Landmarks in Frostback Basin is landmark collection from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Discover all landmarks in Frostback Basin.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Triggered when any Frostback Basin landmark is found.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

There are 10 landmark locations in the Frostback Basin:

Location Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Six locations are scattered about the Frostback Basin:

  • Arboreal Fort - on the wooden platform atop the tree, north of the Ridgeline Camp
  • Blood-Stained Shrine - an altar in Swamp Kuldsdotten, north-east of the Swampside Camp
  • The Frozen Gate - south of the frozen fortress gate, in the upper right corner of the map
  • Mouth of Echoes - inside the cave passage near the River Camp
  • Nigel's Point - Tevinter ruins overlooking the Cliffside Camp from the east
  • Razikale's Reach - old Tevinter temple north-west of the Canyon Camp, in the upper left corner of the map

Stanza Landmarks[edit | edit source]

Four stanza landmarks are available from the Tale of Hryngnar, Ice-Troll:

  • First stanza - In Fear of Hryngnar - in the northern part of Stone-Bear Hold, near the arena
  • Second stanza - The Stone Giants - in the northern part of the island, Lady's Rest (must be allowed to borrow the boat first)
  • Third stanza - Shattered Wall - atop the ruins of an aqueduct south-east of the River Camp
  • Fourth stanza - Hryngnar's Lair - east of the Basin Floor Camp

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Discovering all 10 landmarks yields:

  • Influence 500
  • Power 2

Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Arboreal Fort[edit | edit source]

A report from Agent Charter, received by the Inquisition's advisors and carrying their notes to each other on the matter:

Sheer cliffs and steep drops present obstacles to speedy travel within the Basin. As a temporary measure, rope ladders are being constructed and placed at strategic points chosen by Scout Harding. Continued presence in this area will require a permanent solution. Please advise.

(Charts and topographical information provided for your perusal.)


A series of comments follow:

Flatten the area? —Cullen

Of course the commander suggests hitting the hills until they forget they're hills. —L

We could look into getting the soldiers to cut steps into the cliffs or construct structures with some form of verticality. Scaffolding, perhaps? —Josephine

I was joking. Meanwhile, have you threatened to cut out anyone's tongue today? —Cullen

Thinking about it right now. —L

The roofer, Berinole, was talking to the foreman about drawing up plans for additions to Skyhold. Covered platforms connected with spiral staircases and suspended catwalks. We could apply this idea to Frostback Basin. —Josephine

I was there. Wasn't Berinole drunk? —Cullen

He didn't draw up the plans while drunk, I'm sure. We could have an engineer or Dagna look over them, to see if they're structurally sound. —Josephine

An engineer, yes. Dagna, no. We don't need our outposts to be half-in, half-out of the Fade. Or be able to sing the Chant of Light, or whatever it is she's working on right now. —L
—From Codex entry: Arboreal Fort

Blood-Stained Shrine[edit | edit source]

We took steps to avoid the Hakkonites and stayed out of their way for the most part. It would've gone uneventfully had Pryce's inexperience not caused him to leave visible prints in the dirt. The Jaws of Hakkon used them to track us, and even Falker cannot throw them off the trail. Persistent bastards. We ended hiding amidst the moldy corpses and sun-bleached bones that littered the ground around a strange shrine. It was carved of stone and capped with what looked to be a dragon skull. Thankfully, when the Hakkonites traced us to the shrine, the sight of it made them stop short. They whispered among themselves, and their leader seemed to make a small bow of obeisance to the skull. They then abandoned the chase.

We still don't know what it was about that shrine that made the Hakkonites balk. Perhaps we don't want to know.

—From reports sent to Scout Harding
—From Codex entry: Blood-Stained Shrine

The Frozen Gate[edit | edit source]

The gate remains frozen, even at the height of summer. A piece of ice chiseled from the whole remained unmelted in a bucket of warm water, even withstanding the heat of burning embers. I have never seen such magic. Our Avvar guide, Ragnar, will tell me nothing about what lies beyond the frozen wall. I have exhausted all possibilities and shall have to accept that I will never pass beyond that gate.

I have retained the piece of ice for my own use. Its properties make it perfect for chilling my cider on hot days. I shall take pleasure in this and try not to fixate on my unsated curiosity.

