This list is to be used with the console runscript additem command and the "additem.erf" file, which can be downloaded on the BioWare Social Network.

Open the console and type:

runscript additem <item name> [count]

Typing the ".uti" extension is not necessary, but it will work if you do include it, e.g.:

runscript additem fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ
runscript additem fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ.uti
runscript additem fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ 1
runscript additem fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ.uti 20
Note: "Obtainable" in the tables refers to whether the items are available in-game.

Unique equipment Edit

Accessories Edit

Amulets Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_01 Lifestone yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_02 Pewter Pendant of Wolves Howling at the Moon yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_03 The Liar's Charm yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_04 Meraas yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_05 Amulet of Serenity yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act1_06 Amulet of Influence yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_01 Polished Whitewood Amulet yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_02 Moonstone Amulet yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_03 Poisonwood Locket yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_04 Brass Nug Charm yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_05 Gaudy Amethyst Pendant yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_06 Magister's Lifestone yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_07 Split Bone Necklace yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act2_08 Fen'Harel's Tooth yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_01 White Scapular of the Defender noNope pcIcon pc Unobtainable after patch 1.02
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_02 Dreamcatcher yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_03 Four-Fingered Eddie's Lucky Talisman yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_04 Warden's Oath yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_05 Rhinestone-Studded Symbol of Andraste yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_06 Filigreed Orlesian Pendant noNope
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_07 The Sacred Heart yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_08 Van Markham's Heirloom yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_09 Chantry Amulet yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_act3_10 Amulet of the Tempest yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_lore_01 Urzara's Tooth yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_lore_02 Tranquility yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_lore_03 Gem of Keroshek yesYes
gen_im_acc_amu_lore_04 Talisman of Saarebas yesYes

Belts Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_01 Enchanted Silverite Chain Belt yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_02 Sailors' Rope Belt yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_03 Handlers' Whip noNope
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_04 String of Pearls yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_05 Pirate Sash yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_06 Belt of the Brigand yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act1_07 Belt of the Chastened yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_01 Belt of Unknowing yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_02 Belt of the Primevals yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_03 Seneschals' Leather Strap yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_04 Dalish Embossed Belt yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_05 Cord of the Weyr-Beast yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_06 Sash of the Tirashan yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act2_07 Belt of Vigor yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_01 Andruil's Braid yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_02 Seven Deadly Cinch yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_03 Griffon-Feather Belt yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_04 Belt of Woven Elf Hair yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_05 Rock Band yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_06 Fereldan Circle Sash noNope
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_07 The Hanged Man's Girdle yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_08 Belt of the Silent Sisters yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_09 Deepstalker's Belt noNope
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_10 Sash of the Halla yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_act3_11 Concealer's Sash yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_lore_01 Templar Ceremonial Cummerbund yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_lore_02 Karasten's Belt yesYes
gen_im_acc_blt_lore_03 Girdle of the Elders yesYes

Rings Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_01 Ring of the Magister yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_02 Runed Silverite Ring yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_03 Gentleman's Puzzle Ring yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_04 Gallows Slave Finger-Cuffs yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_05 Guild Ring yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act1_06 Dirthamen's Secret yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_01 Rivaini Seer's Brand yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_02 Ring of Incandescence yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_03 Carved Ring of the Vhenadahl yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_04 The Seal of Kirkwall yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_05 Etched Ring of the Twins yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_06 Twice-Blessed Ring yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_07 Ring of the Seven Watchers yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_08 Ring of the Faithful yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_09 Ring of Ruin yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act2_10 Tear of Ferelden yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_01 The Jade Serpent yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_02 Onyx Ring of the Dales yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_03 Orsino's Signet Ring yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_04 Mark of the Fallen yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_05 Three Wolf Boon yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_06 Ring of the Shadow Hunter yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_07 Warden's Promise yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_08 Band of Silvery Gold yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_09 Ring of the Archmage yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_10 Ring of the Emerald Knights yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_11 Demon's Eye yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_12 Pretty Little Thing yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_13 Awakened's Might yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_act3_14 Ring of the Wounded Coast yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_lore_01 Ring of the Ferryman yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_lore_02 Bardin's Folly yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_lore_03 Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox yesYes
gen_im_acc_rng_mrl1 Sylvanwood Ring yesYes

