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“Why do we need ashes when we serve the risen Andraste in all Her glory?”

Kolgrim is a father to the Haven Chantry as well as the leader of the Disciples of Andraste cult, based in the village of Haven.


Kolgrim's ancestors are the founders of the Cult of Andraste, the Dragon worshiping cult of the Haven Village, located high in the Frostback Mountains. As such, Kolgrim serves as their leader and liaison to a high dragon, believed by the cultists to be the reincarnation of Andraste. Like other cultist Reavers, Kolgrim possesses enhanced physical strength and endurance as a result of drinking the blood of dragonlings. However, his power far exceeds that of his underlings.

According to the Guardian, one of Kolgrim's ancestors declared himself a prophet and forced his self declaration on others. Individuals who didn't believe were tortured and killed. Those that remained followed obediently and spread his false beliefs.

Brother Genitivi's research regarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes has led him, along with several knights, to encounter the thralls of Kolgrim's cult.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

During The Urn of Sacred Ashes quest line, before reaching the Mountain Top in the Caverns under the Ruined Temple, you are confronted by Kolgrim, and a few cult followers. Kolgrim speaks of the great Andraste and how she has been reincarnated as a great dragon. He asks you to desecrate the ashes by pouring the dragon's blood into the urn. According to him this would make you Andraste's champion. If the Warden chooses to follow his offer, he or she will be granted the Reaver specialization. See Kolgrim's Offer for details.

If you refuse his offer, or insult his religion he will attack. A good strategy is to ensure you first take out any mages. They will immediately use Misdirection Hex on your character making your attacks worthless. They also make use of Cone of Cold and Paralyze spells. Once the mages have been dealt with you can focus on Kolgrim and rest of the enemies.

Kolgrim carries a two-handed axe; he therefore attacks slowly but will deal a good amount of damage with each successful hit. Thus it is best to pit him against a party member with high defense score and apply attack penalty on Kolgrim to effectively reduce his damage output. His health is substantial but is offset by his light armor, making all damage types effective.

Once he is defeated he will drop Kolgrim's Horn (pcPC only) which will allow the Warden to summon and fight the high dragon, on ps3PS3xbox360Xbox360 the Warden only needs to interact with the gong, no actual item is necessary.

The number of enemy combatants, e.g. 2,3 or 4 warriors depends on your difficulty.

  • If the fight occurs within the Mountainside Caverns, mages will attack at long range while warriors assist Kolgrim at close range.
  • If the fight occurs on the Mountain Top before entering the Gauntlet, Kolgrim will be assisted by warrior(s), archer(s), a mage(s), and a Drake.
  • If the fight occurs on the Mountain Top after completing the Gauntlet, Kolgrim will only be assisted by warrior(s).


The Urn of Sacred Ashes The Urn of Sacred Ashes
A Test of Faith A Test of Faith

Notable loot[]

Faith's Edge Faith's Edge - after defeating Kolgrim, a rather useful battle axe.
Kolgrim's Horn Kolgrim's Horn - drop pcpc.
Chevalier's Mace Chevalier's Mace - acquired by stealing.
Master Dweomer Rune Master Dweomer Rune - random loot (rare).
Master Paralyze Rune Master Paralyze Rune - random loot (rare).
Master Slow Rune Master Slow Rune - random loot (rare).
Grandmaster Dweomer Rune Grandmaster Dweomer Rune - random loot (very rare).
Grandmaster Paralyze Rune Grandmaster Paralyze Rune - random loot (very rare).
Grandmaster Slow Rune Grandmaster Slow Rune - random loot (very rare).


  • "You know nothing! Andraste revealed Herself to us! We are Her Chosen! To arms, my brethren! Andraste will grant us victory!"
  • "The prophet Andraste has overcome death itself and has returned to Her faithful in a form more radiant than you can imagine! Not even the Tevinter Imperium could hope to slay Her now. What hope do you have?"
  • "Blood carries power, strength, knowledge. Through it, all the power that is held in the Ashes will be returned to our Lady."

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Holy Brazier Codex entry: The Holy Brazier


  • Kolgrim is one of the few characters whose armor will scale up with The Warden's. For example, at levels 14 and up he will appear to be wearing Silverite, while at lower levels he will wear Red Steel or even lower tiered armors. He can also upgrade when transitioning from the Caverns to the Mountain Top; this occurs when the Warden levels up in between the start of the Ruined Temple to meeting with him.
  • In Mountainside Caverns, Kolgrim as well as his allies have a limited aggro-radius. If you run back into the tunnel, the enemies will only chase you until you reach a certain point. Sometimes single enemies will chase you further. This allows to take them out isolated, or attack with bows and magic attacks from outside their aggro-range.