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Keeping the Darkspawn Down is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A surprising number of darkspawn are surfacing on the Storm Coast and it's up to the Inquisition to put them down. They appear to be surfacing through tunnels. If these tunnels are sealed, it should keep the darkspawn underground where they belong.


The quest is given after completing the war table operation Reports of Darkspawn Activity.


Proceed to the Storm Coast.

A mage is needed to energize the debris and seal the four tunnels again, which can be found

It makes sense to bring Blackwall along, because he not only DAIApproval.png slightly approves every time the party's nearing such a tunnel, but also for the small groups of darkspawn guarding them, each led by a hurlock alpha bruiser.

As three of these tunnels are found inside caves and one at a good hunting ground, the common Storm Coast creatures, like giant spiders and bears, might unintentionally assist the Inquisition in removing these threats – or complicate the matter, if the Inquisitor rushes in too quickly.

Considering the cold and electricity vulnerability of the deepstalkers, but the electricity resistance of the spiders to be met, might help in chosing the mage for the party. The darkspawn don't respond to elemental damage in a specific way.


  • 512 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power


  • DAIApproval.png Blackwall slightly approves upon approaching each of the four tunnel entrances.


  • At some locations the groups of darkspawn respawn, though without the hurlock alpha.
  • If the Fade rift in the Waterfall Cave shall be closed on the same trip: there's a despair demon waiting, with cold resistance but fire vulnerability; however, Solas would DAIApproval.png slightly approve upon finding the elven artifact close to that rift.
  • The Waterfall Cave is also home of an ocularum and three shards, a landmark and a veilfire glyph for the Lightning Rune Schematic.


  • The quest marker for the tunnel in the northernmost cave is placed too far south on the map. Nevertheless the energize point can be found inside the cave.