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Once, in the Deep Roads, I held off a group of darkspawn for two days.

Korbin is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background[edit | edit source]

Korbin is a highly regarded dwarven warrior from Orzammar who volunteered for the Legion of the Dead. As a result of the alliance between the dwarven king and the Inquisition, Korbin now fights on the surface against Thedas' greatest threats.

In fact the truth regarding Korbin's joining the legion is more complex. Korbin was sentenced to join the Legion for killing a noble however Korbin did not actually commit the murder but instead chose to conceal the truth and voluntarily join the Legion of the Dead.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Korbin is involved in various war table operations. He can also sometimes be seen on the battlements at Skyhold with two other agents, near where Cullen is stationed. He can't be spoken to however.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The College of Magi The College of Magi
The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe

Initial equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons Inquisition Longsword Inquisition Longsword Inquisition Shield Inquisition Shield
Armor Legionnaire's Plate Legionnaire's Plate

Abilities[edit | edit source]

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Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.

Guardian[edit | edit source]

Guardian Skill Set

Adamant Adamant
Requires: Bulwark
You've trained hard, and you know how to make the most of whatever armor you're wearing.

Armor Bonus: 20%
Constitution +3
Shield Wall Shield Wall
Requires: Shield
You stand firm and block incoming attacks at the cost of stamina. Each block adds to your guard. You move much more slowly while sustaining this ability.
Chevalier's Step Chevalier's Step
Range: 4 meters
Requires: Shield Wall
When you use Shield Wall, your movement is not slowed as much. You also protect nearby allies by giving them improved armor.

Range: 4 meters
Armor Bonus: 30%
Turn the Bolt Turn the Bolt
Passive Your expertise with the shield protects you from ranged attacks from the front.

Damage reduction: 50%
Constitution +3
Challenge Challenge
Activation: 20 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 16s
Your powerful shout carries across the battlefield, taunting a targeted enemy and improving your guard.
Throw the Gauntlet Throw the Gauntlet
Requires: Challenge
Successfully hitting a target with Challenge gets your blood pumping, temporarily increasing your stamina regeneration.

Bonus regeneration: 15 stamina per second
Resilience Resilience
Requires: Line in the Sand
You don't flinch, don't blink, and don't back down. Enemies that hit you with melee attacks are staggered by recoil.

Stun Chance: 5%
Constitution +3
Combat Roll Combat Roll
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 2s
You dive and roll to where the battle needs you to be, whether it's escaping from a group or moving to flank an opponent.
Roll with It Roll with It
Requires: Combat Roll
You can now use Combat Roll to recover from most disabling conditions.

Removes most disabling conditions
Balanced Combat Balanced Combat
Passive Your next basic attack after successfully blocking gives bonus stamina.

Stamina Restored: 10
Constitution +3
Biggest Threat Biggest Threat
Passive You make yourself the biggest target on the battlefield, the warrior no enemy can ignore.

Threat Increase: + 25%
Constitution +3
Hardened (Ability) Hardened (Ability)
Passive After years of battling through the Deep Roads, the legionnaire can endure even the worst fights.

Strength + 3
Constitution +6
Untouchable Defense Untouchable Defense
Passive They can't kill what they can't hit. You get a bonus to your maximum guard.

Maximum Guard bonus: 25%
Constitution + 3
Livid Livid
Cooldown: 32s
The more foes nearby, the harder you fight and the tougher you get.
Still Standing Still Standing
Requires: Livid
When you use Livid, you gain guard for each nearby enemy

Guard Amount: 20%
Turn the Blade Turn the Blade
Passive Any blow you can see, you can turn aside. All damage coming from the front is reduced.

Damage resistance: 20%
Constitution + 3
War Cry War Cry
Activation: 35 stamina
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 24s
You taunt all nearby enemies with a shouted challenge, gaining extra guard for each enemy affected.
Call to Arms Call to Arms
Requires: War Cry
You draw strength from your War Cry, improving your armor for the coming fight.

Armor bonus: 200%
Duration: 10 seconds
Cutting Words Cutting Words
Passive Your party does more damage to taunted targets as you rattle your enemies' nerves and goad them into mistakes that leave them open.

Damage bonus: 20%
Strength + 3
Trust the Steel Trust the Steel
Passive You know how to make the most of your equipment, gaining a bonus to armor when you have active guard.

Armor bonus: 20%
Constitution + 3
Walking Fortress Walking Fortress
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Unyielding
You may not be able to hold them off forever, but right now, nothing can touch you. You have complete immunity for a short time.
Siege-Breaker Siege-Breaker
Requires: Walking Fortress
Every attack that strikes you reduces your cooldown time and increases your guard.

