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My aims and causes are my own. The Grey Wardens owe explanations to no one.

Kilina is a Grey Warden, currently serving as a recruiter for the order.

Background Edit

Kilina is one of the Orth peoples from the Wandering Hills region of the Anderfels.

Involvement Edit

Kilina travels to Cumberland in Nevarra for the Grand Tourney early in the Dragon Age to scout for potential Warden recruits. Kilina first encounters the party on a side street in Cumberland, where the party have just entered into a brawl with a passing Chevalier; Lord Forsard Malecot. Kilina breaks up the fight and sends the Orlesian entourage on their way. After a brief discussion Kilina mentions she is intruiged to see the party's performance in the feats of arms and bids them farewell. In fact, Kilina requested that Malecot engage the party in order to gauge their combat effectiveness for potential recruitment.

Kilina is encountered again at the office of the Tourney's sponsor; Aerenthal whom reveals that Kilina has been the target of assasins during the course of the tournament and that in fact it was Kilina impressed by the party's earlier showing whom suggested them as a party with no possible ties to the recent assassinations as the best group to carry out the investigation.

After the plot with the Last Moon cult is resolved, Kilina appears again to offer the party membership in the Grey Wardens.

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