Justice's dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Justice shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Justice's remarks Edit

  • (When entering the Amaranthine market) "This is where mortals come to trade? I once tried to trade with a hunger demon. It wasn't very reasonable."
  • (On the bridge in Knotwood Hills) "I sense darkspawn nearb--Pardon me. That is likely not a surprise."
  • (Upon finding the secret passage in Kal'Hirol) "I would have preferred the direct approach. It is more righteous."
  • (When walking inside Kal'Hirol Main Hall) "There are places in the Fade that look like this. Usually a hunger demon is to blame."
  • (When nearing large lyrium container in Kal'Hirol Trade Quarter) "This...this substance...sings to me. Do you hear it? I did not know something so beautiful could exist."
  • (Kal'Hirol Lower Reaches, in the long hallway) "I suspect we're in for a big surprise at the end of this passageway."
  • (Kal'Hirol's Lower Reaches, near the broodmother pit) "I cannot bear the sight of those creatures. Let us destroy them and be done with this!"
  • (When entering the Wending Wood, upon seeing the wreaked caravan) "These people must be avenged."
  • (At an overlook in the Wending Wood, near the suspicious camp.) "One can see for miles. I never thought the world of mortals would be so beautiful."
  • (At burial pit in the Wending Wood) "They are human, and probably from a settlement near here. No doubt they were sent to get rid of whatever is in the woods. I swear, I will avenge their deaths."
  • (At the Silverite Mine, upon seeing the ballista) "Let us avoid direct confrontation with these darkspawn. Kristoff's body is showing disturbing wear and tear."
  • (When nearing the dragon bone head in the Blackmarsh) "It was the baroness who destroyed this beast, centuries ago. The villagers in the Fade talked about it."

Justice and Anders Edit

  • Anders: Why do spirits seek out mages? I've always wondered.
  • Justice: You speak of demons. I am not a demon.
  • Anders: Aren't demons simply spirits with unique and sparkling personalities?
  • Justice: They have been perverted by their desires.
  • Anders: But what do they want from mages?
  • Justice: Perhaps they wish the same as I: silence.
  • Anders: Are you saying that you could become a demon, Justice?
  • Justice: I said no such thing.
  • Anders: You said that demons were spirits perverted by their desires.
  • Justice: I have no such desires.
  • Anders: You must have some desires...
  • Justice: I have none! Desist your questions!
  • Anders: I apologize, Justice. I didn't mean to suggest you would become a demon.
  • Justice: I should certainly hope not.
  • Anders: I just wondered what relation there is between spirits and demons. Demons are a worry to any mage.
  • Justice: I do not know what makes demons as they are. Such evil angers me, but I do not understand it.
  • Anders: Well, I hope you never come to understand.
  • Justice: I as well, mage. More than you could possibly know.
  • Justice: I see that your feline companion remains with you.
  • Anders: He seems happy enough. Isn't that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: To enslave another creature does not seem just.
  • Anders: He's not a slave! He's a friend. And he's also a cat.
  • Justice: A cat that lacks freedom.
  • Anders: Just ignore him, Ser Pounce-a-lot. They don't have pets in the Fade, apparently.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: I understand that you struggle against your oppression, mage.
  • Anders: I avoid my oppression. That's not quite the same thing, is it?
  • Justice: Why do you not strike a blow against your oppressors? Ensure they can do this to no one else?
  • Anders: Because it sounds difficult?
  • Justice: Apathy is a weakness.
  • Anders: So is death. I'm just saying.
  • Justice: I believe you have a responsibility to your fellow mages.
  • Anders: That bit of self-righteousness is directed at me?
  • Justice: You have seen oppression and are now free. You must act to free those who remain oppressed.
  • Anders: Or I could mind my business, in case the Chantry comes knocking.
  • Justice: But this is not right. You have an obligation.
  • Anders: Yes, well... welcome to the world, spirit.

