I know what happened to this place, to its people. I will not accept a lie.

Kell ap Morgan is a Jarl of the Avvars who later became a Grey Warden. He is an experienced hunter and is trained as an Ash Warrior. Kell always fought with his war hound Hafter at his side which was also a Grey Warden.

Background[edit | edit source]

In battle, he wielded a longbow and flail. He has pale blue eyes and tribal tattoos on his arms. Kell is clean-shaven and, while normally hooded, a bald man. In his younger days, he had long brown hair and a short beard.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Kell was part of the Grey Warden group led by Commander Genevieve in 9:10 Dragon, and one of the few to believe her visions regarding Bregan. His talents as a tracker and hunter were essential to the mission. His ability to sense darkspawn was far greater than any of this fellow Grey Wardens. It is even suggested he was able to sense different types of darkspawn through their taint. In the detachment, he was the most senior Warden after Genevieve.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Calling.

Despite initially believing in Genevieve's visions, Kell began to doubt their veracity, and was among the first of the party to conclude their present mission was hopeless. He quickly formed the opinion that they should return to the surface, particularly for Maric's sake, so they could prepare the world for a Blight. However, he begrudgingly continued to follow the commander.

Genevieve's impatience in the Ortan Thaig led the party into contact with the skeleton of an old dwarven ruler possessed by a demon. The demon placed the entire party in a magical sleep, sending them into the Fade. There, Kell dreamed of his days as Jarl of an Avvar tribe, all of whom (wife and child, included) died. After realizing he was living in a dream world, Kell opted to leave with his comrades. He chose not to say goodbye to his dream wife and child, stating he had said farewell long ago.

After the remaining Wardens were taken to Kul-Baras, he chose not to side with the Architect and his fellow Grey Wardens Genevieve, Bregan and Utha. He sacrificed himself, leading away the darkspawn, to allow Maric, Duncan and Fiona to escape the Deep Roads. He attempted to force Hafter to go with the others, not wanting the dog to die. However his hound refused to leave him, so in the end, both hound and master went to their final battle together.

Some years later, Warden scouts had returned to the last location Kell had been seen, and found what appeared to be his bow. One of the scouts speculated that Kell put up an impressive fight, while noting that his body was not found amidst the darkspawn corpses.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Our duty is to defend mankind from the Blight. There is a difference. We have stood up against the onslaught of the darkspawn time and time again, and that is our task. It is not for us to judge, to gamble with the lives of those in our care… It is for us to make the hard decisions that must be made. We cannot pretend that this also makes us gods."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kell ap Morgan was used as a name of a default player character in Neverwinter Nights, another Bioware game.

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