Jovi Merice is a character in Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. His accusations have damaged the reputations of several Orlesian nobles and so he has fled Orlais and is seeking asylum in a safehouse in the Fereldan capital of Denerim.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Leliana's Song.

In Kill the Loose Tongue, several aggrieved Orlesian nobles have hired Marjolaine to teach this man a lesson that will serve as a warning to others. She in turn assigns this task of revenge to Leliana and her team. Unfortunately for him, he refuses to cooperate and Leliana is forced to kill the man. Leliana must then decide if she prefers to make him disappear completely by dropping his body into the chantry well or to plant his body on the comatose Guard Captain Eams in order to complete one of the requirements for the Vendetta Achievement and to possibly impress her mentor Marjolaine in the quest Marjolaine's Vendetta.

Jovi also caries one of the Masterwork Leather Pieces needed to complete the quest Orlesian Battledress and to complete the requirements for the Provocateur Achievement.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Masterwork Leather Piece Masterwork Leather Piece

Bastard Thorn Bastard Thorn

Jovi Merice's Corpse Jovi Merice's Corpse

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