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Justice's dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Justice shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Justice's remarks[]

  • (When deselecting him from party lineup) "Of all the foul luck!"
  • (When entering the Amaranthine market) "This is where mortals come to trade? I once tried to trade with a hunger demon. It wasn't very reasonable."
  • (On the bridge in Knotwood Hills) "I sense darkspawn nearb--Pardon me. That is likely not a surprise."
  • (Upon finding the secret passage in Kal'Hirol) "I would have preferred the direct approach. It is more righteous."
  • (When walking inside Kal'Hirol Main Hall) "There are places in the Fade that look like this. Usually a hunger demon is to blame."
  • (When nearing large lyrium container in Kal'Hirol Trade Quarter) "This...this substance...sings to me. Do you hear it? I did not know something so beautiful could exist."
  • (Kal'Hirol Lower Reaches, in the long hallway) "I suspect we're in for a big surprise at the end of this passageway."
  • (Kal'Hirol's Lower Reaches, near the broodmother pit) "I cannot bear the sight of those creatures. Let us destroy them and be done with this!"
  • (When entering the Wending Wood, upon seeing the wreaked caravan) "These people must be avenged."
  • (At an overlook in the Wending Wood, near the suspicious camp.) "One can see for miles. I never thought the world of mortals would be so beautiful."
  • (At burial pit in the Wending Wood) "They are human, and probably from a settlement near here. No doubt they were sent to get rid of whatever is in the woods. I swear, I will avenge their deaths."
  • (At the Silverite Mine, upon seeing the ballista) "Let us avoid direct confrontation with these darkspawn. Kristoff's body is showing disturbing wear and tear."
  • (When nearing the dragon bone head in the Blackmarsh) "It was the baroness who destroyed this beast, centuries ago. The villagers in the Fade talked about it."

Justice and Anders[]

  • Anders: Why do spirits seek out mages? I've always wondered.
  • Justice: You speak of demons. I am not a demon.
  • Anders: Aren't demons simply spirits with unique and sparkling personalities?
  • Justice: They have been perverted by their desires.
  • Anders: But what do they want from mages?
  • Justice: Perhaps they wish the same as I: silence.
  • Anders: Are you saying that you could become a demon, Justice?
  • Justice: I said no such thing.
  • Anders: You said that demons were spirits perverted by their desires.
  • Justice: I have no such desires.
  • Anders: You must have some desires...
  • Justice: I have none! Desist your questions!
  • Anders: I apologize, Justice. I didn't mean to suggest you would become a demon.
  • Justice: I should certainly hope not.
  • Anders: I just wondered what relation there is between spirits and demons. Demons are a worry to any mage.
  • Justice: I do not know what makes demons as they are. Such evil angers me, but I do not understand it.
  • Anders: Well, I hope you never come to understand.
  • Justice: I as well, mage. More than you could possibly know.
  • Justice: I see that your feline companion remains with you.
  • Anders: He seems happy enough. Isn't that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: To enslave another creature does not seem just.
  • Anders: He's not a slave! He's a friend. And he's also a cat.
  • Justice: A cat that lacks freedom.
  • Anders: Just ignore him, Ser Pounce-a-lot. They don't have pets in the Fade, apparently.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: I understand that you struggle against your oppression, mage.
  • Anders: I avoid my oppression. That's not quite the same thing, is it?
  • Justice: Why do you not strike a blow against your oppressors? Ensure they can do this to no one else?
  • Anders: Because it sounds difficult?
  • Justice: Apathy is a weakness.
  • Anders: So is death. I'm just saying.
  • Justice: I believe you have a responsibility to your fellow mages.
  • Anders: That bit of self-righteousness is directed at me?
  • Justice: You have seen oppression and are now free. You must act to free those who remain oppressed.
  • Anders: Or I could mind my business, in case the Chantry comes knocking.
  • Justice: But this is not right. You have an obligation.
  • Anders: Yes, well... welcome to the world, spirit.

