I'll find Fina if I have to walk to the ends of the earth, down the Deep Roads, into the abyss.

Josmael is a Dalish mage who joins Tallis and Cairn in their mission to pursue a rogue Qunari mage, Saarebas, in the web series, Dragon Age: Redemption.

Background[edit | edit source]

Josmael is a Dalish elf from a clan near Kirkwall. He was First to the Keeper of that clan, his uncle Yevven, prior to the events of the series. He is to be married to Fina.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Redemption.

Josmael's clan was devastated by an attack by an escaped Tal-Vashoth mage and his followers. Josmael has failed his duties both as a betrothed and as a First. The Saarebas's company kidnapped Josmael's betrothed, Fina, and stole a precious Dalish artifact. After learning that a templar named Cairn and a Qunari assassin named Tallis are tracking the man responsible for his clan's troubles, he leaves his clan to join them and rescue his love.

To prove that he is useful, he tells them that he is, in fact, a mage and that his uncle taught him healing magic. When Cairn wants to do his templar duties and bring the apostate to justice, he is stopped by Tallis. She stabs Josmael to see whether he'll be able to heal himself, which he does. He is then allowed to join the party.

The group tracks the saarebas to a cave, where he attempts to perform a blood magic ritual on Fina, using the artifact he stole from the Dalish, called Mask of Fen'Harel. The saarebas succeeds in his plans, completing a part of the mask, before taking Fina and trapping Tallis, Cairn, and Josmael in the cave along with one of his confederates, a mercenary reaver named Nyree.

Tallis hires Nyree so that she can help the party go after the rogue saarebas. Nyree reveals that the mage is heading to elven ruins to perform a ritual. Upon leaving the cave, however, Josmael finds a letter that supposedly was left by Fina. In the letter, she told him to meet her at an inn. He convinces his traveling companions that he knows a shortcut to Sundermount, whereas, in fact, he is unknowingly leading them into a trap. At the inn, they are confronted by a group of armed mercenaries hired by the saarebas.

Josmael helps to deal with the thugs, but his companions realise something is amiss. Tallis and Cairn both confront him and accuse him of leading the group into a trap. Josmael explains the situation, but Cairn is not convinced. Being prejudiced against Josmael from the beginning, Cairn intends to kill him. Josmael is saved by Nyree who reveals that it was Cairn who caused Saarebas's escape. Whilst the three are discussing the new facts, Josmael slips away unnoticed.

The group finds Josmael atop Sundermount, laying in wait for the saarebas and Fina. After witnessing Tallis and Cairn kissing, Nyree asks to kiss Josmael, but he refuses her due to his love for Fina, though he is pushed to the ground by Nyree and forced to kiss her nevertheless.

When the saarebas arrives with his entourage, the group decides to rescue Fina before assaulting the enemy. Josmael sneaks up to Fina without alerting the mage. However, Fina betrays her betrothed, alerting the Qunari of the group's presence.

When questioned about her motives, Fina tells Josmael that she never felt special before joining Saarebas. She then attacks him with a knife, as elven blood is needed to complete the saarebas's ritual. Josmael tries to wrestle the knife from Fina's grasp and inadvertently stabs her. She falls upon the altar, her lifeblood completing the ritual.

The Veil tears apart in the night sky above, whilst the fight continues. Before the power of the Fade can be completely unleashed, however, Tallis shatters the mask of Fen'Harel, sealing the Veil shut. In the battle, Cairn is killed by the saarebas.

In the morning Josmael helps to bury the templar and tells his companions that he is ready to be his clan's Keeper. Tallis bids him and Nyree farewell, and departs, whilst Nyree offers to escort him back to his clan.

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