Kristoff is a Grey Warden who battled the darkspawn during the Thaw Hunt in the aftermath of the Battle of Denerim, and later investigated curiously organized darkspawn raids that lead him into the underbelly of Amaranthine in Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before being recruited into the Grey Wardens, he was a bounty hunter who was familiar with the seedy underbelly of Amaranthine. Three years before the Fifth Blight, he was recruited into the Grey Wardens and stationed in a Warden stronghold of Jader in Orlais, where his wife Aura is during his stay in Ferelden. Being Grey Warden was a family tradition, as his father was also a Grey Warden.[1]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Dragon Age: Warden's Fall[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

After the death of Urthemiel, in 9:31 Dragon, Kristoff was one of the Orlesian Grey Wardens called to Ferelden to dispatch darkspawn that had failed to return underground. Due to Fereldans' history with Orlesians, the Grey Wardens were put under orders of a Fereldan soldier, Lieutenant Gable, operating out of Vigil's Keep. The Lieutenant assigned the Wardens army titles whilst they were under his command, and Kristoff's rank was that of a Sergeant. Sergeants are team leaders, and thus Kristoff led his own party of Wardens under his command.


Kristoff is first seen leading his fellow Grey Wardens as they chase darkspawn spotted in the area. His party consists of a human mage, human warrior wearing a shield, and an elven archer named Rhyn. They manage to track down a warband of darkspawn to a nearby village, but by the time they arrive there, it is burned to the ground. He orders his men to leave the wounded behind so that they can catch up to the darkspawn responsible. When the mage objects and heals a dying man, Kristoff forces him to the ground. The mage dares not to oppose him then, and agrees to follow his lead.

The party manages to catch up to the darkspawn. The elf Rhyn is killed in the skirmish. Later, when the Orlesian Grey Wardens celebrate at the Crown and Lion, seeing the dead elven boy makes Kristoff reminisce a memory of a burning village and a human woman holding the dead body of a human boy.

He is called away from the party by Lieutenant Gable. Kristoff states to Gable that he wishes to be relieved of service in Ferelden so that he could return home to his wife Aura. Gable tells Kristoff that his last task for him will be to investigate a massacre outside of the city of Amaranthine due to Kristoff knowing the territory quite well from his time as a bounty hunter.

He then speaks with an elven survivor, who was being healed in the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer. The elf tells him that a man called Cyril led a group of refugees to a safe place, but it was revealed that he lied to them and left them to die. Kristoff promises to find the elf's son, who was taken by the attackers.

Later Kristoff interrogates one of his old contacts in the city, a dwarven pimp by the name of Bartholomew. When asked about the smuggler and after having been paid, the dwarf describes Cyril to the Grey Warden, but demands more money for his location. Kristoff loses his patience and becomes violent towards him. He threatens to kill the dwarf the same way he's been killing the darkspawn for the past three years. Scared, the pimp reveals Cyril would be found at The Full Moon for the Blood Duel, an underground fight club.

At The Full Moon, Kristoff is recognised by a couple of thugs who knew him from his past as a bounty hunter. One of the thugs approaches Kristoff from behind, intending to stab him, but Kristoff outsmarts him, quickly killing the thug with his sword. This made Cyril spot him, which in turn caused him to attempt an escape. Kristoff chases him through the city, keeping up with the smuggler who knows all the secret passages. Finally, atop the Guard House, Cyril ends up in a dead end, stuck between Kristoff and a certain-death jump. Out of the two, he chooses the latter, despite Kristoff warning him not to.

However, the smuggler does not immediately die. Before he expires, Kristoff learns from him that the Blackmarsh and "an unspeakable evil" located there are involved in the attacks he is investigating. Kristoff is then seen walking away from Cyril's lifeless body.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

As the sole known survivor of the Orlesian Warden contingent assigned to Ferelden after the assault on Vigil's Keep, Seneschal Varel tasks the Warden-Commander to search for Kristoff, who had left the previous night of the attack for an unknown task. Eventually the Warden-Commander visits the Crown and Lion in Amaranthine, where Kristoff had been staying, and learns that Kristoff went to investigate the Blackmarsh afterwards.

Kristoff's corpse

While investigating the region near the Blackmarsh's village, the Warden-Commander finally finds Kristoff, dead. The Warden-Commander learns that Kristoff had faced a group of darkspawn of the Mother's faction and, while he was able to kill many of them on his own, was eventually overwhelmed and executed by their leader, a Disciple known as the First. Kristoff's disappearance was used as bait to lure the Warden-Commander into a trap orchestrated by the Mother to seal them into the Fade. After a encounter in the Fade, a spirit of Justice finds itself trapped in Kristoff's body.

The final fate of Kristoff's body is uncertain. If Justice was never recruited by the Warden-Commander, Aura never learns about the fate of her husband and his body rots away whilst under Justice's possession; Justice may be decapitated during the battle to save Vigil's Keep or it may be killed by the Warden-Commander if they failed to convince Justice to side with the Architect.

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Dragon Age II.

However, Justice does releases the body at some point before possessing Anders. If Justice survives the Darkspawn civil war, it may release the body upon request of Aura,[2] so she can give it a proper burial.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Warden's Fall, Kristoff is a short-haired warrior wielding a two-handed weapon. In Awakening, he is a bald man with a mace and shield. In the webseries he also sports a big scar on his left eye extending across his cheek, which is missing in Awakening.
  • Aura mentions Kristoff having a grandfather who was also named Kristoff. Considering that they may be from Orlais, it is very likely that the Warden-Commander Kristoff mentioned in Dragon Age: The Calling is said grandfather.
  • An unknown period of time passes between the events of Dragon Age: Warden's Fall and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. During this time Kristoff continues his investigation, changes his armour and weapon, rents a room at the inn where he befriends Sorcha, and partially shaves his beard, as in the series he has a stubble whereas in the game he has a goatee.

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References[edit | edit source]

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