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Lace Harding is the lead scout for the Inquisition and a companion in the upcoming Dragon Age: The Veilguard.


Harding was born in the Fereldan Hinterlands, just outside of Redcliffe, to a seamstress mother and a trader father. According to her father his bloodline can be traced to a Merchant caste family back in Orzammar however no merchant House carries that name in order to confirm this claim.[1] Though her mother named her "Lace" in the hopes that her daughter would be as pretty and delicate, Harding quickly proved herself a strong and active child. She helped her elderly neighbor tend to her sheep, which allowed her to explore the hills of the Hinterlands at length. When the Inquisition first began to build a presence in Redcliffe, Harding volunteered to guide the newly arriving Inquisition forces. Eventually, impressed by Harding's skill, Officer Charter recruited Harding to serve as a member of the organization. She quickly became indispensable to the Inquisition thanks to her cunning, daring, and positive outlook.[1]


Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

She is most often found outside the tavern in Skyhold or whenever you first open up a new area in the game. As the lead scout of the Inquisition, Harding gives The Inquisitor a situation report every time they enter a new location.

She also accompanies the Inquisition to the Frostback Basin. She escorts Professor Bram Kenric as he joins the Inquisitor inside Tevinter ruins and participates in the planning and the assault on the Hakkonite fortress. She will also speak with the Inquisitor after they defeat Hakkon.

While not a romance option, she can be flirted with on several occasions and admits to having feelings for the Inquisitor after some time. While she says they can discuss it after defeating Corypheus, no such option becomes available after the final mission.

Harding also accompanies the Inquisition forces who travel to the remains of the Temple of Sacred Ashes to slay Corypheus. She has a posting at the Herald's Rest, offering dance lessons after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. Nothing comes of it though, as she writes in an apology saying that she has been too busy.

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If the Inquisitor did not pursue a romance with any other character:
Flirting with Harding at all opportunities that are presented, it is revealed in a conversation with Vivienne that Harding and the Inquisitor are in a romantic relationship.[2]

After the Exalted Council, Harding becomes part of the new incarnation of the Inquisition War Council, along with Cassandra and Leliana, and they meet with the Inquisitor in the basement prison of the ruins of Haven's chantry to discuss Solas' plan and how to deal with him.

If Leliana did not become Divine Victoria:
Harding is one of the agents with whom Leliana had shared many responsibilities during the final months of the Inquisition as an independent organization. Many believed that Leliana feared what lay on the horizon and was grooming successors in anticipation of the challenges ahead.

Dragon Age: The Missing[]

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Dragon Age: The Missing.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Lace Harding and Varric Tethras are tasked with finding Solas by Charter and the Inquisitor. Varric is also tasked with forming a small team for that purpose. Varric, concerned about Harding’s propensity to see the best in people, and worried for her family, offers her a chance to back out of their dangerous mission, but she is determined to find Solas.

Varric and Harding first head to the Deep Roads near Marnas Pell following rumors of mysterious abductions. While underground, they meet a pair of Grey Wardens, Evka Ivo and Antoine, who are also investigating the disappearances and looking for two other Wardens. After finding the corpses of their comrades, the group is attacked by deepstalkers and an ogre–the cause of the abductions. Further exploration leads them to Solas' hideout in the Deep Roads, where they find an invitation to the home of Lady Crysanthus in Vyrantium. As they leave the hideout, they find the corpse of a deepstalker killed by two blades, which leads them to assume, correctly, that they are being followed by the Venatori. The group leaves the Deep Roads, with Varric and Harding heading for Vyrantium.

Varric and Harding sneak into Vyrantium through the sewers, as the city is under siege by the Antaam. After breaking into Lady Crysanthus' home, they find that she had been turned to stone by Solas. Before they can investigate further, they encounter Andarateia Cantori and Viago De Riva, two Antivan Crows hired to kill Lady Crysanthus. They tell Varric and Harding that she was a spymaster for the Venatori. Interrogating the valet reveals Solas' and the Venatori's target: the crucious stone, an elven magical artifact said to have the power to bring down Tevinter and hidden in Arlathan Forest. Their investigation is interrupted when Lord Crysanthus and the Venatori attack. They escape the mansion, accidentally setting fire to it, though the Venatori are still on their tail. Varric and Harding leave for Arlathan Forest while Teia and Viago go inform the Crows that the Venatori are planning a concerted move against Tevinter.

