Take this secret thing, Basvaarad. Remember this day.

"Ketojan" is the name given to a Qunari mage put into Hawke's care in the quest Shepherding Wolves.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Ketojan is a Saarebas, a Qunari mage. His "name" is Saarebas, because like Sten and the Arishok, it shows his position that was decided by the Qun. The Chantry sister Petrice believes he wishes to escape the oppression of his people, and sends Hawke to escort him to the Qun deserters. In truth, he wishes to live by the Qun, despite how he's leashed by his Arvaarad and the fact that he would have been killed anyway.

If Hawke is forced to fight the Arvaarad in order to allow Ketojan his chance at freedom, and if Anders is in the party after the fight, the following argument will occur:

  • Hawke: "What if I hadn't killed Arvaarad? Could you have returned if I let these others live?"
  • Ketojan: "No."
  • Hawke: "You were doomed from the start?"
  • Ketojan: "I was outside my karataam. I may be corrupted. I don't know. How I return is my choice."
  • Anders: "Of all the ridiculous, spineless, mind-controlled, senseless piece of shit arguments I've ever heard!"
  • Ketojan: "What comfort has freedom brought you, mage? You would have more if you submitted to the Qun."

Hawke can offer him to return to Petrice, but he says she wasn't honest and he's afraid of her templar guard. Hawke can also offer him to join the Tal-Vashoth, but he rejects this, because he doesn't want to abandon the Qun like them.

Ketojan ultimately refuses to live without the Qun and its purpose and commits suicide by his fire magic, regardless of Hawke's responses. Before he dies he will give Hawke a secret thing.

Promotional Ketojan

Promotional Artwork of Ketojan in Heroes of Dragon Age

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