Cooldown reduction: 1 second
Guard amount: 10%
Bulwark Bulwark
Requires: Line in the Sand
You stand all the stronger to finish the fight, gaining a bonus to your maximum guard.

Maximum Guard Bonus: +25%
Constitution +3

Combined Arms[edit | edit source]

Combined Arms Skill Set

Payback Strike Payback Strike
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 7.6s
Requires: Shield
You recover from any disabled condition and lash out with a great blow against nearby enemies. If you've recently taken damage, you hit that much harder and stagger your foes.
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge
Requires: Payback Strike
You do more damage with Payback Strike, and if you've recently taken damage, you also stun taunted enemies.

Damage bonus: 200%
Stun duration: 2 seconds
Shield Bash Shield Bash
Size: 4m
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 8s
Requires: Shield
Many foes think a shield is just for defense. You correct that mistake with a brutal slam that does bonus damage to an enemy's guard.
Ring the Bell Ring the Bell
Range: 4 meters
Requires: Shield Bash
You now lunge forward with Shield Bash, and you do even greater damage to an enemy's guard.

Bonus damage vs. guard: 400%
It'll Cost You It'll Cost You
Passive Any foe that attacks you in melee is going to bleed for it, taking a portion of the damage they inflict.

Damage returned: 50%
Strength + 3
Lunge and Slash Lunge and Slash
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 8s
Requires: Shield
You lunge forward, then spin with a slashing strike if your first blow connects. You can use this attack to close with opponents.
Great Lunge Great Lunge
Range: 4 meters
Requires: Lunge and Slash
The farther you lunge before striking your target, the more damage you do to them.

Damage bonus: 75% at 5 meters
Damage bonus: 250% at 10 meters
Bear Mauls the Wolves Bear Mauls the Wolves
Passive Using techniques perfected by Orlesian chevaliers, you can't be flanked by enemies, and you're less likely to be staggered when hit from the front.

Enemies no longer receive a bonus for flanking damage
Constitution + 3
Deep Reserves Deep Reserves
Passive You get your breath back faster than most. When your stamina is very low, it regenerates more quickly.

Stamina generation rate bonus +50% when stamina below 50%
Strength + 3
Flow of Battle Flow of Battle
Passive Every critical hit reduces the cooldown times on your abilities, giving you the edge to finish off your enemy.

Cooldown reduction: 1 second
Strength + 3
Warrior's Resolve Warrior's Resolve
Passive You fight all the harder when you're hurting, gaining Stamina when you lose health.

Stamina restored: 10% for every 10% Health lost
Constitution + 3
Grappling Chain Grappling Chain
Activation: 10 stamina
Cooldown: 12s
With a hooked chain and a lot of muscle, you drag your target into arm's reach.
Give Them the Boot Give Them the Boot
Requires: Grappling Chain
After Grappling Chain drags an opponent to you, you stun them with a hard kick.

Damage: 200% weapon damage
Stun duration: 3 seconds
Shield Breaker Shield Breaker
Passive Your critical hits crack armor and rend shields, sundering your enemy's armor for a short time.

Armor reduction: 20%
Strength + 3
To the Death To the Death
Range: 15m
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Adamant
You taunt an enemy into a frenzy. Their damage output increases over time, but so does the damage they take. The effect ends if you get out of range.
En Garde En Garde
Requires: To the Death
While To the Death is active, your guard improves as your target takes damage and you correct weaknesses of your own.

Guard amount: 25%
Guard-Smasher Guard-Smasher
Passive You've learned how to batter through your enemy's defenses, doing more damage to their guard with every hit.

Bonus damage vs. Guard: 100%
Strength + 3
Hamstring Hamstring
Passive When you attack a target from behind, you leave them slowed.

Speed reduction: 50%
Strength + 3
Blood Frenzy Blood Frenzy
Requires: Ring of Pain
They thought you'd get weaker once they wounded you. They were wrong.

Damage Bonus: 5% for each 10% missing health
Strength +3
Crippling Blows Crippling Blows
Duration: 10s
You know how to take the fight out of foes. Your critical hits leave enemies weakened. The effect stacks.

Damage reduction: 15%
Strength + 3
Unyielding Unyielding
Cooldown: 60s
Requires: Resilience
An attack the would bring you down instead leave you with a small amount of health, and you are immune to all damage for a short time.

Invulnerability for 5s
Constitution +3
Counterstrike Counterstrike
Duration: 6-12-20s
Requires: Bulwark or Resilience
You push yourself to the limit, gaining full guard and taunting all nearby enemies. While the ability is active, you automatically counter all melee attacks. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Tier 1: Duration: 6 seconds
Tier 2: Duration: 12 seconds
Tier 3: Duration: 20 seconds

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Korbin/Dialogue
  • "Back home, if anything’s flying at you, someone’s thrown it."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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