In Arlathan, Varric and Harding encounter a group called the Veil Jumpers led by Strife and Irelin. After the dwarves tell them of their plan to retrieve the crucious stone to keep it from Solas and the Venatori, the Veil Jumpers offer them their help. Together, they successfully navigate the treacherous magical forest together, overcoming a gauntlet where spirits trade places with the living, a place where time runs out of order, and then a place where up is down and down is up. At one point, Varric is attacked by a pack of leopards and is pushed out of the way of a pouncing attack by a Venatori. Finally, the group has to defeat a Varterral. Despite all this, they are unable to retrieve the crucious stone, which Solas has already taken. He left a note for Varric in its place, telling him that the stone was never in danger of falling into Venatori hands and that he would do his best to limit the damages that his actions will cause. Varric tells the Veil Jumpers that Solas is Fen'Harel before departing.

Varric and Harding head to Minrathous and meet up with the private investigator Neve Gallus. She tells them what she's heard: that Solas has been stealing artifacts throughout the city, attacked Venatori sites, and freed a group of elven slaves. They track down some of the freed slaves to look for more information but only learn that Solas is planning to leave the city via the canals. They also realize that they inadvertently led their Venatori stalkers to the elves, and that the Venatori have planned an ambush to recapture their former captives while Solas escapes. Between continuing their pursuit of Solas and helping the slaves, Varric and Harding feel like the latter is the correct choice. After defeating the Venatori ambush, Varric and Harding leave Neve and a group called the Shadow Dragons to help the former slaves remain free. They conclude that Solas knows them too well and that they should look for people Solas doesn't know if they want any chance at finding him.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard[]

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Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

After Solas's ritual causes demons to pour into Minrathous, Harding is discovered defending civilians by Varric and Rook. Together, the three fight off demons while searching for Neve Gallus, whom they discover has defeated her Venatori captors after the demons attacked. Neve assists the group in finding Solas's eluvian, which takes them to Arlathan Forest, where his ritual is underway. Rook, Harding, and their allies fight their way to the ritual site where Varric confronts Solas in an attempt to turn him from his plan to bring down the Veil. Meanwhile, Harding helps Rook fight off demons until Rook suggests they interrupt the ritual while Varric has Solas distracted. Despite concern from Neve that such an interruption could have serious consequences, Rook elects to destroy supports holding up an ancient elven statue, resulting in the destruction of the ritual site. Harding is present to see the ritual go awry, with Solas becoming trapped in the Fade while Ghilan'nain and Elgar'nan, two ancient elvhen gods, escape their prison.[3]


The Threat Remains The Threat Remains
Secure a Route through the Frostbacks Secure a Route through the Frostbacks (war table)
Scout the Storm Coast Scout the Storm Coast (war table)
Wardens of the Coast Wardens of the Coast
Cleaning House Cleaning House
Reports of Darkspawn Activity Reports of Darkspawn Activity (conditional)
Shard Collector Shard Collector
The Temple of Pride The Temple of Pride
Investigate the Exalted Plains Investigate the Exalted Plains (war table)
Undead Ramparts to the West Undead Ramparts to the West
Investigate the Western Approach Investigate the Western Approach (war table) (conditional)
Make Contact in the Emerald Graves Make Contact in the Emerald Graves (war table)
Liberate Emprise du Lion Liberate Emprise du Lion (war table)
Red Templars on the Storm Coast Red Templars on the Storm Coast (war table) (conditional)
Stop Venatori Activity in the West Stop Venatori Activity in the West (war table)
Sand and Ruin Sand and Ruin
The Tomb of Fairel The Tomb of Fairel
Investigate Frostback Basin Investigate Frostback Basin (war table)
Jaws of Hakkon Jaws of Hakkon
The Basin Beckons The Basin Beckons
The Loss of a Friend The Loss of a Friend
On Ameridan's Trail On Ameridan's Trail
Hakkon Wintersbreath Hakkon Wintersbreath
Disaster in the Deep Roads Disaster in the Deep Roads (war table)
The Descent The Descent

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Note texts[]

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Messages Left at the Outpost Messages Left at the Outpost
Pamphlet: Lift Your Voices! Pamphlet: Lift Your Voices!
Tavern Notices Tavern Notices


  • It is lightly hinted that Harding may harbor some feelings for the Inquisitor, although this is only shown if certain dialogue options are selected.
  • Josephine has sent her flowers.
  • She is concerned that Leliana wants to have her killed.
  • As her "romance" option is not an official one, you can pursue any of the other official romance options while still flirting with her enough times to find out her first name, and then to have a romantic relationship in Trespasser. However, advancing far enough along in a romance path will make it impossible to flirt with her.
  • She is afraid of heights.
  • Harding is a member of the "Sing-Quisition."[4]
  • Harding is the master of a mabari called Contessa.[5]

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