Armor Edit

Boots Edit

Heavy Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act1_01 The March of Thunder yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act1_02 Qunari War Boots noNope
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act1_03 Surfacer Stone Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act2_01 Blackened Greaves yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act2_02 Avvarian War Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act2_03 Golem's Leg yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act3_01 Boots of the White Spire yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_act3_02 Dragonscale Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_champion Boots of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_set_high Stonehammer Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_set_med Boots of the Fallen yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_hvy_start Fereldan Field Boots yesYes
Light Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act1_01 Formari Work Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act1_02 Boots of the Isolationist yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act1_03 Boots of the Elder yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act2_01 Enchanter's Spatterdashes yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act2_02 Ghillie Brogues yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act2_03 Boots of the Redd yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act3_01 Embroidered Dancing Shoes yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act3_02 Boots of the Void yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_act3_03 Harlan's Jackboots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_champion Boots of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_set_high Boots of the Overseer yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_set_med Boots of the Spiral Eye yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_lgt_start Apostate's Boots yesYes
Medium Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act1_01 Lowtown Stompers yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act1_02 Footpad's Secret yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act1_03 Hunter's Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act2_01 Zoey's Battered Horde-Kickers yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act2_02 Highwayman's Lambskin Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act2_03 Worn Leather Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act3_01 Boots of Free Marching noNope
gen_im_arm_boo_med_act3_02 Windstrider Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_champion Boots of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_lore_01 Blackfeather Boots noNope
gen_im_arm_boo_med_set_high Boots of Enasalin yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_set_med Last Descent Boots yesYes
gen_im_arm_boo_med_start Rough Leather Boots yesYes

Chestpieces Edit

Heavy Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act0_01 Mercenary's Reinforced Plate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act0_02 Smuggler's Plate and Mail yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act1_01 Dragon Hunter's Hauberk yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act1_02 Marcher Battle Plate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act1_03 Armor of the Wall yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act1_04 Surfacer Stone Armor yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act2_01 Trevisian Breastplate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act2_02 Dissension yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act2_03 Monolith's Heart yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act3_01 Red Breastplate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act3_02 Knight-Templar Regalia yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act3_03 Proving Battle Tunic yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_act3_04 Chains of the Vaarad yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_champion Warplate of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_lore_01 Cuirass of the Centurion yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_set_high Stonehammer Plate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_set_med Warplate of the Fallen yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_start Fereldan Field Armor yesYes
Light Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act0_01 Mercenary's Light Strapping yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act0_02 Smuggler's Robes and Strapping yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act1_01 Robe of Hidden Pockets yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act1_02 Flocked Wool Robe yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act1_03 Apostate's Robes yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act2_01 Heavy Velvet Robes yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act2_02 Robe of the Notorious Pirate yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act2_03 Shadow's Reach noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act2_04 Robes of the Void yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act3_01 Aequitarian Robes yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act3_02 Cumberland Circle Robes yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act3_03 Battlemage Armaments yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_act3_04 Circle Robes yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_champion Robes of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_lore_01 Vestments of Sacrifice yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_set_high Robes of the Overseer yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_set_med Robes of the Spiral Eye yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_start Apostate's Robe yesYes
Medium Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act0_01 Mercenary's Layered Tunic yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act0_02 Smuggler's Scale and Banding yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act1_01 Stalker's Boar Hides yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act1_02 Kirkwall Squire's Jerkin yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act2_01 Quickstring's Tunic noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act2_02 Chestguard of the Scoundrel yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act2_03 Vain yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act3_01 Dragonhide Mantle of the Predator yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act3_02 Nightingale's Lamellar Armor yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_act3_03 Longshadow Hauberk yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_champion Arms of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_lore_01 Cuirass of the Winds noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_med_set_high Guardian of Enasalin yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_set_med Last Descent Armor yesYes
gen_im_arm_cht_med_start Rough Leather Armor yesYes

Gloves Edit

Heavy Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act1_01 Wyvernscale Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act1_02 Hands of Stone yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act2_01 Handcrafted Dwarven Cuffs yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act2_02 Alunduris yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act2_03 Surfacer Stone Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act3_01 Gauntlets of the Dark Breath yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_act3_02 Ashen Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_champion Gauntlets of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_set_high Stonehammer Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_set_med Gauntlets of the Fallen yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_start Fereldan Field Gloves yesYes
Light Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act1_01 Rune-Covered Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act1_02 Silverite-Threaded Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act2_01 Gloves of the Void yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act2_02 Gauntlets of the Magister yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act3_01 Lyrium Embroidered Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act3_02 Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_act3_03 Gloves of June yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_champion Gloves of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_lore_01 Vir Atish'an yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_set_high Gloves of the Overseer yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_set_med Gloves of the Spiral Eye yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_start Apostate's Cuffs yesYes
Medium Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act1_01 Alchemist's Protective Handguards yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act1_02 Bloody Butcher's Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act1_03 Raider Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act2_01 Stoneclutcher's Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act2_02 Gauntlets of the Ashaad yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act2_03 Rat-Nibbled Gloves yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act3_01 Gloves of the Wilder yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act3_02 Hands of Glory yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_act3_03 Quick Hands yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_champion Gloves of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_set_high Gloves of Enasalin yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_set_med Last Descent Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_arm_glv_med_start Rough Leather Handwraps yesYes

