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“I recognize a fighter of darkspawn. It marks you. That's why we Legion of the Dead abandon our lives so we can face them without fear.”

Kardol is a high-ranking member of the Legion of the Dead during the events of the Fifth Blight in 9:30 Dragon.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Kardol is first seen in the Dead Trenches with a company of legionnaires attempting to cut through[1] the darkspawn forces. If questioned about Branka, he will regard the search as a foolish endeavor, and states that he cannot order an assault in Bownammar without orders from a king. When the Warden presses the line and defeats the darkspawn at the gate, Kardol and his men will move the line forward, thanking the Warden.

After the Warden has returned from the Deep Roads and chooses the new king of Orzammar, Kardol appears in the Diamond Quarter. He announces that the Legion will attempt to cut off the horde's retreat after Urthemiel is slain, but he can be persuaded (four points in Coercion are required) to bring the Legion topside to fight the Blight directly. However, if the Warden is a dwarf, he will gladly offer the support of the Legion without asking him. If the Legion participates in The Battle of Denerim, he will appear as an ally atop the roof of Fort Drakon during the final battle against the Archdemon.

If the Warden sacrifices themself, Kardol can be seen appearing at the Funeral standing alongside Oghren.

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

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Darkspawn Chronicles.

Kardol is encountered during the Assault on the Palaces quest, with some other Legionnaires and dwarven soldiers. He can be killed and his body can be looted for the Shield of the Legion and the Totem gift.

Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

During the Inquisition's underground expedition to discover the cause of threatening earthquakes, the Inquisitor brings up the story of the Hero of Ferelden's foray into the Deep Roads during the events of the Fifth Blight. Lieutenant Renn notes that Kardol and his team met the Warden, adding that he himself did not.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

A Paragon of Her Kind A Paragon of Her Kind
The Battle of Denerim The Battle of Denerim (conditional)

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]

Assault on the Palaces Assault on the Palaces

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Armored Ogre Codex entry: Armored Ogre


  • Kardol's journal offers some information about armored ogres.
  • It's possible to "kill" Kardol and his Legionnaires with repeated applications of area-of-effect spells when encountered in the Dead Trenches for decent experience and Kardol may drop a piece of the Legion armor, although this means they cannot help fight darkspawn. However, this will not stop him from reappearing later in the Diamond Quarter.
  • According to a report sent by Kardol to the Shaperate in Orzammar, his unit accidentally discovered a cavern which he believes to be an abandoned Archdemon Prison beneath Heidrun Thaig.[2]


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