Justice and Nathaniel Edit

  • Justice: So you are a thief?
  • Nathaniel: Who, me? Not by profession, my friend.
  • Justice: And yet you were imprisoned for attempted theft.
  • Nathaniel: Of things which belonged to my family, and which were taken from us unjustly.
  • Justice: A likely tale.
  • Justice: You have not paid for your crime yet, mortal.
  • Nathaniel: Still stewing over that, are you?
  • Justice: You have been freed, but you have not offered penance.
  • Nathaniel: Isn't being forced to listen to you, penance enough?
  • Nathaniel: Do you do anything besides ponder what is just and unjust?
  • Justice: It is not all I do. It does, however, define my being.
  • Nathaniel: So you were born just? A little, self-righteous baby of justice crawling around the Fade?
  • Justice: I was not born. I simply am.
  • Nathaniel: Will you ever need to switch bodies, Justice?
  • Justice: I did not even wish to possess this one. Why would I switch to another?
  • Nathaniel: You might need to. Unless you wish to look even more obviously like a corpse.
  • Justice: I...would prefer not to think of it.
  • Justice: This... thing you spoke of. Switching bodies.
  • Nathaniel: Not a favorite topic of yours, I take it?
  • Justice: Would such a thing be permitted? Would it not be considered... abominable?
  • Nathaniel: If they're dead, it's not as if they need the body, Justice.
  • Justice: But I can still feel the man who once lived. I know his life, his... It is not just a body.
  • Nathaniel: That's...good, isn't it? I'd rather you felt that way.
  • Justice: Perhaps you are right.
  • Nathaniel: What if you found a living body to possess?
  • Justice: Even if I knew how, I would not possess the living. Such is an act for demons.
  • Nathaniel: What if the person were willing?
  • Justice: Why would a mortal ever allow such a thing?
  • Nathaniel: For life. For love. Perhaps together, you can do what they cannot do alone. If you gave instead of taking, I would consider you no demon.
  • Justice: It is...something to consider. Thank you, Nathaniel.
  • Nathaniel: What happens when this body of yours...expires?
  • Justice: How long does such a process take?
  • Nathaniel: I don't know. Can you still walk around once you're simply bones?
  • Justice: So I'm led to believe, yes.
  • Nathaniel: That is incredibly disturbing.

Justice and Oghren Edit

  • Justice: You appear to have a preoccupation with beverages, dwarf. Why is that?
  • Oghren: "Beverages?"
  • Justice: I refuse to call them "spirits." It is a humiliating word for your drink.
  • Oghren: Oh, you mean the booze! You should try it!
  • Justice: If it makes one act like you, I think not.
  • Oghren: Your loss!
  • Justice: I attempted to consume one of your beverages.
  • Oghren: Is that so? And how’d it treat you?
  • Justice: It did not treat me any way. It tasted like poison.
  • Oghren: That means you did it right!
  • Justice: You mortals are curious creatures. (Sigh) 
  • Oghren: Now that you have a physical body, what do you plan to do with it?
  • Justice: Serve justice, as I always have.
  • Oghren: I know what I'd do if I suddenly became a complete man.
  • Justice: You are alluding to something. I know not what.
  • Oghren: You can't be that stupid.
  • Justice: We have work to do.
  • Oghren: Technically, you're dead, right?
  • Justice: Yes. Technically.
  • Oghren: How does everything work? How do you grip your sword, for example?
  • Justice: I do not know. I just do. Magic, I suppose.
  • Oghren: And... er... everything works? Everything's intact? All the plumbing?
  • Justice: You are alluding to something. I know not what.
  • Oghren: Oh, come on!
  • Justice: You speak often of bodily functions.
  • Oghren: (Grunts) Not half as often as they happen.
  • Justice: But why this preoccupation? I have a mortal body, yet it provides me no such amusement.
  • Oghren: You have a dead mortal body. Try a living one sometime, and then we'll talk.
  • Justice: Possess a living host? I would never!
  • Oghren: Tough break. Enjoy the corpse love.
  • Oghren: You have memories, right? Kristoff's memories.
  • Justice: Yes.
  • Oghren: And Kristoff was married? You have memories of that, yes?
  • Justice: Yes.
  • Oghren: Aha! So you must know what I'm talking about!
  • Justice: Must I?
  • Oghren: Come on! Kristoff must have buttered the southern pony in his day.
  • Justice: I do not believe Kristoff has ever seen a southern pony, let alone buttered it. What does that even mean?
  • Oghren: (Sigh) Nothing. It means nothing.

