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Keep Out of Reach of Children is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The Warden-Commander is asked to keep a dangerous poison out of the reach of the children in the City of Amaranthine.


After you accept the quest from the Merchants' Guild Board, 4 bottles of poison will appear in various locations in the streets of Amaranthine. All of the bottles are out in the open, you don't need to enter any buildings.

The first bottle is right next to the board on a table. The second is on the table of the weaponsmith in the market. The third one is on a little end table near the city entrance. The fourth and final one is past the board on a table near the rear exit of the Crown and Lion.

After you have picked up all four bottles, hand them over to Kendrick to receive your reward.


  • 7 Gold
  • 500 XP


  • When logging out, the bottles reappear and it is possible to get more than 4 bottles of poison, but to be unable to complete quest. Although it has been reported that at least on the pcpc and xbox360xbox360 versions, it is still possible to finish the quest, when all of newly appeared bottles are collected.
  • pcPC (1.5) Despite finding 4 bottles of the poison, once your journal has updated the quest information, it will say you found 5 bottles of the poison.
  • xbox360xbox360 When the quest updates to say you've found all five bottles, the Plot Items section of the Inventory states that you have 10 poison bottles.