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'''Judgement: Movran's Arrived!''' is a [[war table]] operation in ''[[Dragon Age: Inquisition]]''.
'''Judgment: Movran's Arrived!''' is a [[war table]] operation in ''[[Dragon Age: Inquisition]]''.
== Acquisition ==
== Acquisition ==

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Judgment: Movran's Arrived! is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


This mission is available on the Orlais side of the war table in Skyhold. It is acquired after choosing the armed exile to Tevinter option for Movran the Under and his clan when you judge him. Requires Influence Level 8.

Operation text

We have received word that "Movran the Under" has made good on your judgment of armed exile in Tevinter. He and his clan immediately staked a claim to a large section of land along the Imperial Highway, at the edge of the Silent Plains. It is inhospitable and vacant, and they claim they are not interested in banditry or actively threatening anyone. Beyond, of course, suddenly declaring that they now live within Imperium borders. Our Tevinter contacts say the relocation has caused significant concern among the magisters.

Advisor suggestions

Josephine - 2:00:00

It is difficult to present this as a positive, but... perhaps we could notify Minrathous that we hope they enjoy our "reinforcements" for their continued war against the Qunari.

Leliana - 2:00:00

If you simply want them present to unnerve Tevinter, it is possible to keep Movran's clan supplied without explicit ties to us.

Cullen - 1:36:00

A fine jest, and now it is done. I suggest cutting ties before their presence is considered provocation.



We have received a rather curt reply to the "gift" of Movran and his clan from Thenihs, representing the Ambassadoria:

"As arbiter of southern holdings, it falls to me to extend thanks to the Inquisitor for this generous resource. We accept in the spirit in which it was surely intended, and look forward to reciprocating in kind."

I am not sure how he managed to write with a sneer, but it is palpable.



With supplies assured, Movran and his clan have set up an extensive settlement and become a welcome stop at the edge of the Silent Plains. There is no reported theft, as they have no need, but there is legendary brawling, as they cannot stop. Tevinter is concerned, but for now they seem to be tolerating Movran's presence. Or at least are able to ignore it.



Movran and his clan entered the Silent Plains intending to settle where no claims currently exist. They were exceptionally difficult to track once they left the Imperial Highway. We have no word on their current location.



All advisors

  • 60 Influence
  • 100 Influence (Trespasser DLC)
  • Battleaxe-Schematic-icon2 The Dancer's Axe Schematic (Trespasser DLC)
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