Korznik is an adventure seeking human rogue who the Legends Hero encounters on the road and asks to join the Legends Hero's party. Bavain is wary of the rogue and the Legends Hero has the choice of either fighting him or letting him join as a companion.

Once a spy in Vol Dorma, one night he returned to his employer's mansion to find it had been completely destroyed. Now free of obligations, he is a mercenary for hire.[1]

Later on; if he is made a companion; a man named Antor Banris sends mercenaries to assassinate Korznik and the Legends Hero, citing that Korznik murdered his father. Korznik however denies that he killed Antor's father: Regald Banris. Korznik teaches the Legends Hero how to use Fire Bombs just in case Antor returns to attack again.

Starting abilities Edit

Starting stats Edit

  • Attack 21
  • Defense 15
  • Stamina 9
  • Agility 16
  • Luck 20

Trivia Edit

  • His battle cry is exactly the same as a dialogue option the Warden gets during the quest The Crimson Oars.
  • Korznik is named after Andy Korzik, one of the designers on Dragon Age: Legends.

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