The Main Hall of Kal'Hirol once housed the thaig's commons and slums. The area now stands in ruin as the darkspawn overrun Dailan and his three hundred casteless dwarves who died defending it.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Last of the Legion Last of the Legion
Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
Heart of the Forest Heart of the Forest

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Map of the area

Note: Any stone golems, which have not been activated, will automatically crumble down when the golem master is killed and can be looted then.

Special objects[edit | edit source]

  • An Inert golem is located on the long stairwell between the entrance chamber and the antechamber. The Warden-Commander will automatically use the Golem control rod (should they have it) when they interact with it.
Note: The activated golem will proceed to the next room, defeat the darkspawn there, and return to its alcove. However, it can get stuck in the doorway or corridor if a party member or pet blocks it, preventing it from assisting the Wardens.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Dailan giving a motivational speech to the casteless army.

Cracked Breastplate Cracked Breastplate, source: Pile of bones
Flawless Ruby Flawless Ruby, source: Golem master
Golem Control Rod Golem Control Rod, source: Golem master
Gravity Trap Plans Gravity Trap Plans, source: Scrolls
Lyrium Ring Lyrium Ring, source: Chest
Lyrium Sand Lyrium Sand, source: Lyrium-infused skeleton
Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls
Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls
Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls
Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing, source: Chest
Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing, source: Scrolls
Shattered Maul Shattered Maul, source: Hurlock emissary
Staff of Vigor Staff of Vigor, source: Hurlock emissary

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

Codex entry: A Scout's Report Codex entry: A Scout's Report, source: Note
Codex entry: Dailan's Journal Codex entry: Dailan's Journal, source: Moldy journal
Codex entry: The Fortress of Kal'Hirol Codex entry: The Fortress of Kal'Hirol, source: Wall carving

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