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Kossith are the precursors of the Qunari before the foundation of the Qun, though the term itself has since been outdated. It may refer to the actual name of the race, or the name of the culture from which the current-day Qunari hail.[1][2] It is also unknown if the term refers to the one specific race or a group of races,[3] as little is known about the kossith. Most of the kossith converted to the teachings of the Qun sometime before 6:30 Storm and are since then known as Qunari. Prior to that, they prayed to animist gods, however when Qun became law, the temples that kossith built to honor their gods were destroyed and the priests were reeducated or driven into exile.[4]

History Edit

At -410 Ancient a group of kossith landed in the southern Korcari Wilds and established a colony. This group is believed to have been captured by darkspawn during the First Blight; the darkspawn then turned some of the females into broodmothers, and those in turn gave rise to the first appearance of ogres in Thedas.[5]

A millennium after this contact, the Qunari landed on Par Vollen in 6:30 Storm. It is said the Qunari came from an eastern land across the Northern Ocean, which was likely the land of kossith as well.

Usage of the term Edit

The term is an antiquated technical name and it is not known anywhere around Thedas or even amongst the Qunari. It is only known within scholarly circles, and a few members of the tamassrans, however they do not teach it to other Qunari.[1] The leadership of the Qunari does not recognize even the concept of kossith and few if any rank and file Qunari are aware of the word.[6] To almost everyone in Thedas, the horned race is just "Qunari" or "Tal-Vashoth", respectively.[3][7]

Known kossith Edit

Notes Edit

  • It appears that kossith had names, unlike the Qunari, who are referred to by their title.[8]
  • Codex entry: The Qun states than an ashkaari would travel to several nations and empires, which could indicate that kossith were more than one people; it is also possible the codex entry is a legend.
  • Iron Bull mentions that Qunari stories about their journey to Thedas are vague, but he believes that the Qunari left their homeland because they had to. He also opines that whoever the kossith were, they did not look much like Qunari.

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