Kill the Loose Tongue is a quest in Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

The aristocracy does not tolerate frivolous accusation. The loose-tongued Jovi Merice fled from Orlais after assaulting the reputation of a considerable number of the nobility. A few sovereigns have ensured that his safehouse will deny him. Teach the scoundrel Jovi Merice a lesson so that his punishment serves as a warning to others.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

You start out with the quest in your journal at the very beginning of the campaign.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Leliana's Song.

Jovi Merice can be found in the south alley on the Denerim Market District just past the Wonders of Thedas by the entrance to the Market Warehouse. Talking to him will result in combat to the death (the battle is extremely easy and Merice will die after only one or two blows).

It will then be necessary to find a place to dump the body. There are two options:

Either choice will successfully complete this quest.


Jovi Merice has paid for his insulting words. Dearly.


Killing Jovi Merice: 37xp (killing him) + 1250xp (quest update)

Items on Jovi Merice:

Masterwork Leather Piece Masterwork Leather Piece
Bastard Thorn Bastard Thorn
Jovi Merice's Corpse Jovi Merice's Corpse

Dumping Jovi's corpse in the Chantry well: 1250 xp.

Planting Jovi's corpse on Guard Captain Eams: 750 xp. (also: partial completion of the requirements for the Vendetta achievement.)

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