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Jammer's Stash is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.


Map-Carta Hideout 2

Location of boxes

As the party progresses through Carta Hideout as part of Entering Jarvia's Hideout, the Warden will eventually find Jammer's Journal. It is in the first side passage to the right, and has details about opening a stash box. Reading the journal starts the Jammer's Stash quest (and, unlocks Codex entry: Jammer's Stash. The journal mentions that the key to opening the stash box can only be obtained by taking the cheapest item from three other chests.

The Warden will then come across named 'common' boxes when progressing through Jarvia's tunnels. When a box is opened, ensure only the cheapest item from each box is taken, because for every wrong item taken, an injury will be received. This must be healed with either an Injury Kit, a trip to the party camp or the spell Cleansing Aura. These injuries do not impact the Indestructible or I'm Kind Of A Big Deal achievements.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Correct items

  1. Kanky's Common Box: take the Silver Costume Ring
  2. Jammer's Common Box: take the Iron Letter Opener
  3. Pique's Common Box: take the Garnet Trinket
  4. Jammer's Box

If you do take a wrong item, it will disappear. So you don't need to worry about lost profits.

Once the cheapest item from each box has been taken, a key will be received (note that there is no notice given - it just appears in your inventory when the last cheap item is taken). This is the key for Jammer's Stash, a chest found in tamed animal pens which are located in one of the further tunnels near where you fight Jarvia.

Taking ALL or the wrong items may result in not being able to obtain the key to open the chest, therefore not completing the quest and receiving the reward. (On ps3PS3xbox360XBOX360 you can still open the chest after you take all the items.)

Jammer's Stash Box[]

Jammer's Stash Box is located at the four-way intersection located on the northernmost portion of the 'Carta Hideout" map. Go into the tunnel located east of the crossroads to find Jammer's Stash Box, which contains the rewards.


Longrunner's Cap Longrunner's Cap

  • 7Gold 55Silver 45Bronze

See also[]

Codex entry: Jammer's Stash Codex entry: Jammer's Stash


  • There is a bug in the pcPCversion (1.05) that prevents wrong items from disappearing. You are able to solve the quest and get the reward, but the injuries will stay. The only solution seems to proceed with the story, such as the injuries were gone after the fight with the broodmother.
  • There is a bug in the pcPCversion (1.05), it is possible to get two Jammer's Stash Key in the Plot Items section of your inventory.
  • In the ps3PS3version, the quest may fail to be completed even after looting the stash.
  • In both console versions ps3PS3xbox360XBOX360, it is possible to get the Jammer's stash with the key even if you take all the items in the other chests.