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[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening characters]]

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Jukka is a member of the Legion of the Dead, just as Sigrun is.


When the party find Jukka in Kal'Hirol, the dwarf is gravely injured. Before dying, the legionnaire tells the Warden-commander and the others that broodmothers are giving birth to an army of darkspawn deep within the fortress. The only way the army can be stopped is to kill them.


  • "No...I feel my death upon me. And it is a sweet release..."
  • "But...but beware the Children. They are abominations, even among darkspawn...(Gasps)"


  • Jukka is a common Finnish name, though it is pronounced differently. The Finnish name is pronounced [ˈjukːɑ], when the dwarf's name was pronounced [ˈdʒɑˈkɑ].

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