May the Stone remember the defenders of Kal'Hirol, who were born casteless and died warriors ―Dailan

The Trade Quarter of Kal'Hirol is where the thaig once had its treasury, as well as a shrine to the Paragon Hirol.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Last of the Legion
Ico Quest Memories of the Stone
Ico Quest Bombs Away!
Ico Quest Elemental Requirements
Ico Quest Runestone puzzle (unmarked)

Enemies Edit

Steafan in the cell

Steafan in a cell

Characters Edit

Notable items Edit

Cracked Breastplate Broken Sword, source: Dailan's corpse
Cracked Breastplate Damaged Axe, near the forge
Ico gloves massive Gauntlets of Hirol's Defense, source: Sarcophagus - opens after solving the Runestone puzzle
Ico belt Girdle of Kal'Hirol, source: Hirol's sarcophagus
Ico helm massive Helm of Hirol's Defense, source: Chest in Treasury
Ico amulet Nature's Blessing, source: Sarcophagus - opens after solving the Runestone puzzle
Ico shield towermetal Partha, source: Dailan's corpse
Icon iron ore Iron Ore, source: Iron deposit
Icon lyrium sand Lyrium Sand, source: Lyrium deposit

Rcp ico herbalism 4 Greater Stamina Draught Recipe, source: Scrolls near Dailan
Rcp runecrafting3 Elemental Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls in Hirol's Shrine
Rcp runecrafting5 Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls near the forge
Rcp runecrafting6 Paragon Flame Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls near the forge
Rcp runecrafting5 Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing, source: Chest in Treasury
Rcp runecrafting6 Paragon Stout Rune Tracing, source: Chest in Treasury

Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter

Map of the area

After using the forge to repair equipment:

Ico armor massive Breastplate of Hirol's Defense, from Cracked Breastplate
Ico boots massive Greaves of Hirol's Defense, from Ancient Boots
Ico axe Heirsplitter, from Damaged Axe
Ico longsword Kallak, from Broken Sword
Ico warhammer Valos Atredum, from Shattered Maul

Notable gifts for companions:

Tre ico greenstone Carved Greenstone, source: Chest
Tre ico bracers Engraved Silver Bracers, source: Pile of bones

Special objects Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Amgarrak Thaig uses the Kal'Hirol environment set, specifically the floor plans of the Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter. Both are nearly identical to each other, with only minor cosmetic changes.
  • The large, lyrium covered objects held by chains over the deep shafts are never specifically stated to be Lyrium wells.

Bugs Edit

  • Speaking to Steafan and choosing the option "sounds like a deal" then "All right. Now you can rot in this cell." earns two Masterpiece Flame Rune instead of one and double XP.

Gallery Edit

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