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|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Jana]]
|image = Jana.jpg
|class =
|gender = Female
|race = [[Elf]]
|affiliation = [[Grey Wardens]] <small>(possibly)</small> <br> [[Inquisition]] <small>(possibly)</small>
|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Inquisition]]
'''Jana''' is an elven girl living in [[Crestwood]].
She survives an attack from the [[Undead|undead]] on the road thanks to a pair of wandering [[Grey Wardens]], and is thus inspired to join the order.
[[The Inquisitor]] can encourage her plan, or convince her this is a dangerous time to join the Wardens - in which case she'll join the [[Inquisition]] as an agent.
{{Note|You can talk to her inside her house, outside of the village (near to the fight of the grey wardens). After you speak the first time with the mayor, she appears near to his house. After that she disappear forever, if you get to far storywise.}}
:'''I'm going to see if they need new recruits.'''
:*"I can see the appeal."
::{{Approval3|Blackwall Slightly Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Sera Slightly Dissaproves}}
::{{Approval3|Solas Slightly Disapproves}}
:*"Why join now?"
::''No approval change''
:*"Dont join the Wardens."
::{{Approval3|Sera Slightly Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Solas Slightly Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Blackwall Slightly Disapproves}} - (does not need to be in party for approval change.)
:'''With all thats happening, I'd like to help people the same way.'''
:*"Go ahead and join."
::{{Approval3|Blackwall Slightly Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Dorrian Slightly Disapproves}}
::{{Approval3|Sera Slightly Disapproves}}
::{{Approval3|Solas Disapproves}} - (does not need to be in party for approval change.)
:*[Nobility Perk] "Don't do it."
::{{Approval3|Cole Approves}} - (does not need to be in party for approval change.)
::{{Approval3|Sera Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Solas Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Dorrian Slightly Approves}}
::''Jana becomes an agent.''
:*[Special] "Solas?"
::{{Approval3|Solas Approves}}
::{{Approval3|Sera Slightly Disapproves}}
::''Jana becomes an agent.''
[[File:Jana_Sacrifice.jpg|left|200px|Warden-Commander [[Clarel]] prepares to sacrifice Jana]]
If Jana joins the Gray Wardens, she will later be used by [[Clarel]] as sacrifice for the [[Blood Magic]] ritual to end all [[Blights]].
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