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Kester is a ferryman who ordinarily handles transportation between the Lake Calenhad Docks and the Circle Tower of Ferelden.


For the duration of the Broken Circle quest he will be set aside and a templar, Carroll, put in his place. He is a friendly man who doesn't mind talking about why and how it happened and how he feels about it all. Like many humans he is slightly racist towards elves, calling them "knife-ears" without thinking.


When on his post he will ferry The Warden to and from the Circle Tower.


Broken Circle Broken Circle


  • (To a Mage Warden) "Well, look at this! I remember taking you across when you left with that fellow, Duncan!"
  • "And now you're a Grey Warden... my pap used to tell me stories about them."


  • Kester: "Wow, I've never seen one of you knife-ears dressed up like the King of Ferelden before. You made good for yourself, eh?"
  • Elf Warden: "Is that so surprising?"
  • Kester: "Oh, I didn't mean no offense. I know I shoot my mouth off... I'm just not use to your kind trussed up all fancy."
  • Elf Warden: "It's a shame that an elf in decent clothing is so rare."
  • Kester: "Oh, no doubt about it. You pointy-ears look better in fancy clothes than us clumsy lugs. Oh, there I go again. I don't mean nothing by it, I swear. I should... I should start over. I'm mighty pleased to be making your acquaintance, mister/miss."