Kasch is a member of the Artisan caste encountered in the Orzammar Commons during the Dwarf Commoner Origin.

Background Edit

Kasch is a married dwarf who is running a very popular tooth and wig shop in the Diamond Quarter. He also appears to have good knowledge on the laws of Orzammar which he uses to take advantage of the casteless.

Involvement Edit

When he notices that the Dwarf Commoner has all of their teeth, he offers him to buy 1DAO silverpiece trans for two teeth. The Dwarf Commoner can threaten him either by using violence or by revealing for whom he is working for, to which Leske intervenes and ends the discussion in order to avoid trouble.

However, if the Dwarf Commoner picks a more diplomatic way, he will raise his offer to 1DAO silverpiece trans50DAO bronzepiece trans which is his final, as he says, as he can find other casteless to buy theirs with much less money. The Dwarf Commoner can then ask him if he has a legitimate work to which he replies with a legal answer that it was decided during the reign of King Darbir that it insults the Ancestors for casteless dwarves to perform any work the recognized lineages can do. Regardless, the Dwarf Commoner cannot accept the offer at all.

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