Kont-aar is a port-city in northern Rivain and the only peaceful Qunari settlement on the main continent.[1]

History Edit

In 6:32 Steel, the Qunari arrived in Seheron and northern Rivain. By 6:42, most of Rivain was under Qunari occupation.[2] Many converted to the Qun during this time. In 7:25 Storm, the Andrastian and Imperial Chantries joined forces and called the New Exalted Marches to retake Rivain and Seheron, respectively.[3]

More than their own losses, the terrible toll the Exalted Marches took on the Rivaini people convinced the Qunari to retreat. After the third Exalted March decimated the people of Kont-aar without chipping away at the occupying Qunari force, they decided to withdraw. The peace treaty signed in Llomerryn in 7:84 granted the Qunari Par Vollen. They also maintained Kont-aar as their last stronghold on the continent.[4] The peace treaty was immediately broken twice: first by the Qunari converts in Rivain by not retreating to Par Vollen as outlined in the treaty, then by the Chantry who tried to purge them by the sword. By not alerting their allies in Par Vollen, the leaders of Kont-aar likely prevented the war from starting anew.[5]

The Seer of Kont-aar, who lived during the Blessed Age, is one of the few outsiders to have seen Qunandar.[6] Her writings frequently explain various aspects of Qunari culture.[7]

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Dragon Age II.

In an unprecedented move, the Arigena and Ariqun travelled to Kont-aar to make a public statement in front of Chantry officials, Rivaini seers, and diplomats, denouncing the Arishok's actions in Kirkwall. They called his actions disgraceful, and not representative of the demands of the Qun.[8]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter NightsEdit

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Half Up Front
Vadis, disowned daughter of Magister Mareno Vadis, is hired by a mysterious elven woman to steal Dumat's Folly, said to be a piece of the Black City, from the Archon's palace in Minrathous. When she infiltrates the palace with her partner, Irian Cestes, she realizes that the Qunari have stolen the artefact first. With blood magic, she tracks them to Kont-aar.

Vadis and Irian board the Qunari dreadnought on which Dumat's Folly is stored. The dreadnought is a mobile Darvaarad, used to isolate and study magical objects. When Vadis finds Dumat's Folly, her elven patron reappears and paralyzes her with magic. She reveals that she acts for the Dread Wolf, and that she switched the real Dumat's Folly with an equally ancient artefact that draws magic into itself, then stores it, and explodes. By hiring Vadis for the theft, she intends to implicate a Tevinter Altus mage in the destruction of a peaceful Qunari settlement, which would remove any chance of peace between Tevinter and the Qunari. When Irian neutralizes her, the elf ingests poison to avoid capture.

Using wind magic, Vadis and Irian take the ship out at sea, more than four miles outside of Kont-aar. Just as they return to shore on a magically-assisted lifeboat, the dreadnought explodes, a cataclysmic blast that sends a wall of water towards Kont-aar. While the wave reaches hundreds of feet inland, it seems to cause only minimal damage to the settlement.

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