Landmarks in the Deep Roads is landmark collection from The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Discover all landmarks in the Deep Roads.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Triggered when any Deep Roads landmark is found.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There are six landmark locations in the Deep Roads:

  • Storm Coast Fissure
  • Heidrun Thaig
  • Monument to Heidrun the Deep
  • Derelict Lyrium Mine
  • The Buried Sea
  • The Wellspring (head right when entering the area)

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Discovering all six landmarks yields:

  • Influence 500
  • Power 2

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Storm Coast Fissure[edit | edit source]

From this ridge, exposed sections of the Deep Roads are visible below. There's history in the rock split by these quakes—and for those without sure footing, a particularly dangerous fall.

Heidrun Thaig[edit | edit source]

A letter to Merchant Levnog, predating the First Blight:


More of the brand refuse to make the journey to Heidrun Thaig. Rumors of the incident has spread, and no amount of coin or beatings could persuade them. I asked Miner Vassov to send the isana shipment with his own crew, but have yet to receive a reply. I inquired if anyone else has heard from their Heidrun contacts. Nothing. I worry that it has something to do with those creatures that wear the faces of the dead. Apparently the king himself is leading a troop of warriors to check the situation.

Needless to say, the shipment will be late. I just hope it arrives at all.


Monument to Heidrun the Deep[edit | edit source]

This lonely podium is carved from a stone pillar reaching up in the darkness. From the inscription, Paragon Heidrun's remains are entombed here under a massive stone likeness of the legendary dwarf. At this vantage point, it is hard to appreciate the scope of the tribute.

Derelict Lyrium Mine[edit | edit source]

The lyrium deposits left to grow in this long abandoned mine would fetch serious coin, if only reaching the place—and then transporting the lyrium to the surface—wasn't a venture just short of suicide.

The Buried Sea[edit | edit source]

The water shimmers, a subtle but eerie blue, reminiscent of lyrium. Swimming in it would not be wise.

The Wellspring[edit | edit source]

In a time that only the Stone remembers, there was a thaig in the deepest caverns ruled by a wise old king. The riches in the Stone had provided well for the thaig: lyrium flowed like water from the ground, gold and jewels sprouted from the walls like mushrooms, and the people wanted for nothing.

One day, the king returned to the Stone and left behind two sons to vie for his throne. Neither had been named heir, and so each sought to prove to their father's Assembly that he was best suited to be king.

The first son journeyed far and wide across the Deep Roads, forging alliances with the other thaigs, and returned home bearing word of the goodwill of distant kingdoms and their promises of future friendship. But the Assembly was not impressed with words and promises and would not name him heir.

So the second son mined the ground for wealth. Every last scrap of lyrium, every nugget of gold he dug up and gifted to the thaig. But the Assembly, accustomed to abundance, was not impressed. So the second son dug farther and farther into the Stone—so far that he broke through to the other side and found the sky. And this he claimed for his thaig. And the Assembly named him king.

But the Assembly wanted him to bring back his treasure for the thaig. The new king climbed down and down the endless mine until he reached the sky, but try as he might, he could not pull the sky up, nor strike it to pieces with his pickaxe. The new king mined out more and more earth, trying to carve a path to the sky, and finally, he undermined his thaig so much that the whole kingdom broke loose and fell far, far into the ground and up into the sky.

King, Assembly, and thaig were never seen again.

—"The King Who Claimed the Sky" from Songs That Only Nugs Can Hear by Paragon Ebryan[2]

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