Landmarks in the Mire is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Discover all landmarks in the Fallow Mire.

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Upon claiming any landmark in the Mire.

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There is a total of 4 landmarks to be claimed.

The Den Edit

The stench of wet fur is so strong, it almost masks the pungent odors of the mire.


A tree and some sculptures in the center of the arena-like structure in the northwestern Misty Grove, west of the third beacon and at the same place where a Fade rift is located.

Granite Point Edit

Some statues in the Fallow Mire are of Avvar origin. It amused Bann Hargrave to bring them back from her conquests in the hills and plant them outside her home, the way a gardener might transplant flowers. The bann entertained visiting nobles by giving tours of the statues, regaling her guests with dark tales of Avvar superstitions, which she mostly made up on the spot.

—Excerpt from In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi

A sculptured tree in the center of the cirque at Granite Point, south-southwest of the Old Thoroughfare Camp.

Light of Andraste Edit

There is a wind-weathered inscription on the statue:

Commissioned in 6:55 Storm[Bugs 1] by the illustrious Bann Hargrave, Protector of the Fallow Mire, to commemorate the completion of her keep, and to thank Blessed Andraste for her good fortune.

On a wooden stage on the path from the Fisher's End Camp into the village.

Old Windmill Edit

This sturdy windmill appears old but well-kept.

The old windmill is located on the eastern bank of the large isle that has to be crossed to reach Hargrave Keep, in the Weeping Spires and southeast of the last beacon.

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  • There is an inconsistency between the naming of the Light of Andraste's "point of interest" on the map and the spelling in the note: the latter one uses "The" at the beginning of its title, while the map and this article don't use it.

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  1. 6:55 actually is the Steel Age, in which the Avvar had been eventually pushed out of Ferelden.

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