If I asked my men to apprehend you, they'd all run and cry big, sobby tears in their courtesan's bosoms and leave me all alone to be skewered.

Sergeant Kylon is an officer of the Denerim city guard who has the unenviable task of trying to keep order in the Denerim Market District and other parts of the city, such as The Pearl.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

After completing the Back Alley Justice quest, speak to Sergeant Kylon for some extra gold and his assurance he'll do his best to counter the slanders against the Grey Wardens.

He offers the quest Pearls Before Swine, asking that the White Falcons be removed from the Pearl without killing them. If you choose to kill the White Falcons, when you next meet him he will be furious at you and not give you a reward. At that point you have the option to kill him and his group. Killing him, or leaving him alive but not completing Pearls Before Swine in the manner he requested, will prevent you from receiving the Crimson Oars quest.

He can be seen fighting at your side after you convince the mercenaries to leave The Pearl, when he will dual wield a longsword and a dagger.

The Darkspawn Chronicles[edit | edit source]

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

Sergeant Kylon can be found in the Denerim Palace District. He has sealed off a small side alley with barricades and will attempt to defend some civilians hiding there. It is possible to miss him, or else to avoid attacking him if the barricades are not approached.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "And people actually voluntarily attack you? Are they just stupid?"
  • "I said beat down, not kill. Let me make that really clear. Not on fire, or exploded, or Maker knows whatever type of grisly death you can dream up. ...Sorry, used to giving orders to my boys. Just leave them breathing, and I'll be happy."
  • "When I receive new men, it's find out that they are illegitimate, undisciplined and foolish sons of this or that lord."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He refers once to his superior, a guard captain who authorizes him to use deadly force against the Crimson Oars mercenaries.
  • In The Darkspawn Chronicles he guards the Palace District rather than his jurisdiction which is the Market District.
  • Being armed with both longsword and waraxe it is suggested that he has acquired the Dual-Weapon Mastery talent from the Dual Weapon Training tree
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