Jerrik Dace is a member of the noble caste and a distant cousin[1][2] of the House Dace's patriarch Lord Anwer Dace. He is also a companion in the The Golems of Amgarrak DLC.

Background Edit

He has a growing reputation for getting difficult tasks done. An elite veteran of many Deep Roads expeditions, Jerrik has survived The Battle of Umgol Hale, The Last Stand of Paerin Aeducan, and was pivotal in the recent campaign that pushed the darkspawn from Orzammar's mining tunnels out past Caridin's Cross.

Jerrik Dace favors fighting with a longsword and dagger. Piotin Aeducan calls Jerrik a stalwart ally and implacable foe, adding that "you'd be wise to make sure he's the former". Dace is always accompanied by Snug, the faithful bronto that he nursed back to health on his first military campaign. Snug is fiercely loyal, surprisingly intelligent, and rarely leaves his master's side.

Rumors persist that when Anwer Dace dies, House Dace may support Jerrik over Lord Ronus Dace's son, Mandar. Certainly, these two dwarves are bitter rivals, having fought multiple times in the Provings with Jerrik always emerging victorious. This rivalry may be connected to several assassination attempts on Jerrik, from which he survived with apparent ease.

In 9:31 Dragon Jerrik Dace seeks the aid of the Grey Wardens on an urgent matter. All he would tell others is that he's mounting a small, nimble expedition to find his missing brother, Brogan, who is lost in the Deep Roads. Some say he's in fact mounting an expedition to find the fabled halls of Amgarrak Thaig, but few believe such an outlandish notion.[4]

Involvement Edit

The Golems of Amgarrak Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Golems of Amgarrak.

Jerrik Dace asks the Warden-Commander to accompany him to Amgarrak Thaig where his house led an expedition. Jerrik's search mission is funded by House Tethras.[5]

He, like his peers, are keen to salvage Amgarrak and use it to their advantage. Brogan convinces him to search for Darion, the leader of the failed expedition. Together with the Warden-Commander and his brother, Jerrik finds the remains of Darion as well as the final page of his diary, at which point Brogan begs him to destroy the Forge in the deepest part of Amgarrak to make sure that the experiments and subsequent mistakes within could not be repeated. Realizing the chaos that Amgarrak's research into Caridin's work has wrought, Jerrik reluctantly obliges, and then sets off to kill the Harvester, the creature responsible for the destruction of both the expedition and the thaig. During the battle with the Harvester, Amgarrak incurs heavy structural damage. After the Harvester is dead Jerrik reluctantly abandons all the golem research and escapes the thaig along with Brogan and the Warden-Commander.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

For unknown reasons, by 9:41 Dragon Jerrik Dace has left Orzammar and becomes a surface dwarf. He lives in Denerim and is a member of the influential Dwarven Merchants' Guild. He still owes a debt of 1000 crowns to House Tethras which funded his expedition to Amgarrak 8 years ago. Varric Tethras may clear up this debt if he asks Jerrik for help in deciphering a message.

Initial statistics Edit

Specilization Edit

Classico duelist DuelistClassico ranger Ranger

Skills Edit

Skl ico survival 2 Improved SurvivalSkill-PoisonMaking icon Poison-MakingSkl ico combat4 Master Combat TrainingSkl ico tactics 4 Master Combat TacticsSkill-Vitality VitalitySkill-Clarity Clarity

Talents Edit

Racial abilities Talent-DwarvenResistance icon Dwarven ResistanceTalent-SummonWolf icon Summon Bronto
Duelist Talent-Dueling icon DuelingTalent-UpsetBalance icon Upset BalanceTalent-KeenDefense icon Keen DefenseTalent-PinpointStrike icon Pinpoint Strike
Rogue Dirty Fighting Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty FightingTalent-CombatMovement icon Combat MovementTalent-CoupDeGrace icon Coup De Grace
Below the Belt Talent-BelowTheBelt icon Below the BeltTalent-DeadlyStrike icon Deadly StrikeTalent-Lethality icon Lethality
Deft Hands Skl ico lockpicking Deft HandsSkl ico lockpicking 2 Improved ToolsSkl ico lockpicking 3 Mechanical ExpertiseSkl ico lockpicking 4 Device Mastery
Dual Weapon Dual-Weapon Training Talent dw dwtraining Dual-Weapon TrainingTalent dw finesse Dual-Weapon FinesseTalent dw expert Dual-Weapon Expert
Dual Striking Talent dw dualstriking Dual StrikingTalent dw riposte Riposte
Dual-Weapon Sweep Talent dw sweep Dual-Weapon SweepTalent dw flurry FlurryTalent dw momentum Momentum

Equipment Edit

Weapons Ico longsword Dumat's SpineIco dagger Dumat's Claw
Armor Ico helm light Quicksilver Arming CapIco gloves light Pushback StrikersIco armor light Vest of the NimbleIco boots light Silverhammer's Tackmasters
Accessories Ico belt Fencer's CinchIco highregarddace The High Regard of House DaceIco ring Ring of ResistanceIco ring Ring of the Warrior

Notes Edit

Jerrik Dace HoDA

Jerrik Dace in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Due to Snug being classed as a summon, Jerrik will be unable to summon any ranger pets while he is present; however, the Master Ranger talent will increase Snug's stats.
  • The BioWare wiki mentions that Jerrik Dace is the nephew of Lord Anwer Dace which contradicts this codex entry. It is unknown which version is correct.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360ps3Icon ps3 If you use Memoirs of the First Wardens on Jerrik he will lose one specialization point (can only choose 2 specializations instead of 3).
  • pcIcon pc At least on PC Jerrik doesn't have as many points distributed in attributes as he should have. On level 20 there are missing 14 points, increasing with higher levels up to 31 points missing on level 35. No change when using the Memoirs of the First Wardens.

References Edit

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