Helmets Edit

Heavy Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act1_01 Imperial Bloodhelm yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act1_02 Helm of Victory yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act1_03 Roar yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act2_01 Chevalier Silverite Helm yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act2_02 Helm of the Emerald Knights yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act3_01 Warden's Coif yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act3_02 Dwarven Battle Helm yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_act3_03 King's Bounty yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champion Helm of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_lore_01 Garahel's Helm yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_set_high Stonehammer Helm yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_hvy_set_med Helmet of the Fallen yesYes
Light Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act1_01 Slaver Lord's Cowl yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act1_02 Thinking Cap yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act1_03 Illwan's Hood yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act2_01 Gascard DuPuis's Favorite Hat yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act2_02 Tevinter Enchanter's Cap yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act3_01 Circlet of the Dreamer yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act3_02 Hood of the Formari yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_act3_03 Regret yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_champion Hood of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_set_high Cowl of the Overseer yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_lgt_set_med Hood of the Spiral Eye yesYes
Medium Edit
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act1_01 Mask of the Imperium yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act1_02 Henchman Cowl yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act2_01 DuPuis Family Chapeaux yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act2_02 Blackguard Shroud noNope
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act2_03 Mariner's Trust yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act3_01 Cap of Kings yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_act3_02 Tenebral Cowl
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_champion Helm of the Champion yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_set_high Helm of Enasalin yesYes
gen_im_arm_hlm_med_set_med Last Descent Helmet yesYes

Weapons Edit

Staves Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act0_01 Free Man's Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act0_02 Mercenary's Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act0_03 “Imported” Circle Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act0_04 Blemished noNope
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act1_01 Chanters' Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act1_02 The Hypnotist's Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act1_03 The Turncoat's Walking Stick yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act1_04 Staff of the Primal Order yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act1_05 Acolyte's Staff (act 1) yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_01 Stone's Breath yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_02 Hubris yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_03 Wintersbreath noNope
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_04 Crooked Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_05 Sketch's Resplit-Shaft yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_06 Acolyte's Staff (act 2) yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act2_07 Enchanter's Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_01 Bassrath-Kata yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_02 The Sylvan's Heart noNope
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_03 Voracity yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_04 The Tiger's Tail yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_05 Torch of Falon'Din yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_06 Eye of the Storm yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_07 Mutiny yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_08 Architect's Legacy yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_act3_09 Corrupted Acolyte's Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_default Basic Staff yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_lore_01 Staff of Violation yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_lore_02 Cold-Blooded yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_lore_03 Valdasine yesYes
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_start Apostate Staff yesYes

Bows Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act0_01 Weathered Bow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act0_02 Mercenary's Recurve yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act0_03 Undeclared Orlesian Longbow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act0_04 Renegade's Ruin noNope
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act1_01 Nevarran Lancer yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act1_02 The Runt's Spiker yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act1_03 Longtouch yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act1_04 The Trepanner's Gift yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act1_05 Cracked Bow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_01 Borderfall yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_02 Felons' Punch-Gut yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_03 Swarm yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_04 Quills of the Heretic yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_05 The Heavens' Answer yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_06 Mont de Glace Strand yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act2_07 Recurve Bow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_01 Bassrath-Kata yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_02 Cynoeswr Sain yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_03 The Runner's Retort yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_04 Crosscut Composite yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_05 Righteous Rain yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_act3_06 Truebow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_default Basic Longbow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_lore_01 Jackal's Longbow yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_lore_02 Absolution yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_lore_03 Bianca noNope
gen_im_wep_rog_arc_start Fereldan Shortbow yesYes

Daggers Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act0_01 Hunter's Skinning Knife yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act0_02 Mercenary's Shanker yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act0_03 Enforcer's Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act0_04 Blemished Dagger noNope
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_01 Bloodletter yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_02 The Bodice Ripper yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_03 Blade of Red Birth yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_04 Thrice-Bound yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_05 Cruel Dagger yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_06 Tarnished Dagger yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act1_07 Arm of Adruil yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_01 Chum-Cutter yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_02 Honeycut yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_03 Stitch-Maker yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_04 Shine yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_05 The Tiny Cut (413 of 1000) yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_06 Seven Deaths yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_07 Guild Dagger yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act2_08 Coterie Shiv yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_01 The Offhand Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_02 Bassrath-Kata yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_03 Blade of the Many yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_04 Red Jenny Backbiter yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_05 Tine yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_06 The Pairing Knife yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_07 Ragged Edge noNope
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_08 Disciple's Blade noNope
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_09 Spider's Heart yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_act3_10 Shadow's Claw yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_default Basic Dagger yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_lore_01 Carta's Right-Hand yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_lore_02 Finesse yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_lore_03 Carta's Left-Hand yesYes
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_start Fereldan Dagger yesYes

