Landmarks in the Approach is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Discover all landmarks in the Western Approach.

Acquisition Edit

Upon claiming any landmark in the Approach.

Walkthrough Edit

There is a total of 15 landmarks to be claimed.


Map of the Western Approach

Gates of Andoral Edit

Engraved on this gate are symbols of Andoral, Old God of slavery.

Huge Tevinter gates at the end of a small path through the map's sulphur pits that initially block off access to the Echoback Canyon from the westerly situated Griffon Wing Keep and the Craggy Ridge Camp further south.

Gates of Toth Edit

This gate is carved with symbols of Toth, the Old God of fire.

Tevinter gates in the east of the map, blocking off access to the Echoback region from the Canyons and the Lost Spring Canyon Camp in the south.

To access the landmark and unlock the gates, first the source of darkspawn has to be found during the trouble with it. After having access to the northern parts of the map and finding and entering the Prison Ruins, eventually the Echoback Canyon must be discovered by leaving Coracavus through its South Exit. The gates then can be reached by heading south-southeast.

Griffon Wing Monument Edit

In honor of the Wings of Adamant, the brave griffons who gave their lives in service to keep the Blight at bay.

In war, victory.
In peace, vigilance.
In death, sacrifice.

A monument of a griffon, directly southwest of the Nazaire's Pass Camp and northeast of Professor Frederic's tent.

Hidden Stairway Edit

The stairway is extremely old and weathered. Its boards bear subtle gouges where clawed feet have tread. There are no indications of who built it or for what purpose.

Wooden structures and ladders, leading down from the Abyssal Ledge into deeper realms, directly northwest of the Craggy Ridge Camp.

At their bottom a piece of the Archdemon can be found.

Lamarr Tower Edit

Senior Warden Lamarr, hero of the Second Battle of Forward Pass, held back three charges of darkspawn during the critical Long Night of the Second Blight and lost her life in service to Thedas.

—From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

A small, square ruin at the border of one of the Giant's Staircase's ledges, south-southwest of the Oasis Cave, and with an ocularum.

The Last Step Edit

A fragment of an inscription remains on one of the stones. It reads:

"…last step of civilization before the abyss…"

A small stone to claim on the western battlements of the Echoback Fort, where at the end of the Trouble with Darkspawn Servis is met and fought.

Then a large stone of interest further north, past the astrarium and halfway to the Echo Back Canyon Camp – it overlooks this "last step before the abyss".

Note: The claimable landmark is shortly southwest of the "point of interest" Echoback Fort, which is automatically placed when discovering that region. After claiming the landmark, however, its own "point of interest" (the X on the map) is retrieved – at first as "undiscovered" (? on the map) – outside the fort, to its north, and now located in the region Echoback Canyon.

In the Echoback Fort also another piece of the Archdemon, a vial of Archdemon blood for Blackwall and a Frost Rune Schematic can be found.

The Lost Idol Edit

The relief carvings on this slab depict worshippers of Razikale, Old God of mysteries, engaged in a religious ceremony.

An idol on an altar, deep in the Oasis Cave at the Lost Wash Creek, southeast of the Craggy Ridge and west of the Lost Spring Canyon Camp.

A faded journal lies next to the idol and a piece of the Archdemon on the ground of the cave.

The Old Well Edit

This ancient cistern stinks like rotting meat.

Griffon Wing Keep's former cistern, located in the Outpost Well cave and surrounded by freshly dumped corpses.

The cave's entrance at the keep's south is sealed with a spirit-based barrier; a piece of the Archdemon can be found here as well.

Ritual Tower Edit

Many Tevinter structures litter the wastelands of southwestern Orlais. In the age before the First Blight, the Imperium expanded through the South at an incredible rate, and the lands farthest from Minrathous became home to a great many sites dedicated to magical experimentation, taking advantage of natural weaknesses in the Veil as well as the distance from the Archon's oversight to try ever more dangerous fields of study. As with Aeonar in Ferelden, the laboratories of Orlais were set upon by the followers of Andraste during the uprising, and little remains of them now save crumbled stone. —An excerpt from Empire and Imperium by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar
—From Codex entry: Ritual Tower

More part of the Abyssal Rift than of the surrounding Sand Flats in the Approach's central west, this ancient Tevinter tower also serves as the meeting point with Hawke and the Grey Warden ally and the following confrontation of Livius Erimond during the main quest Here Lies the Abyss. Claiming this landmark allows Knight-Captain Rylen to offer the side quest Fortress Squatters.

Shimmer Stone Mine Edit

The ground here trembles slightly underfoot.

An abandoned mine, southeast of the Nazaire's Pass Camp and shortly before the Wastes.

Nearby an ancient logbook can be found.

The Shortcut Edit

Scratched into the wood is the following message:

Can I get you a ladder to get off my back?

One of several ladders connecting the Giant's Staircase and the Lost Wash Creek, leading down directly to the Oasis Cave's entrance.

The Surveyor Edit

This mining equipment has been abandoned for a very long time. Not even the scavengers have disturbed it.

A lone pulley on the border of the Sand Flats in the Giant's Staircase southwest, near the road to the Ritual Tower and northwest of the Nazaire's Pass Camp.

Tesoro Tower Edit

Warden-Commander Tesoro, slayer of a hundred genlocks, gave her life in defense of the Abyssal Rift at the start of the Long Night of the Second Blight.

—From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

Some tower ruins north of the Craggy Ridge Camp, in the Dust Plains on the way to Griffon Wing Keep.

The Thing in the Dark Edit

This statue is oddly warm to the touch and shivers slightly, as though it might have a pulse.

An idol in a dark cave, that can only be accessed after Crossing the Sulphur Pits. It's located on the western side of the mountains that surround the Still Ruins, directly south of the Gates of Andoral and east of Griffon Wing Keep, at the level of the second tower built through the war table operation.

A piece of the Archdemon is also found in the cave.

Zhores Tower Edit

Warden Zhores, commander of the defense of Adamant Fortress during the Long Night of the Second Blight, gave his life in battle against a hurlock alpha.

—From the Grey Warden archives at Weisshaupt

One more ruin on a Giant's Staircase ledge, halfway between the Oasis Cave and the Craggy Ridge Camp.

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Notes Edit

  • Between the naming of the landmarks' "points of interest" on the map and the spelling in the notes, there are some inconsistencies:
    • The two gates are plural on the map, but singular in the notes – this article uses the plural versions, because those are also the names of the related regions.
    • The Warden-Commander's name is spelled with an "r" on the map, Tersoro Tower, but without "r" in the note, Tesoro Tower – this article uses the spelling without "r", because the name is listed twice in the note, but only once on the map; there is no other instance of this specific name in the canon.
    • Two notes don't use the definite article "The" in the beginning – this article uses the map's spelling with "The" (though the sort order doesn't use it).

Trivia Edit

  • The idol near The Thing In The Dark bears a striking resemblance to the idol in the Pride's End cave at the top of Sundermount.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc The collection disappears from the journal after its completion.
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