Jeven is the Captain of the city guard of Kirkwall in 9:31 Dragon.

Background Edit

Jeven apparently replaced Ewald as Captain of the Guard sometime while the Hawke siblings were in indentured servitude.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Jeven Arrest

Jeven's arrest

Jeven is first encountered during Aveline's first companion quest, The Way It Should Be.

Jeven flies into a rage when Aveline informs him that she and Hawke cleared a route infested with bandits, threatening to have them jailed if a similar incident occurs. When Aveline investigates this further, it transpires that Jeven has become indebted to the infamous Coterie. In an attempt to repay them, he sends guards on patrol with "the satchel" which contains valuable goods. The premise of this scheme was to sacrifice the guardsman and allow the Coterie to reap the reward. Jeven is arrested by his own guardsmen, and replaced by Aveline as Captain.

Note: If "The Way It Should Be" is not completed, Aveline will automatically assume the position of Captain in Act 2, though "Favour and Fault" will not occur in Act 3.

Jeven later returns to Kirkwall and is encountered during Aveline's companion quest Favor and Fault.

Jeven Darktown

Jeven rallying anti-Ferelden militia

Since his fall from grace, Jeven has taken up with base types who hold prejudiced views against Fereldans like Aveline and Hawke. He becomes the leader of a dangerous group of insurgents who are prejudiced against any Fereldans in a position of authority in the city. Jeven attempts to have Captain Aveline expelled by forging anonymous complaints that she was coddling her men. Jeven even attempts to coax guards into joining his cause but they refuse their disgraced former captain. As well as to get revenge for his arrest. After disproving his false complaints, Aveline and Hawke subsequently track down Jeven while he is trying to rally more Kirkwallers to his cause in Darktown and is slain in the ensuing confrontation.

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