One-handed Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act0_01 Landsman's Cudgel yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act0_02 Mercenary's Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act0_03 Smuggled Fereldan Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act0_04 Cammer's Reach noNope
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_01 Overland Render yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_02 Edge of Song and Glory yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_03 Palvo's Cocksure Cleaver yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_04 Thudpucker's Fist yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_05 Trust and Cut Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_06 Maelstrom yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act1_07 Notched Sword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_01 Red Earth Long One yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_02 Sundarin Thunder yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_03 Windsong Axe yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_04 The Wailer yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_05 One-Cut yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_06 Markham Heart Stopper yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_07 Royeaux One and Two yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act2_08 Darktown Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_01 Bassrath-Kata yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_02 Perrin's Nail yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_03 Hack yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_04 Smooth Rasp noNope
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_05 The Weight yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_06 The Bringer of Silence yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_07 Woodsman's Ire yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_08 Raider Sword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_09 City Guard Sword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_act3_10 Sword of the Antaam yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_default Basic Longsword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_lore_01 Sataareth yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_lore_02 Aurvar's Prize yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_lore_03 The Vague Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_lore_04 Glandivalis yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_one_start Fereldan Longsword yesYes

Two-handed Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act0_01 Fereldan Broadaxe yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act0_02 Mercenary's Longblade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act0_03 "Imported" Antivan Blade yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act0_04 Rebel Queen yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act1_01 The Ream-Ward noNope
gen_im_wep_war_two_act1_02 Red Grace yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act1_03 Caskhead's Portable Anvil yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act1_04 Reforged Hossberg Twainer noNope
gen_im_wep_war_two_act1_05 Templar Great Sword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_01 The Brothers' End yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_02 Persuasion yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_03 All-Fall yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_04 Oath-Breaker yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_05 Potency yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_06 Binky's Comfort yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_07 The Subtle Brute yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act2_08 Void's Hammer yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_01 Bassrath-Kata yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_02 Limbtaker yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_03 Roadhammer yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_04 Double-Bearded Axe yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_05 Her Song yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_06 Top-Chop Brand yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_07 Widow's Fury yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_act3_08 Dwarven Great Axe yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_default Basic Greatsword yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_lore_01 Sundering yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_lore_02 The Celebrant yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_lore_03 Vigilance noNope
gen_im_wep_war_two_lore_04 Blade of Mercy yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_lore_05 Bloom yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_start Fereldan Greatsword yesYes

Shields Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act0_01 Fereldan Soldier's Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act0_02 Mercenary's Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act0_03 Smuggler's Heater yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act0_04 Dark Shield noNope
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act1_01 The Bann's Backhouse Door yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act1_02 Markham Head Stopper yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act1_03 Winter-Weight yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act1_04 Oddsmaker yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act1_05 Kirkwall Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_01 River's Wave yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_02 Warstopper yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_03 Brink-Boaster yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_04 Spirit of 4:60 Black yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_05 Amell Family Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_06 Defender of the Wall yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act2_07 Darkspawn Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_01 Wardwall yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_02 Lord Bearing's Wall yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_03 Cornerstone yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_04 Hearth Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_05 The Father's Hand yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_act3_06 Volcanic Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_default Basic Shield yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_lore_01 Shield of the Resolute yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_lore_02 Shield of the Knight Herself yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_shd_start Reinforced Shield yesYes

Runes Edit

Armor runes Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_arn_celestial Celestial Rune noNope
gen_im_cns_arn_torpor Torpor's Barrier Rune yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_01 Rune of Protection yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_02 Rune of Fortune yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_03 Rune of Frost Warding yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_04 Rune of Fire Warding yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_05 Rune of Lightning Warding yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_06 Rune of Nature Warding yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_07 Rune of Spirit Warding yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_08 Rune of Defense yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_arn_09 Rune of Valiance yesYes

Weapon runes Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_01 Rune of Impact yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_02 Rune of Frost yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_03 Rune of Fire yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_04 Rune of Lightning yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_05 Rune of Nature yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_06 Rune of Spirit yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_07 Rune of Striking yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_wrn_08 Rune of Devastation yesYes
gen_im_cns_wrn_primeval Primeval Lyrium Rune yesYes Haunted
gen_im_cns_wrn_sandal_act1 Sandal's Special Rune yesYes

