Kul-Baras is an ancient thaig and fortress of the dwarves located somewhere beneath Ferelden[1]. During the Dragon Age, the thaig is lost to the darkspawn horde.

Background Edit

Kul-Baras is used by the Architect as its headquarters by 9:10 Dragon. There are also hundreds of darkspawn residing inside which are loosely controlled by the Architect and most of which are digging in a large cavern. Almost the entire thaig at that time is covered by the darkspawn taint, however some dwarven construction can still be recognized or found.[2] The Architect has also established a room which serves as its library and contains hundreds of dwarven books.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Calling.

The former Commander of the Grey of Orlais, Bregan, went to his Calling but he was captured by the Architect and was imprisoned in Kul-Baras. Eventually Bregan started working together with the Architect in order to further its plans and for that purpose they had to lure more Grey Wardens to them. Subsequently, Genevieve, Bregan's sister, leads Kell ap Morgan (who was accompanied by his dog Hafter), Utha, Nicolas, Julien, Fiona and Duncan in search of her brother. The group is also accompanied by King Maric Theirin the only known person except Loghain Mac Tir who has knowledge of the way to Ortan Thaig. Once they reach that thaig, Kell finds traces belonging to Bregan which leads them to Kul-Baras. At that time Nicolas and Julien are not part of the group anymore.

Eventually the group is captured by the darkspawn not far from Kul-Baras. Genevieve and Utha joins the Architect, while the rest remains imprisoned. However Duncan manages to free them and together with Fiona and Maric Theirin they escape the fortress while Kell ap Morgan and Hafter remain behind in order to lure the darkspawn away.

Some years later, a Grey Warden expedition explores the thaig in order to verify Fiona's claims and find any possible new developments. By that time, the thaig is empty and no darkspawn are found. Furthermore, the Architect's library as well as traces of the imprisoned Grey Wardens are also gone. The only piece of evidence found was Kell's Avvar longbow.[3]

References Edit

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