Landmarks in Crestwood is landmark collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Acquisition Edit

Triggered when any Crestwood landmark is found.

Walkthrough Edit

There are 10 landmark locations in Crestwood:

  • Fereldan Wyvern Statues - behind the Northern Hunter in the Black Fens.
  • Fisherman's Hut - on the peninsula south of North Gate Camp. The region is called East Side Hills before the lake is drained and The Flats afterwards.
  • The Gallows of Caer Bronach - on the east side of the keep, outside the walls.
  • The Guide of Falon'Din - near Glenmorgan Mine, north-west of Three Trout Farm Camp.
  • Hidden Cave - cave marked on the map south of the Crestwood Village, there is a Freed Are Slaves mosaic piece inside as well.
  • Lawspeaker's Assembly - west of the Black Fens, home of the Northern Hunter, next to the quarry.
  • Mayor's Old Home - in Old Crestwood, south of the Flooded Caves map marker.
  • Memory of the Drowned (shown on the quest map as "The Memorial") - statue up the hill on the northeast side of the Village of Crestwood, near Sister Vaughn and the logging stand.
  • The Pit in the Pond - south-east of Three Trout Farm Camp.
  • Wyvern's Watch - south-east of Caer Bronach at Hilltop Farm.

Rewards Edit

Discovering all 10 landmarks yields:

  • Influence 120
  • Power 2

Descriptions Edit

Fereldan Wyvern Statues Edit

Crestwood wyvern statue

One of the wyvern statues

Wyvern statues found throughout Ferelden were inspired by a legend that Andraste tamed one of the venomous beasts with her song. Note I say "legend" and not "The Chant," for this is wild superstition. We must sternly remind the faithful that any story about the Bride of the Maker outside the Chant of Light is blinkered heresy—folklore and nothing more.

—Excerpted from and unfinished treatise by Brother Regaren, 8:73 Blessed

Fisherman's Hut Edit

The stink of carrion fills the air around this hut.

The Gallows of Caer Bronach Edit

The gallows by the fortress are leftover from when Orlais warred with Ferelden. Let us be grateful they have not seen use in years—apart from children using the ropes as swings before the gamekeeper chases them off.

—From the memoirs of Sister Vaughn of Crestwood

The Guide of Falon'Din Edit

Guide of Falon'Din Crestwood

The Guide of Falon'Din

Falon'Din sought someone to be his messenger and companion. The wind was swift, but Falon'Din refused to chain it. The People were loyal, but could not live where Falon'Din walked. Then the owl came to him and said, "I am not cowed by darkness. Let me serve you who also has no fear of night." Falon'Din accepted gladly, and took the owl as his servant, who thereafter helped Falon'Din guide the People through the passage of the Veil.

—From Animals of the People, as told by Ellathin, Keeper of Clan Tillahnnen

Hidden Cave Edit

A wooden façade has been erected at the mouth of this cave, presumably to shield any occupants from the weather.

Lawspeaker's Assembly Edit


We've got ourselves a few months' work repairing the dam. The Mayor wants us to meet him at the Lawspeaker's Assembly to seal the bargain. He says it's where they shake on agreements, judge criminals, hold weddings, et cetera. Must have been impressive once, if that's where they do official business.

—Note left by a stonemason for his cousin at Crestwood's inn

Mayor's Old Home Edit

A plaque by the door of this house reads "Mayor Dedrick."

Memory of the Drowned Edit

On the 8th day of Bloomingtide, 9:30 Dragon, we fought the Fifth Blight.

We remember the night the dam broke open, drowning the darkspawn in floodwater.

We remember the cries of those swept away, our families and good neighbors.

We remember refugees who took shelter with us, also lost in the dark.

We give their souls to the Maker. Beloved Andraste, guide them to His side.

—Carved into the base of a memorial statue in Crestwood, above a list of names

The Pit in the Pond Edit

Crestwood is a small village of no real consequence to the lords and ladies who ride through on their way to Val Royeaux or Denerim. The people are glad for visitors, however. Residents tend livestock and grow what crops they can, but their chief income comes from trade.

I was dining alone at the local inn, which is quaintly perched on the top of a dam, when I overheard the barman mention tunnels beneath the village. I was surprised to learn that a vast cave system riddles the land surrounding Crestwood. The locals told me tales of strange noises and eerie lights, of entire expeditions swallowed by underground fissures, of screams in the dark that come from nowhere and return, just as swiftly, to nothing.

I scoffed, then went for a stroll around the area. The night was clear, and I was wending down a pleasant glade in the hills when I heard a rasping hiss. Dropping my walking staff, I spied an overgrown opening to a small cavern. Were those footsteps padding away into the dark I heard then, or a startled animal?

That night, I let the candle in my room burn longer than usual.

—From the diary of a traveler from Val Chevin, dated three months before the start of the Fifth Blight

Three Trout Pond hides a sinkhole hundreds of yards deep. Darkspawn emerged from this and other caves to attack Crestwood during the Blight. The flood that wiped out Old Crestwood drowned the blighted ones, and the excess water created the pond we see today.

If the dam was not damaged, we would have never survived the darkspawn. Was the Maker's hand in this? I cannot believe He would be so purposefully cruel to His children, flawed though we are.

—From the memoirs of Sister Vaughn of Crestwood

Resources found here: Elfroot, Spindleweed, Blood Lotus, Deep Mushroom, Embrium, Iron, Obsidian, Everite.
—From Codex entry: Crestwood

Wyvern's Watch Edit

A mug and a bottle of wine indicate this sheltered spot may have once been a popular place to enjoy the view. Someone has carved "Milton + Lonnie" into the side of the bench.

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Notes Edit

  • The Wyvern's Watch landmark is in reference to Lonnie and Milton who are discovered in The Rusted Horn Tavern.

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