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Judgments: Abernache over Under is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


The operation is acquired only if Esmeral Abernache survives the main quest Champions of the Just and if Chief Movran is assigned to him during his judgment after the side quest Lost Souls. Requires Influence Level 8.

Operation text[]

The Inquisition has received word about how Lord Abernache and Movran the Under are getting on.

From Lord Abernache:

I cannot bear this! Inquisitor, I implore you, recall this beast of yours! He displayed his buttocks to Lady Nester, punched the horse of Ser Emmel, and single-handedly carried my mother's golden settee up four sets of stairs! Which, in hindsight, was rather useful, but entirely beside the point! What possible benefit is there to this man? What possible utility can this serve? I am at my end!

And presumably from a page writing on behalf of Movran the Under:

Boredom! This fool of a man does nothing but whine for his fate! We have nothing common between us that will benefit your cause. And you would not believe how messily he lives.

Advisor suggestions[]

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 2:00:00[]

Together they are offensive on every level. A useful pair to inflict on others, perhaps? "Do as we say or we will not recall our ambassadors"?

Leliana - 1:36:00[]

If Movran could be disguised at court, trained in social graces, he would be a brutal surprise to have at hand.

Cullen - 2:00:00[]

Perhaps they need a clear superior? Assign Movran to train Abernache. We might get something useful out of one of them.



From Lord Abernache:

I grudgingly see the worth of this pairing, and will do my best to serve.

From the page writing on behalf of Movran the Under:

Abernache is too pretty! But spirited! His words hit some like cudgels! And then I hit the rest with actual cudgels! Cudgel. Cudgel. Let me see that. Write everything, fool! Well, I don't care that 'paper cannot covey the nonverbal' or whatever it was that you said - write it all! Hahahahahahaha! Read it back! Is that what I laugh like? Good!


It was perhaps a miscalculation to assume the social training of Movran the Under would proceed without issue. He flipped the tables. All the tables. It is as if ancestral ritual of his people requires all surfaces that convey flatware must be upended, or the dessert pudding will be disastrously runny. The man hates them as much as Abernache enjoys hiding beneath them. A connection is easy to assume.


Yes, well, perhaps Movran training Abernache was not such a good idea. The man has consumed the medicinal equivalent of a battalion. Morale is up, however. It is apparently better than a staged farce.


All advisors

  • 60 Influence