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A world ruled by order, static and unchanging...I like it!

Justice is a companion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and a returning character in Dragon Age II.


Not all the denizens of the Fade identify with darker emotions like rage and pride. Some embody the nobler qualities found in humanity: faith, hope, compassion, valor, and justice. Justice is not a name, it is an identity. A victim of magic gone awry, Justice has been torn from the Fade against his will and trapped in the body of a dead Grey Warden. Lost and disoriented, he seeks a guide to help make sense of this alien world and demonstrate what it means to be human.


Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

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Justice is first encountered in the The Blackmarsh Undying after finding Kristoff's body during Shadows of the Blackmarsh. He is located in the village that was abandoned, but in the Fade it is a home for the spirits imprisoned by The Baroness. Justice asks the Warden to aid the attack against the Baroness. The Warden can reject or accept. If accepted, Justice breaks down the mansion gates and attacks the Baroness. After the fight, the Baroness sends everyone back to the mortal world. Justice finds himself housed in Kristoff's body and asks the Warden to kill the Baroness once and for all. Once Justice finds the Baroness, the conversation leads to a fight in which the Baroness turns into a Pride Demon. After the battle, the Warden can ask Justice to join the party.

When returning to Vigil's Keep, Kristoff's wife, Aura, recognizes Justice as her dead husband and believes that a demon took over his soul. This begins the quest Justice for Kristoff which ends with Justice promising Aura that her husband will be avenged.


  • If left to defend the Keep, and the Warden chooses to save the city of Amaranthine, Justice will fight valiantly, but, before the victory horn is sounded, a darkspawn sword removes Kristoff's head. It is unknown whether the spirit perishes or simply departs. At the least, Kristoff's wife, Aura, is finally able to claim her husband's ashes.
  • If Vigil's Keep is saved, Justice serves with the Order for many years, keeping in touch with Kristoff's wife, Aura, during his stay. Eventually however, Aura informs him that she can no longer tolerate her husband's rotting body. Justice bids her goodbye, and Kristoff's body slumps to the ground. Where the spirit goes, no one knows.
  • If Vigil's Keep is saved, and Justice's quest is completed, he will serve the Order for many years, fighting darkspawn resistance pockets; appearing at Aura's doorstep one day smiling, and fall over dead. It is unknown if the spirit completed his quest, or whether he died, or simply passed back into the Fade.
  • Once the darkspawn threat was ended, Justice left the Grey Wardens to pursue other injustices. Years later he appeared on the doorstep of Kristoff's widow and, smiling, simply dropped dead. Aura finally had a body to mourn. If the spirit remains alive, it has not shown itself.
  • If Vigil's Keep is not saved and Aura not visited in Amaranthine, Justice will stand in the ruins of Vigil's Keep looking in to the sun and saying "Now I know what to do." The ghost then disappears leaving behind the rotten body of Kristoff.
  • If not recruited, a mysterious figure in Grey Warden armor is occasionally seen in the marsh, erecting gravestones to honor villagers of old. In time, those sightings cease.

Dragon Age II

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Dragon Age II.


Justice in full possession of these means in the Fade

Justice returns as a spirit of Vengeance. Justice at some point after Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening urged his friend Anders to fight the Circle of Magi more actively, and feeling wither, Anders agreed to become Justice's human host to help his friend, but after, the anger of Anders for the Circle warped Justice into a spirit of Vengeance.[1] Justice tends to take over whenever Anders becomes angry at the injustices done to mages and can be difficult for Anders to control. Anders admits that Justice is now a part of who he is, and the two cannot be separated.


Justice in control

Despite this, in the Fade, their role is reversed and Anders no longer exists, and Justice becomes dominant.


Ico Quest Justice for Kristoff


Name Notes Description

Tre ico fancy scroll
Elven Prayer for the Dead
Located: Wending Wood - Destroyed Dalish Camp
This prayer implores Falon'din to guide the dead across the Veil.

"O Falon'Din
Lethanavir--Friend to the Dead
Guide my feet, calm my soul,
Lead me to my rest."

Tre ico locket
Kristoff's Locket
Located: Blackmarsh - Kristoff's camp
This locket contains a miniature painting of a woman and a lock of hair. An engraving reads: "Yours always, Aura."
Plt ico painted box
Kristoff's Mementos
A box of mementos that once belonged to Kristoff.
Tre ico book 4
Lyrium: The Voice of the Maker
A book about lyrium, necessarily heavy on conjecture.
Lyrium Ring
Acquired by gifting Lyrium Ring (gift) to Justice.
An unusual ring of unrefined lyrium, toxic to most living creatures.
Tre ico book 2
Verses of Dreams
Located: Next to Ambassador Cera at Vigil's Keep in a Pile of books
Poetry inspired by the Fade.

