Judging the Errant Siblings is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from Case: The Errant Siblings, and unlocks The Wayward Bard's Return.

Description Edit

The Errant Siblings planned to join the Dashing Outlaw's band, buying her favor with silver stolen from their victims. But the Outlaw, furious at the harm they had done to her reputation, rejected them. Instead, she gave them to some inhuman power that dwells in the woods.

Available actions Edit

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Abandon them to their fate
Whatever became of them, they probably deserved it.


Send an emissary into the woods to retrieve them
The Wayward Bard volunteers. "Wayward youth? Dark pacts? I smell a ballad. Something catchy that you can drink to."
-10 Clues, unlocks The Wayward Bard's Return (but not immediately)

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