—From the travel journals of Ser Nigel, explorer and knight
—From Codex entry: The Frozen Gate

Mouth of Echoes[edit | edit source]

The savages speak to their gods in the cave passage. They call it the Mouth of Echoes. They light fires and feed them with green spruce and shout their questions into the deep. They say answers come to them on the last whispered echo. Superstition, we laughed. And now Razikale is silent and madness descends. I can only think, what if? What if there are irregularities in the Veil here? What if we could secure the Avvar cave and bend it to our purposes?

The slaves are gathering materials. We will build a shrine to the Dragon of Mystery—implant foci into the walls, cut sacred designs into the stone, the better to hear her with. We will hear her voice again, or we will die.

—Scribbled in blood-red ink on parchment found in the Mouth of Echoes
—From Codex entry: Mouth of Echoes

Nigel's Point[edit | edit source]

I absolutely cannot wait to survey and explore Nigel's Point. This was one of the ruins the explorer Ser Nigel visited on his travels through the Frostbacks. So much of what I've learned of this region comes from his notes and sketches. It's appalling to me how little recognition he's received, compared to that Brother Genitivi or even that peddler of pabulum, Philliam, a Bard!

I wonder if I could discover the original purpose of Nigel's Point. Its ancient Tevinter name, of course, has been lost, but I am certain it was built and dedicated to an Old God. I wonder which one. If I could learn this... of course, Harding gives me a severe look every time I suggest I could just stroll over one morning. She insists it's too dangerous. She worries too much.

—From Colette's research journal
—From Codex entry: Nigel's Point

Razikale's Reach[edit | edit source]

The fog came on swiftly, cloaking the world in shadow and turning the stones beneath our feet into a treacherous slick. I knew we had to find shelter before we lost even that faint light. We stumbled on, following Ragnarr's broad painted back, and arrived at an ancient Tevinter temple just as the last of daylight left us. Ragnarr instructed us to pitch our shelters beneath the entrance passageway and warned us not to wander too deep into the ruin. His voice was an uneasy whisper, and I knew at once he was afraid. Wary of alarming the rest of our expedition, I took Ragnarr aside and spoke to him. Some of the Avvar, he said, believed the temple to be the haunt of old, vengeful spirits. The Tevinter had come here long ago and built their great temples and then one day, without warning, they had abandoned them all. Ragnarr was convinced they had done something terrible here, though he could not tell me what it was. Whatever the reason, he found the temple deeply disturbing and had brought us to it only out of desperation.

I slept fitfully that night. Once, I opened my eyes to see a pulsating amber light from beyond a second doorway. I blinked and it was gone. In the morning, the fog had lifted, and I wasn't sure if I had really seen the light, or dreamed it.

—From the travel journals of Ser Nigel, explorer and knight
—From Codex entry: Razikale's Reach

Stanza 1 - 4[edit | edit source]

Tremble at the ice-troll Hryngnar, guard your gaze against his wrath,

Dead to dreams as dwarves below us, fools in folly block his path.
Weapons weeping, Avvar warriors struck to seek their legend-mark,
Fed not fortune but the Lady, folly-fallen in the dark,
Dead to Hryngnar's fury freezing.

Came the giants, water-wading, here to hunt and harrow home.
Avvar fear the shapes in shoreline, forced to flee when giants roam.
Hryngnar, ice-troll, sees his brothers, calls the winter winds to shore,
Giants frozen, forged in frostbite, threaten Avvar homes no more.
Fears of giant-battle easing.

Came the warriors of Tevinter, armors shining, shields of gold,
Stole the land of Avvar keeping, stone-carved walls to claim their hold.
Hryngnar, ice-troll, wreaks his raging, lowland warriors weep and shake,
Glacier-strength did Hryngnar conjure, stone Tevinter walls to break,
Lowlands flee, their lands releasing.

Stay unseen from ice-troll Hryngnar, glacier-strength in giant form,
None but fools will fight the winter, battle-bond the icy storm.
Dead to dreams as dwarves below us, wrath of frost and winter's death,
Blades are blunted, battle-broke, on hide whose chill can frost the breath.

Hryngnar ice-troll, winter's seizing.
—From Codex entry: Tale of Hryngnar, Ice-Troll

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

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