Initial statistics

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Spirit Warrior


Justice specific gear

Tre ico locket Kristoff's Locket
LyriumRing Lyrium Ring

Initial gear

Ico mace The Lamented
Ico shield kitemetal Griffon's Crest
Ico gloves heavy Sturdy Chainmail Gloves
Ico armor heavy Sturdy Chainmail Armor
Ico boots heavy Heavy Chainmail Boots
Tre ico locket Kristoff's Locket
Ico ring Iced Band

Plot skills

As you befriend Justice and gain his approval, he will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Constitution +1 to Constitution 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Constitution +2 to Constitution 50% approval
Inspired: Major Constitution +4 to Constitution 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Constitution +6 to Constitution 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.

Dialogue points

Below are the spots where you can initiate dialogue with Justice. On the PC, it can be hard to find the correct spot to click; make sure to hit "tab" and rotate the camera if it's not letting you click on it.


Main article: Justice/Dialogue
  • "A world so full of beauty that beauty goes overlooked."
  • "Foul sorceress! You will release these poor folk and submit yourself to justice."
  • "On this matter, mortal. I think that my experience outweighs your valor." - Said regarding the Baroness.
  • "I am a spirit of Justice. I have watched for too long, and have seethed at the atrocities committed on these souls."
  • "These Darkspawn are a cancer in the heart of this world."
  • "A world ruled by order, static and unchanging. I like it!"
  • (To Sigrun) "I understand you are dead, dwarf, the body I inhabit is also dead.
  • (As Vengeance, to Templars) "You will never take another mage as you took him!"
  • (As Vengeance) "They will die! I will have every last templar for these abuses! Every one of them will feel Justice's burn!"


  • The first time the Warden gains approval from Justice, it is possible to max the rating out and prevent any ability bonus. Sigrun appears to share the same bug.
    • ps3Icon ps3 workaround: Through conversation(s) bring Justice's approval lower than 90 - that should "activate" the plot skill; even though they still won't show up in the skill screen, you can see/compare Justice's constitution score and notice that the bonus is there. Then, through gifts and/or conversations you can max out his approval again (or, at least, get it higher than 90 again).
  • pcIcon pc It is possible to get only +5 approval with his gifts, even personal ones. Velanna and Oghren appear to share the bug with fixed approval boosts of +5 and +6 respectively.
In order to not get the +100 approval bug with any of the characters, you need to do the "blight orphans" quests or "chantry board" quests, that give (dis)approval to a character, only after you recruit that character. For example, if you do the "From the living wood" quest that normally gives -1 approval to Velanna before actually recruiting her, that will get you the +100 approval bug with Velanna. Same goes for the quests for the "blight orphans". If you do quests that give (dis)approval to Justice or Sigrun before recruiting them, that will lead to the bug with them. (Tested on PC)
  • pcIcon pc If you equip Justice with any defensive equipment (Helmet, Armor, etc.), and kill the Baroness, the equipment will disappear. For example, if you equip him with the Sentinel set that is found in the Blackmarsh and kill the Baroness, Justice will talk to you without it. With the Sentinel Set, the equipment might go back into the Iron chests. (Tested on PC, just with Sentinel set and no new weapons) (Edit: Corrections have been made based upon interpretation of this bug, as it was difficult to understand.)
  • ps3Icon ps3 ps3Icon ps3 When Kristoff is first found, it is possible that he will be "alive" and on his feet, looking about. The tag above his head will say "Kristoff", not "Justice". If the player interacts with Kristoff, the cutscene will begin; in the cutscene Kristoff will be lying on the ground as he should be. What causes this glitch is currently unknown.
  • It's possible for him and his armour to become transparent, this results in his weapon or shield being visible, as well as the internal structure of his, and likely all faces, his eyes appear as balls of skin and while his lower jaw is fine, if transparent, his upper jaw is similar to the upper half of a pair of dentures. This is caused by Justice activating Beyond the Veil outside of battle. Simply deactivating this mode will restore him to normal. If the problem persists, simply remove Beyond the Veil from his tactics.


  • If you ally with The Architect and fail to convince (if he is in your party when it happens), Justice to stay in line, he will become hostile to your party. Upon death, he doesn't yield all of his equipment. Thankfully, there is an auto-save point just before this so you may unequip Justice's gear as to keep it and make the fight easier if you know that you cannot convince him.

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