Companion items Edit

Armor Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_fla_acc_isabela_01 Rivaini Fertility Talisman yesYes
gen_im_fla_anders_01 Renegade's Coat yesYes
gen_im_fla_anders_02 Renegade's Coat yesYes
gen_im_fla_aveline_01 Modified Officers' Issue yesYes
gen_im_fla_aveline_02 Guardsman Plate and Chain yesYes
gen_im_fla_aveline_03 Guard-Captain's Ranked Plate yesYes
gen_im_fla_bethany_01 Hawke's Pinions yesYes
gen_im_fla_bethany_02 Bethany's Circle Mage Robes yesYes
gen_im_fla_bethany_03 Bethany's Grey Warden Robes yesYes
gen_im_fla_carver_01 Fereldan Man-at-Arms Issue yesYes
gen_im_fla_carver_02 Knight-Corporal Plate yesYes
gen_im_fla_carver_03 Plate of the Warden-Ensign yesYes
gen_im_fla_fenris_01 Grafted Spirit Hide yesYes
gen_im_fla_fenris_02 Grafted Spirit Hide yesYes
gen_im_fla_isabela_01 Threads of the Eastern Seas yesYes
gen_im_fla_isabela_02 Threads of the Eastern Seas yesYes
gen_im_fla_merril_01 Vestments of the First yesYes
gen_im_fla_merril_02 Raiments of the Dalish Pariah yesYes
gen_im_fla_sebastian_01 Vael Family Armor yesYes
gen_im_fla_varric_01 Varric's Tailored Leather Duster yesYes
gen_im_fla_varric_02 Varric's Armored Leather Duster yesYes

Armor upgrades Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_flu_anders_01 Spirit Essence yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_anders_02 Armor Struts yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_anders_03 Sigil of the Mage Underground yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_anders_04 Lyrium Weave yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_aveline_01 Underpadding – Guardsman Pattern yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_aveline_02 Flex-Chain – Guardsman Pattern yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_aveline_03 Impact Plating – Guardsman Pattern yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_aveline_04 Deflecting Joints – Guardsman Pattern yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_bethany_01 Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_carver_01 Fereldan Girded Plating yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_fenris_01 Reinforced Straps yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_fenris_02 Enchanted Resin yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_fenris_03 Lyrium Scales yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_fenris_04 Tevinter Spirit Symbol yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_isabela_01 Lambswool Insoles yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_isabela_02 Rigid Boning yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_isabela_03 Boiled Leather Plates yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_isabela_04 Supportive Corselet yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_merril_01 Carved Ironwood Buttons yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_merril_02 Samite Lining yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_merril_03 Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_merril_04 Halla Horn Buckles yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_sebastian_01 Reinforced Bracers yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_sebastian_02 Mail Undertunic yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_sebastian_03 Enhanced Articulation yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_sebastian_04 Protection of the Faith yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_varric_01 Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_varric_02 Inscribed Leather Harness yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_varric_03 Silverite-Reinforced Buckles yesYes
gen_im_cns_flu_varric_04 Drakeskin Leg Straps yesYes

Gifts Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
and000im_gft_amulet Tevinter Chantry Amulet yesYes
ave000im_gft_shield Shield of the Knight Herself yesYes
fen000im_gft_book A Slave's Life yesYes
fen000im_gft_sword Blade of Mercy yesYes
isa000im_gft_ship_in_bottle Ship in a Bottle yesYes
isa000im_gft_talisman Rivaini Talisman yesYes
mrl200im_statue_gift Halla Carving yesYes
mrl300im_ring_gift Sylvanwood Ring yesYes
seb000im_gft_bow Starkhaven Longbow yesYes
sib100im_giftbet_portrait Portrait of Your Mother yesYes
sib100im_giftcar_letters Father's Letters yesYes
sib100im_tobriusdocs Tobrius's Documents yesYes
vrc200im_ring_gift Signet Ring yesYes

Weapons Edit

Note: Only one Bianca will show up in inventory, no matter how many are spawned.
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_flw_arc_sebastian_01 Temperance yesYes
gen_im_flw_arc_sebastian_02 Starkhaven Longbow yesYes
gen_im_flw_arc_varric_01 Bianca (1 rune slot) yesYes
gen_im_flw_arc_varric_02 Bianca (2 rune slots) noNope
gen_im_flw_arc_varric_03 Bianca (3 rune slots) noNope
gen_im_flw_arc_varric_04 Bianca (4 rune slots) yesYes
gen_im_flw_dua_isabela_01 Backstabber yesYes
gen_im_flw_dua_isabela_02 Heartbreaker yesYes
gen_im_flw_one_aveline_01 Chevalier's Reach yesYes
gen_im_flw_shd_aveline_01 Ser Wesley's Shield yesYes
gen_im_flw_shd_aveline_02 Shield of the Knight Herself yesYes
gen_im_flw_sta_anders_01 Freedom's Call yesYes
gen_im_flw_sta_bethany_01 Birchcore yesYes
gen_im_flw_sta_bethany_02 Staff of the New Growth yesYes
gen_im_flw_sta_bethany_03 Staff of the Blighted Heartwood yesYes
gen_im_flw_sta_merril_01 Vir Tasallan yesYes
gen_im_flw_two_carver_01 Longbar Blade yesYes
gen_im_flw_two_carver_02 Grace-Maker yesYes
gen_im_flw_two_carver_03 Seeker of the Gray yesYes
gen_im_flw_two_fenris_01 Lethendralis yesYes
gen_im_flw_two_fenris_02 Blade of Mercy yesYes