Justice and Nathaniel[]

  • Justice: So you are a thief?
  • Nathaniel: Who, me? Not by profession, my friend.
  • Justice: And yet you were imprisoned for attempted theft.
  • Nathaniel: Of things which belonged to my family, and which were taken from us unjustly.
  • Justice: A likely tale.
  • Justice: You have not paid for your crime yet, mortal.
  • Nathaniel: Still stewing over that, are you?
  • Justice: You have been freed, but you have not offered penance.
  • Nathaniel: Isn't being forced to listen to you, penance enough?
  • Nathaniel: Do you do anything besides ponder what is just and unjust?
  • Justice: It is not all I do. It does, however, define my being.
  • Nathaniel: So you were born just? A little, self-righteous baby of justice crawling around the Fade?
  • Justice: I was not born. I simply am.
  • Nathaniel: Will you ever need to switch bodies, Justice?
  • Justice: I did not even wish to possess this one. Why would I switch to another?
  • Nathaniel: You might need to. Unless you wish to look even more obviously like a corpse.
  • Justice: I...would prefer not to think of it.
  • Justice: This... thing you spoke of. Switching bodies.
  • Nathaniel: Not a favorite topic of yours, I take it?
  • Justice: Would such a thing be permitted? Would it not be considered... abominable?
  • Nathaniel: If they're dead, it's not as if they need the body, Justice.
  • Justice: But I can still feel the man who once lived. I know his life, his... It is not just a body.
  • Nathaniel: That's...good, isn't it? I'd rather you felt that way.
  • Justice: Perhaps you are right.
  • Nathaniel: What if you found a living body to possess?
  • Justice: Even if I knew how, I would not possess the living. Such is an act for demons.
  • Nathaniel: What if the person were willing?
  • Justice: Why would a mortal ever allow such a thing?
  • Nathaniel: For life. For love. Perhaps together, you can do what they cannot do alone. If you gave instead of taking, I would consider you no demon.
  • Justice: It is...something to consider. Thank you, Nathaniel.
  • Nathaniel: What happens when this body of yours...expires?
  • Justice: How long does such a process take?
  • Nathaniel: I don't know. Can you still walk around once you're simply bones?
  • Justice: So I'm led to believe, yes.
  • Nathaniel: That is incredibly disturbing.

Justice and Oghren[]

  • Justice: You appear to have a preoccupation with beverages, dwarf. Why is that?
  • Oghren: "Beverages?"
  • Justice: I refuse to call them "spirits." It is a humiliating word for your drink.
  • Oghren: Oh, you mean the booze! You should try it!
  • Justice: If it makes one act like you, I think not.
  • Oghren: Your loss!
  • Justice: I attempted to consume one of your beverages.
  • Oghren: Is that so? And how’d it treat you?
  • Justice: It did not treat me any way. It tasted like poison.
  • Oghren: That means you did it right!
  • Justice: You mortals are curious creatures. (Sigh) 
  • Oghren: Now that you have a physical body, what do you plan to do with it?
  • Justice: Serve justice, as I always have.
  • Oghren: I know what I'd do if I suddenly became a complete man.
  • Justice: You are alluding to something. I know not what.
  • Oghren: You can't be that stupid.
  • Justice: We have work to do.
  • Oghren: Technically, you're dead, right?
  • Justice: Yes. Technically.
  • Oghren: How does everything work? How do you grip your sword, for example?
  • Justice: I do not know. I just do. Magic, I suppose.
  • Oghren: And... er... everything works? Everything's intact? All the plumbing?
  • Justice: You are alluding to something. I know not what.
  • Oghren: Oh, come on!
  • Justice: You speak often of bodily functions.
  • Oghren: (Grunts) Not half as often as they happen.
  • Justice: But why this preoccupation? I have a mortal body, yet it provides me no such amusement.
  • Oghren: You have a dead mortal body. Try a living one sometime, and then we'll talk.
  • Justice: Possess a living host? I would never!
  • Oghren: Tough break. Enjoy the corpse love.
  • Oghren: You have memories, right? Kristoff's memories.
  • Justice: Yes.
  • Oghren: And Kristoff was married? You have memories of that, yes?
  • Justice: Yes.
  • Oghren: Aha! So you must know what I'm talking about!
  • Justice: Must I?
  • Oghren: Come on! Kristoff must have buttered the southern pony in his day.
  • Justice: I do not believe Kristoff has ever seen a southern pony, let alone buttered it. What does that even mean?
  • Oghren: (Sigh) Nothing. It means nothing.

