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== Items ==
== Items ==
=== Weapons ===
{{Main|Items (Jaws of Hakkon)}}
{{:Accuser's Staff|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Avvar War-Maul|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Bitter Axe|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Dhal Vallasan|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Honor|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Mercy|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Valor|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Wisdom|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Wrath|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Heartstring Bow|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:The Jade Ham|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Knight's Hunting Blade|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Ritual Breaker|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Saboteur's Knife|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Savage Thorn|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Scepter of Razikale|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Skywatcher's Cleaver|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Swift Greataxe|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Armor ===
{{:Helm of the Dragon Hunter|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Armor of the Dragon Hunter|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Plate Mail of the Dragon Hunter|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Vestments of the Dragon Hunter|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Vitaar of the Dragon Hunter|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Accessories ===
{{:Master Belt of Focus|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Master Belt of Grenades|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Master Belt of Tonics|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Master Guard Belt|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Master Cooldown Amulet|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Master Stamina Amulet|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Schematics ===
==== Armor Schematics ====
{{:Assassin Hat Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Battlemage Cowl Schematic (Tier 3) |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Cole's Hat Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Dread Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Duke's Mane Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Griffon Helmet Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hat of Majesty Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Helm of the Inquisitor Schematic (Tier 3) |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Knight Helmet Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Orlesian Hennin Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Battlemage Coat Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Battlemage Mail Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Armor of the Dragon Hunter Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Prowler Coat Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Prowler Mail Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Plate Mail of the Dragon Hunter Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Battlemaster Coat Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Refined Battlemaster Mail Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
==== Weapon Schematics ====
{{:Masterwork Kirkwall Mace Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Heavy Axe Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Honor Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Jagged Battleaxe Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Brute Hammer Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Valor Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Enchanter Staff Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Wisdom Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Mercy Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Winged Longbow Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hakkon's Wrath Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Masterwork Grey Warden Shield Schematic |style=iconmini}}<br>
== New Crafting Materials ==
=== Cloth ===
{{:Avvar Cotton|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Avvar Twill|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Silken Nether Cloth|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Leather ===
{{:Ice Dragon Hide|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Imbued Tusket Hide|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Hardened Tusket Skin|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Masterwork ===
{{:Fade-Touched Gurgut Skin (Guard)|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Fade-Touched Tusket Hide (Veilstrike)|style=iconmini}}<br>
=== Metal ===
{{:Ice Dragon Bone|style=iconmini}}<br>
{{:Veil Quartz|style=iconmini}}<br>
== Achievements and trophies ==
== Achievements and trophies ==

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For the quest of the same name , see Jaws of Hakkon (quest).
For the faction of the same name , see Jaws of Hakkon (faction).

Jaws of Hakkon is a downloadable content for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Announced on March 23, 2015, it was released first for the PC and Xbox One, due to an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and EA. It was later made available for download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on May 26, 2015.


Enter an overgrown wilderness filled with Avvar, fiercely independent hunters who settled in the southern mountains of Thedas. Explore the culture to uncover what happened to the last Inquisitor and the dragon he pursued. Find an ancient Tevinter fortress that hides a dangerous secret.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The DLC reflects choices made by the player in the main game. For example, if played post-game, The Inquisitor may mention defeating the Elder One.


Introductory Quests

Quest icon DAI Jaws of Hakkon
Quest icon DAI The Basin Beckons

Side Quests

Quest icon DAI Beasts at Bay
Quest icon DAI Avvar Allies
Quest icon DAI Storvacker Caged (follows Avvar Allies)
Quest icon DAI Guests of the Hold (follows Avvar Allies)

Quest icon DAI A Father's Name (sub-quest of Guests of the Hold)
Quest icon DAI Hakkon's Trials (sub-quest of Guests of the Hold)
Quest icon DAI In Exile (sub-quest of Guests of the Hold)
Quest icon DAI It Remains to be Seen (sub-quest of Guests of the Hold)
Quest icon DAI Up and Away (sub-quest of Guests of the Hold)
Hakkon Wintersbreath may refer to:

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Quest icon DAI Holding Frostback Basin
Quest icon DAI Jawbreaker
Quest icon DAI Lead the Charge
Quest icon DAI The Loss of a Friend
Quest icon DAI The Mystery of Winter
Quest icon DAI The Nox Morta
Quest icon DAI They Came From Somewhere Else
Quest icon DAI What Yet Lingers

Quest icon DAI On Ameridan's Trail (follows What Yet Lingers)
Quest icon DAI Ameridan's End (follows On Ameridan's Trail)
Quest icon DAI Where Once We Walked
Quest icon DAI Worthy of Publication


Quest icon DAI Rift in the Floor
Quest icon DAI Rifts Along the River
Quest icon DAI Rifts in the Basin
Quest icon DAI Rifts on the Bank

War table operations

Note: See War table#Jaws of Hakkon DLC for operation details


Codex entries

For a complete list, see :Category:Jaws of Hakkon codex entries.

Notable NPCs

Inquisition Camps

Stone-Bear Hold

Jaws of Hakkon


Main article: Items (Jaws of Hakkon)

Achievements and trophies

Name Requirement Gamerscore Trophy Image
Firestarter Destroy all the Winter Shards and light all the fires in the Old Temple. 15 Bronze Firestarter
Legend-Marked Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship. 30 Silver Legend Marked
Historian Uncover the secrets of a legendary figure. 30 Silver Historian (Inquisition)
Winter's End Dispel a myth of ancient days. 90 Gold Winter&#039;s End


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