Consumables Edit

Backpacks Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_msc_backpack_01 Backpack yesYes
gen_im_cns_msc_backpack_02 Large Backpack noNope

Bombs Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_cft_bmb_01 Combustion Grenade yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_bmb_02 Tar Bomb yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_bmb_03 Mythal's Favor yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_bmb_04 Fell Grenade yesYes

Poisons Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_cft_psn_01 Debilitating Poison yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_psn_02 Crow Venom yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_psn_03 Deathroot Toxin yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_psn_04 Arcane Poison yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_psn_05 Fell Poison yesYes

Potions Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_01 Elfroot Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_02 Elixir of Purity yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_04 Restoration Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_05 Life Ward Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_06 Rock Armor Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_07 Mighty Offense Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_cft_pot_08 Elixir of Heroism yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_attribute_01 Elixir of the Mortal Vessel noNope
gen_im_cns_pot_attribute_02 Greater Elixir of the Mortal Vessel yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_attribute_03 Arcane Elixir of the Mortal Vessel noNope
gen_im_cns_pot_avernus Avernus's Experimental Draught yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_health_01 Health Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_injury_01 Injury Kit yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_level_01 Maker's Breath noNope
gen_im_cns_pot_mana_01 Lyrium Potion yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_respec_01 Maker's Sigh yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_stamina_01 Stamina Draught yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_technique_01 Elixir of Arcane Technique yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_technique_02 Elixir of Physical Technique yesYes
gen_im_cns_pot_xp_01 Elixir of the Ages noNope

Tomes Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cns_tom_attribute_01 Tome of the Mortal Vessel noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_attribute_02 Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel yesYes
gen_im_cns_tom_attribute_03 Arcane Tome of the Mortal Vessel yesYes
gen_im_cns_tom_mag_archmage Manual: Archmage Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_mag_bldmage Manual: Blood Mage Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_mag_frcmage Manual: Force Mage Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_mag_sphealer Manual: Spirit Healer Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_rog_assassin Manual: Assassin Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_rog_bard Manual: Bard Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_rog_duelist Manual: Duelist Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_rog_shadow Manual: Shadow Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_talent_01 Tome of Technique yesYes
gen_im_cns_tom_war_berserkr Manual: Berserker Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_war_juggnaut Manual: Juggernaut Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_war_reaver Manual: Reaver Specialization noNope
gen_im_cns_tom_war_templar Manual: Templar Specialization noNope

Crafting Edit

Reagents Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cft_reg_a Elfroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_a1 Elfroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_a2 Elfroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_a3 Elfroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_b Spindleweed yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_b1 Spindleweed yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_b2 Spindleweed yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_c Embrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_c1 Embrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_c2 Embrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_d Ambrosia yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_d1 Ambrosia yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_e Deep Mushroom yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_e1 Deep Mushroom yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_e2 Deep Mushroom yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_e3 Deep Mushroom yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_f Deathroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_f1 Deathroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_f2 Deathroot yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_g Glitterdust yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_g1 Glitterdust yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_g2 Glitterdust yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_h Felandaris yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_h1 Felandaris yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_i Lyrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_i1 Lyrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_i2 Lyrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_i3 Lyrium yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_j Silverite yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_j1 Silverite yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_j2 Silverite yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_k Orichalcum yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_k1 Orichalcum yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_k2 Orichalcum yesYes
gen_im_cft_reg_l Dragon's Blood yesYes "Discovery" added
gen_im_cft_reg_l1 Dragon's Blood yesYes "Discovery" added

Recipes Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_01 Design: Rune of Protection yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_02 Design: Rune of Fortune yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_03 Design: Rune of Frost Warding yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_04 Design: Rune of Fire Warding yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_05 Design: Rune of Lightning Warding yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_06 Design: Rune of Nature Warding yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_07 Design: Rune of Spirit Warding yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_08 Design: Rune of Defense yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_arn_09 Design: Rune of Valiance yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_bmb_01 Formula: Combustion Grenade yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_bmb_02 Formula: Tar Bomb yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_bmb_03 Formula: Mythal's Favor yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_bmb_04 Formula: Fell Grenade yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_01 Recipe: Elfroot Potion yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_02 Recipe: Elixir of Purity yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_03 Recipe: Spindleweed Brew yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_04 Recipe: Restoration Potion yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_05 Recipe: Life Ward Potion yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_06 Recipe: Rock Armor Potion yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_07 Recipe: Mighty Offense Potion yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_pot_08 Recipe: Elixir of Heroism yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_psn_01 Formula: Debilitating Poison yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_psn_02 Formula: Crow Venom yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_psn_03 Formula: Deathroot Toxin yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_psn_04 Formula: Arcane Poison yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_psn_05 Formula: Fell Poison yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_01 Design: Rune of Impact yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_02 Design: Rune of Frost yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_03 Design: Rune of Fire yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_04 Design: Rune of Lightning yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_05 Design: Rune of Nature yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_06 Design: Rune of Spirit yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_07 Design: Rune of Striking yesYes
gen_im_cft_rec_wrn_08 Design: Rune of Devastation yesYes

