Judicael Valmont I was the Emperor of Orlais from 8:55 Blessed until his death in 8:70.[1] He was a member of House Valmont.

Background Edit

Judicael was the youngest son of Mad Emperor Reville. He ascended to the throne in 8:55 Blessed, following the assassination of his brother Emperor Etienne II by dissatisfied nobles.[2] To celebrate his coronation, the grand bridge named Judicael’s Crossing was constructed in 8:56 in Emprise du Lion. The bridge’s ceremonial dedication was presided over by Judicael’s sister, Grand Duchess Leontine.[3]

When Judicael took the throne, he also inherited the political turmoil left behind by the Mad Emperor, which had already cost his brother his life. In an effort to win over the nobles of his court, one of Emperor Judicael’s first acts was the establishment of the Council of Heralds. The Council of Heralds would be the final arbiter over all disputes involving titles – including that of Emperor.[2]

Judicael I rebuilt Chateau Lion, the Valmont palace in Halamshiral built by the first Valmont Emperor, which had been destroyed by an elven uprising earlier in the Blessed Age. He renamed it the Winter Palace. The palace was designed for the emperor and his immediate family, and became the heart of the Imperial Court during the darkest months of winter.[4] Like many other Valmonts, Emperor Judicael I had an interest towards the occult. He particularly favored all things ancient and arcane. It is said that Judicael’s desire to reconstruct the palace of Halamsiral stemmed from his interest in the site itself rather than politics. He believed the place was located at a nexus of elven magic, and that spending time there would grant him longer life as with the fabled immortal elves.[5]

Judicael died of heart failure in 8:70 Blessed and was succeeded by his eldest son Emperor Judiacael II.

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