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Julien is a human Grey Warden noble warrior hailing from Orlais.

Background[edit | edit source]

He has short black hair, burly mustache typical of Orlesian fashion at the time, a short beard, and dark, deep eyes. Nicolas is his lover. He was part of the Grey Warden detachment led by Commander Genevieve, and one of the few to believe her visions concerning her brother Bregan.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Calling.

Julien ventured with Genevieve into the Deep Roads and fought beside her during their skirmishes with the darkspawn. In an attempt to escape the darkspawn, the group stumbled across the lair of a high dragon. After a long fight, Duncan had jumped onto its back and succeeded in gravely wounding it with stabs to its neck. He was thrown off the dragon, however, and landed unable to move. Before the dragon could attack Duncan, Julien pulled him out of the way. In retaliation the dragon attacked Julien, throwing him through the air. Julien landed with a broken neck and was beyond Fiona's healing magic, as magic cannot bring back the dead.

Nicolas, and to a lesser extent Utha and Kell ap Morgan, blamed Duncan for Julien's death, as they considered the mounting of the dragon as a reckless move that forced Julien into harm's way. King Maric disagreed, and considered Julien's death a heroic sacrifice, allowing them to take advantage of Duncan bringing down the dragon. Unable to follow Chantry tradition in burning Julien's body, the party wrapped him in a cloak and allowed him to sink into an untainted underground lake.

Julien and Nicolas were always together and often kept to themselves. They obviously cared a great deal for each other; Julien had been very worried when Nicolas was injured during battle against the darkspawn. In Nicolas' dream within the Fade, during the party's encounter with a demon in the Ortan Thaig, Nicolas and Julien are living together as partners in the woodlands of the Arbor Wilds in the south of Orlais. Nicolas reveals that they had been planning to do so for some time, hoping to spend the last few years together in peace before being forced to undertake their Calling.

Despite this, Utha, Maric, and Kell agreed to allow Nicolas to live in his dream in peace, as he felt he had died with Julien anyway. Only Duncan opposed this decision, though he relented in the face of the warrior's begging the group to let him have this one last thing.

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