We were after a dwarven weapon, trying to make sure it stayed in dwarven hands!

Iwan is a surface dwarf seeking, along with his brothers, to follow in Hawke's footsteps and venture into the Deep Roads for treasure.

Background Edit

Iwan is the middle son of Yevhen and works as a merchant. The boldest of the three brothers, he is also the most unscrupulous. He along with his brothers were raised by an elven woman named Dera.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Iwan is involved in the quest Fool's Gold.

Yevhen, who has ties with the Dwarven Merchants' Guild, desperately asks Hawke to retrieve his three sons who have gone down into the Deep Roads, by themselves, in search of treasure. Once down there, Hawke will find Yevhen's oldest son, Emrys, sitting in front of a locked door. He will explain that his younger brother, Iwan, locked the youngest brother, Merin, in a room full of darkspawn before scampering off to find the treasure. Hawke then tells Emrys to go back to his father and must now choose which brother to save. If Hawke goes around the locked door and goes to the room Merin is locked in, Hawke and company must help him fight off a small troop of Darkspawn. This act will save Merin who will then go back to his father. However, doing this will result in Iwan's death.

Alternatively, Hawke can by-pass Merin's tomb and run straight to Iwan. Helping Iwan fight off his darkspawn will result in Merin's death. Hawke can then lie to Yevhen or tell him what Iwan really did. In this case Iwan would be cast out of his family.

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