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Keenan is a Grey Warden encountered in the Silverite Mine.


Keenan was one of the Orlesian Wardens who came to Ferelden. While in the mine he was captured by darkspawn forces and brought before the Dragon-Tamer who then broke his leg. He claims to be the sole survivor of the attack at Vigil's Keep.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Keenan informs the Warden-Commander that the darkspawn are being led by an emissary who is very cunning and fascinated with the Grey Wardens. If the Warden-Commander is of Orlesian decent, Keenan will recognize him. Before dying, he requests that his ring, taken by the hurlock, be returned to Nida, his wife, at the Crown and Lion. After succumbing to his wounds the quest Last Wishes will commence.


Last Wishes Last Wishes

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