Fake prologue items Edit

Fake Champion armor Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
fake_im_arm_boo_hvy_champ Boots of the Champion (warrior) yesYes
fake_im_arm_boo_lgt_champ Boots of the Champion (mage) yesYes
fake_im_arm_boo_med_champ Boots of the Champion (rogue) yesYes
fake_im_arm_cht_hvy_champ Warplate of the Champion yesYes
fake_im_arm_cht_lgt_champ Robes of the Champion yesYes
fake_im_arm_cht_med_champ Arms of the Champion yesYes
fake_im_arm_glv_hvy_champ Gauntlets of the Champion yesYes
fake_im_arm_glv_lgt_champ Gloves of the Champion (mage) yesYes
fake_im_arm_glv_med_champ Gloves of the Champion (rogue) yesYes
fake_im_arm_hlm_hvy_champ Helm of the Champion (warrior) yesYes
fake_im_arm_hlm_lgt_champ Hood of the Champion yesYes
fake_im_arm_hlm_med_champ Helm of the Champion (rogue) yesYes

Weapons Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
fake_im_flw_sta_bethany_03 Staff of the Blighted Heartwood noNope
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_ico_fake Champion's Warstaff yesYes Unrestricted
gen_im_wep_mag_sta_iconic Champion's Warstaff yesYes Restricted to mages
gen_im_wep_rog_dua_iconic Champion's Edge yesYes
gen_im_wep_war_two_iconic Champion's Warblade yesYes

