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Killing Blow is Shale's talent from the Pulverizing Blows tree in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Killing blow deals normal attack critical damage + 0.5 * remaining stamina after talent use + 11 damage as a bonus from maxed out Pulverizing Blows tree.
  • Conjuration time: 3s.
  • Upgrades Pulverizing Blows, providing +3 damage while that mode is active.
  • Damage type is based on element of equipped small crystal.


  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • Like Slam, this attack will knock the target back a short distance, provided the target can be knocked back. Can interrupt enemies like Revenants and even Ogres, without allowing a resistance check.
  • Similar to Final Blow, this attack only drains Shale's remaining stamina if it connects with the target. Otherwise, only the initial stamina cost is lost. The skill will be put on cooldown regardless. Compared to Final Blow, this skill has a much higher activation cost, resulting in lower stamina-based damage, theoretically. On the other hand, this attack can do pure elemental damage, thus can be augmented by Vulnerability Hex and Affliction Hex.
  • Even when the attack deals elemental damage, it still does not bypass the target's armor.

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