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Kaitlyn is a human female found near the entrance to the Redcliffe Chantry. Her mother was captured and taken away by the undead. She must now take care of her younger brother, Bevin.


Kaitlyn is seen sobbing as the Warden approaches; if they ask her what's wrong, she will inform them that her younger brother, Bevin, is missing and can't find him. The Warden can offer to look for him, which opens the quest A Missing Child. Bevin will head to the chantry to be with his sister. During the siege both Kaitlyn and Bevin will be inside at the chantry.

If the player abandons Redcliffe, Kaitlyn will be encountered as a walking corpse within Castle Redcliffe's dungeon.


A Missing Child A Missing Child


Depending on the choices you made regarding her side quest, she may or may not play a part in the Epilogue. She may marry Teagan Guerrin. If the Warden paid Kaitlyn for her grandfather's sword enough to travel to Denerim, she uses the small fortune to open a foundry, becoming wealthy and respected. She then meets Bann Teagan at court by chance, and they marry months later. This can only happen if the Warden pays before the Attack at Nightfall quest.

Bug icon Bug! This also happens even if Kaitlyn was freely given money without the sword being discovered.

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