June: God of the Craft

June is the elven Master of Crafts,[1] a god of crafts and building.[2]

Dalish legends[edit | edit source]

We dedicate all our crafts to June, for it is he who taught the People to bend the branches of trees to make our bows, and to fashion coverings of furs and ironbark. Without June, would we have the aravel, or the harnesses for our halla?
—From Codex entry: June: God of the Craft

Tales describe June either as a brother to Andruil and Sylaise[3] or as Sylaise's husband. It is even said that he created himself.[4]

The Dalish tell that before Sylaise and June came to them, the elves wandered the forests without purpose, eating only the berries and nuts they could find and shivering naked through cold nights. June taught the elves to make all needful things,[4] and in particular used Sylaise's gentle lessons to the elven people to teach them how to make bows, arrows, and knives to hunt Andruil's gifts.[3]

Little is known of June.[2] In keeping with his inscrutable nature, Dalish elves train their minds with an insoluble wooden puzzle carving they call "June's knot."[5] The sword Evanura was forged by the High Keeper of June.[6] Another High Keeper of June was a smith as well.[7]

In Elvhenan[edit | edit source]

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Depictions of June stretch back to ancient Arlathan, but he appears most seldom of all elven deities and the oldest depictions have none of the tools the Dalish associate with him. An Orlesian source speculates that June's role may have changed over time.[2]

Thousands of elves channeled raw essence from the Fade into a sphere in the air to create the Grand Sonallium. It was a gift from Blessed Sylaise to Clever June as thanks for a great favor.[8]

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