Justice and Sigrun Edit

  • Sigrun: Sometimes, you twitch uncontrollably.
  • Justice: Do I? It must be an interaction between me and Kristoff's decaying body.
  • Sigrun: It's like you're dancing. Ooh, we should set you to music.
  • Justice: Has it occurred to you that I may be... self-conscious about this twitching?
  • Sigrun: Oh, sorry. Are you?
  • Justice: No.
  • Sigrun: Here's your dagger back.
  • Justice: Did I drop this?
  • Sigrun: Oh, no. I nicked it from your belt. Old habits die hard, you know.
  • Justice: Stealing is wrong.
  • Sigrun: Only if you get caught. And need I remind you that I wasn't caught?
  • Justice: I have tied my dagger to my belt. Should you try to steal it again, the rope will remind you that stealing is wrong.
  • Sigrun: But... er, you just told me I can no longer steal it. Why would I even try?
  • Justice: I...
  • Sigrun: Anyway, here's your ring back.
  • Justice: Am I correct in hearing that you are dead, dwarf?
  • Sigrun: In a manner of speaking, yes.
  • Justice: The body I inhabit is dead, as well.
  • Sigrun: I... don't think that's quite the same thing, my friend.
  • Justice: How is it different?
  • Sigrun: Excuse me? How is what different?
  • Justice: How is your death different from mine?
  • Sigrun: My death was symbolic. I entered the Legion and thus my old life ended. But I imagine death will catch up with me soon enough, don't you worry.
  • Justice: I do not worry. I was simply curious.
  • Justice: So you believe you will die soon.
  • Sigrun: Won't we all?
  • Justice: I will not die. Not as you die.
  • Sigrun: Spirits such as yourself can be slain in this world. Maybe you can, too.
  • Justice: That... is a disturbing thought.
  • Sigrun: Glad to be of service!

Justice and Velanna Edit

  • Velanna: Ugh... your skin it's peeling.
  • Justice: Oh really? I didn't notice.
  • Velanna: Can I give you a poultice? Anything that can help?
  • Justice: No, I thank you for the offer, but Kristoff's body is dead. There is nothing that can be done.
  • Velanna: I shant hope for the smell to improve then?
  • Justice: No, you probably shouldn't.
  • Velanna: What will happen to you once Kristoff's body has fully decayed?
  • Justice: I do not know. Perhaps I will be drawn back to the Fade?
  • Velanna: Or remain here, bound to the tiny motes of dust that once were Kristoff.
  • Justice: Do you think that's possible?
  • Velanna: I know less about this than you. How securely is your spirit bound to this body? Can you leave it?
  • Justice: I could, if I chose to.
  • Velanna: Do you want to leave it?
  • Justice: I... do not know anymore.
  • Velanna: It seems you actually like this world.
  • Justice: I do. I have had experiences I cannot even begin to explain.
  • Velanna: A pity that you'll soon fall apart.
  • Justice: I could find and inhabit another corpse. A female body might offer a different perspective, wouldn't you think?
  • Velanna: If I die in your presence, you stay away from my body, you hear me?
  • Justice: Your objection is noted.
  • Justice: This thing you did, the murders of those men in the forest...
  • Velanna: What of it?
  • Justice: What you did was wrong. You must make amends.
  • Velanna: And to whom should I make these amends? Those humans are dead, if you'll recall.
  • Justice: You must make amends to humans. It was your condemnation of their race that led to your folly.
  • Velanna: I wouldn't expect that to occur anytime soon.
  • Justice: Why do you believe that atonement is unnecessary?
  • Velanna: By the Creators! This again?
  • Justice: You murdered humans because you believed they had wronged you, yet they had not.
  • Velanna: Humans have wronged my kind plenty.
  • Justice: Yet they were innocent of this.
  • Velanna: Don't speak of what you do not understand, spirit!
  • Justice: You are correct that I do not understand, Velanna. Help me to understand.
  • Velanna: (Sigh) There is... so much history between my kind and humans, Justice. Where would I begin?
  • Justice: You can only be responsible for your actions, your judgment. Does the same not apply to them?
  • Velanna: You may be right. I don't know.
  • Justice: And the atonement?
  • Velanna: I will atone when they do.
  • Velanna: What sort of atonement would be appropriate?
  • Justice: You have reconsidered, then?
  • Velanna: I am simply curious to hear what you think would be suitable.
  • Justice: Teach them. Show these humans what they are so carelessly destroying.
  • Velanna: And if they do not listen?
  • Justice: Then you have done what you could.
  • Velanna: It's... worth thinking about.
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