and the longer we traveled, the more I feared we would never escape it.

Suddenly, my guide pointed, and I caught sight of two distant pillars. As we rode toward them, a statue of a man became visible. Despite his stern countenance—and the fact that he held the head of some vanquished enemy—I have never seen so welcoming a face.

The oasis itself lies within a canyon. From a distance, one might see only more desert. The rocky hills surrounding it look the same as any other rocky hills. Were it not for the pillars and man, the place would not appear remarkable at all. When I expressed these thoughts to my guide, she laughed and said she could find the spot even without them. I conceded the point, not wishing to insult her skill. Still, I am grateful to the bygone sculptor who placed his statue here.

—Excerpt from the journal of Henri Ducette, Envers Mining Company representative and amateur historian
—From Codex entry: The Marker

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