Kadan-Fe Hideout is a campsite where a small band of Tal-Vashoth mercenaries known as the "Word of Kadan-Fe" is located. It is just outside of Denerim.


Location of the Kadan-Fe Camp


A Kadan-Fe Mercenary

Involvement Edit

This location opens up in the World map during the quest The Trial of Crows received from Master Ignacio.

He asks the Warden to fulfill an assassination contract titled "Mercenary Hunt", which requires the elimination of the Kadan-Fe.

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Kadan" in the Qunari language is a term for someone who is valued highly. The Warden is called this for retrieving Asala, it means my heart.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

  • The Kadan-Fe use shields which bear the emblem of Gwaren, Loghain's teyrnir. It is not clear how they acquired these shields, though given how the other quests relate to people helping Howe and Loghain, it's likely they were hired on by Loghain and outfitted accordingly. Ignacio heavily implies they were at least on Loghain's side, since he states that every contract the Warden performed was ultimately a gain for the Warden.

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