Justice and Sigrun[]

  • Sigrun: Sometimes, you twitch uncontrollably.
  • Justice: Do I? It must be an interaction between me and Kristoff's decaying body.
  • Sigrun: It's like you're dancing. Ooh, we should set you to music.
  • Justice: Has it occurred to you that I may be... self-conscious about this twitching?
  • Sigrun: Oh, sorry. Are you?
  • Justice: No.
  • Sigrun: Here's your dagger back.
  • Justice: Did I drop this?
  • Sigrun: Oh, no. I nicked it from your belt. Old habits die hard, you know.
  • Justice: Stealing is wrong.
  • Sigrun: Only if you get caught. And need I remind you that I wasn't caught?
  • Justice: I have tied my dagger to my belt. Should you try to steal it again, the rope will remind you that stealing is wrong.
  • Sigrun: But... er, you just told me I can no longer steal it. Why would I even try?
  • Justice: I...
  • Sigrun: Anyway, here's your ring back.
  • Justice: Am I correct in hearing that you are dead, dwarf?
  • Sigrun: In a manner of speaking, yes.
  • Justice: The body I inhabit is dead, as well.
  • Sigrun: I... don't think that's quite the same thing, my friend.
  • Justice: How is it different?
  • Sigrun: Excuse me? How is what different?
  • Justice: How is your death different from mine?
  • Sigrun: My death was symbolic. I entered the Legion and thus my old life ended. But I imagine death will catch up with me soon enough, don't you worry.
  • Justice: I do not worry. I was simply curious.
  • Justice: So you believe you will die soon.
  • Sigrun: Won't we all?
  • Justice: I will not die. Not as you die.
  • Sigrun: Spirits such as yourself can be slain in this world. Maybe you can, too.
  • Justice: That... is a disturbing thought.
  • Sigrun: Glad to be of service!

Justice and Velanna[]

  • Velanna: Ugh... your skin it's peeling.
  • Justice: Oh really? I didn't notice.
  • Velanna: Can I give you a poultice? Anything that can help?
  • Justice: No, I thank you for the offer, but Kristoff's body is dead. There is nothing that can be done.
  • Velanna: I shant hope for the smell to improve then?
  • Justice: No, you probably shouldn't.
  • Velanna: What will happen to you once Kristoff's body has fully decayed?
  • Justice: I do not know. Perhaps I will be drawn back to the Fade?
  • Velanna: Or remain here, bound to the tiny motes of dust that once were Kristoff.
  • Justice: Do you think that's possible?
  • Velanna: I know less about this than you. How securely is your spirit bound to this body? Can you leave it?
  • Justice: I could, if I chose to.
  • Velanna: Do you want to leave it?
  • Justice: I... do not know anymore.
  • Velanna: It seems you actually like this world.
  • Justice: I do. I have had experiences I cannot even begin to explain.
  • Velanna: A pity that you'll soon fall apart.
  • Justice: I could find and inhabit another corpse. A female body might offer a different perspective, wouldn't you think?
  • Velanna: If I die in your presence, you stay away from my body, you hear me?
  • Justice: Your objection is noted.
  • Justice: This thing you did, the murders of those men in the forest...
  • Velanna: What of it?
  • Justice: What you did was wrong. You must make amends.
  • Velanna: And to whom should I make these amends? Those humans are dead, if you'll recall.
  • Justice: You must make amends to humans. It was your condemnation of their race that led to your folly.
  • Velanna: I wouldn't expect that to occur anytime soon.
  • Justice: Why do you believe that atonement is unnecessary?
  • Velanna: By the Creators! This again?
  • Justice: You murdered humans because you believed they had wronged you, yet they had not.
  • Velanna: Humans have wronged my kind plenty.
  • Justice: Yet they were innocent of this.
  • Velanna: Don't speak of what you do not understand, spirit!
  • Justice: You are correct that I do not understand, Velanna. Help me to understand.
  • Velanna: (Sigh) There is... so much history between my kind and humans, Justice. Where would I begin?
  • Justice: You can only be responsible for your actions, your judgment. Does the same not apply to them?
  • Velanna: You may be right. I don't know.
  • Justice: And the atonement?
  • Velanna: I will atone when they do.
  • Velanna: What sort of atonement would be appropriate?
  • Justice: You have reconsidered, then?
  • Velanna: I am simply curious to hear what you think would be suitable.
  • Justice: Teach them. Show these humans what they are so carelessly destroying.
  • Velanna: And if they do not listen?
  • Justice: Then you have done what you could.
  • Velanna: It's... worth thinking about.