Generic items Edit

Note: Generic items appear as random loot in various areas and have randomized item properties
ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_boo_r0 Neophyte Mage Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_boo_r1 Adept Mage Boots
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_boo_r2 Empowered Mage Boots
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_cht_r0 Neophyte Robes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_cht_r1 Adept Robes yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_cht_r2 Empowered Robes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_glv_r0 Neophyte Mage Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_glv_r1 Adept Mage Gloves
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_glv_r2 Empowered Mage Gloves
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_hlm_r0 Neophyte Mage Cowl yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_hlm_r1 Adept Mage Cowl yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_lgt_hlm_r2 Empowered Mage Cowl
gen_im_trs_apo_rng_r0 Ring of Minor Cantrips yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_rng_r1 Ring of Transitional Power yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_rng_r2 Ring of Greater Empowerment yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_03 Airhert's Spine noNope Invisible, unrestricted staff
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_cld_r0 Staff of the Apprentice yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_cld_r1 Staff of the Adept yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_cld_r2 Staff of the Magister yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_ele_r0 Bound Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_ele_r1 Channeled Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_ele_r2 Fortified Staff
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_fir_r0 Improvised Enchanters' Staff
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_fir_r1 Conjurors' Stake yesYes
gen_im_trs_apo_sta_fir_r2 Archmage's Conduit yesYes
gen_im_trs_bow Simple Recurve
gen_im_trs_bst_hunt_dag Hunter's Dagger
gen_im_trs_chn_blt_r0 Belt of the Affirmed yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_blt_r1 Mothers' Cincture
gen_im_trs_chn_blt_r2 Blessed Goldenweave Belt
gen_im_trs_chn_dua_dag_r0 Blade of Calling yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_dua_dag_r1 Blade of Forgiveness yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_dua_dag_r2 Blade of Deliverance
gen_im_trs_chn_rng_r0 Andraste's Grace yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_rng_r1 Andraste's Wisdom yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_rng_r2 Andraste's Sacrifice
gen_im_trs_chn_robe Chantry Robes
gen_im_trs_chn_shd_wdn_r0 Shield of the Light yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_shd_wdn_r1 Shield of the Flame yesYes
gen_im_trs_chn_shd_wdn_r2 Shield of the Faith
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_lbw_r0 Shadow Bow yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_lbw_r1 Superior Shadow Bow
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_lbw_r2 Enchanted Shadow Bow
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_sbw_r0 Quickbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_sbw_r1 Superior Quickbow
gen_im_trs_cot_arc_sbw_r2 Enchanted Quickbow
gen_im_trs_cot_blt_r0 Rogue's Belt
gen_im_trs_cot_blt_r1 Ornate Rogue's Belt
gen_im_trs_cot_blt_r2 Greater Rogue Belt
gen_im_trs_cot_dua_dag_r0 Stiletto yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_dua_dag_r1 Superior Stiletto
gen_im_trs_cot_dua_dag_r2 Enchanted Stiletto
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_boo_r0 Coterie Mage Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_boo_r1 Superior Coterie Mage Boots
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_boo_r2 Enchanted Coterie Mage Boots
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_cht_r0 Coterie Mage Robe yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_cht_r1 Superior Coterie Mage Robe
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_cht_r2 Enchanted Coterie Mage Robe
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_glv_r0 Coterie Mage Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_glv_r1 Superior Coterie Mage Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_glv_r2 Enchanted Coterie Mage Gloves
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_hlm_r0 Coterie Mage's Hood yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_hlm_r1 Superior Coterie Mage's Hood
gen_im_trs_cot_lgt_hlm_r2 Enchanted Coterie Mage Hood
gen_im_trs_cot_med_boo_r0 Rogue's Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_med_boo_r1 Superior Rogue's Boots
gen_im_trs_cot_med_boo_r2 Enchanted Rogue Boots
gen_im_trs_cot_med_cht_r0 Rogue Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_med_cht_r1 Superior Rogue Armor
gen_im_trs_cot_med_cht_r2 Enchanted Rogue Armor
gen_im_trs_cot_med_glv_r0 Shadow Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_med_glv_r1 Superior Shadow Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_cot_med_glv_r2 Enchanted Shadow Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_cot_med_hlm_r0 Shadow Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_med_hlm_r1 Superior Shadow Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_med_hlm_r2 Enchanted Shadow Helm
gen_im_trs_cot_rng_r0 Rogue's Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_rng_r1 Ornate Rogue's Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_cot_rng_r2 Greater Rogue Ring
gen_im_trs_crc_amu_r0 Circle Journeyman Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_amu_r1 Circle Enchanters' Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_amu_r2 Transmuted Circle Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_boo_r0 Circle Weavers - Minor
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_boo_r1 Circle Enchanters' Tall-Shoe yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_boo_r2 Circle Magi Brandishers yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_cht_r0 Charged Circle Robes yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_cht_r1 Robes of the Empowered Circle yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_cht_r2 War Mage Robes - Circle Bound yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_glv_r0 Gloves of the Circle - Minor yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_glv_r1 Gauntlets of the Empowered Circle yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_lgt_glv_r2 War Mage Gloves - Circle Bound yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_02 Corrupted Acolyte's Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_nat_r0 Aequitarian Fraternity Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_nat_r1 Loyalist Fraternity Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_nat_r2 Shared-Fraternity Magus Staff
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_phy_r0 Lesser Formari Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_phy_r1 Greater Formari Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_phy_r2 Empowered Formari Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_spi_r0 Isolationist Fraternity Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_spi_r1 Libertarian Fraternity Staff
gen_im_trs_crc_sta_spi_r2 Shared-Fraternity War Staff
gen_im_trs_dal_amu_r0 Dalish Amulet
gen_im_trs_dal_amu_r1 Ornate Dalish Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_amu_r2 Greater Dalish Amulet
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_lbw_r0 Dalish Longbow
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_lbw_r1 Superior Dalish Longbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_lbw_r2 Enchanted Dalish Longbow
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_sbw_r0 Dalish Shortbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_sbw_r1 Superior Dalish Shortbow
gen_im_trs_dal_arc_sbw_r2 Enchanted Dalish Shortbow
gen_im_trs_dal_blt_r0 Dalish Belt yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_blt_r1 Ornate Dalish Belt
gen_im_trs_dal_blt_r2 Greater Dalish Belt
gen_im_trs_dal_dua_dag_r0 Dalish Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_dua_dag_r1 Superior Dalish Dagger
gen_im_trs_dal_dua_dag_r2 Enchanted Dalish Dagger
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_boo_r0 Heavy Elven Boots
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_boo_r1 Superior Heavy Elven Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_boo_r2 Enchanted Heavy Elven Boots
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_cht_r0 Elven Plate Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_cht_r1 Superior Elven Plate
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_cht_r2 Enchanted Elven Plate
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_glv_r0 Elven Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_glv_r1 Superior Elven Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_glv_r2 Enchanted Elven Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_hlm_r0 Elven Helmet yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_hlm_r1 Superior Elven Helmet
gen_im_trs_dal_hvy_hlm_r2 Enchanted Elven Helmet
gen_im_trs_dal_med_boo_r0 Elven Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_med_boo_r1 Superior Elven Boots
gen_im_trs_dal_med_boo_r2 Enchanted Elven Boots
gen_im_trs_dal_med_cht_r0 Elven Leather Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_med_cht_r1 Superior Elven Leather
gen_im_trs_dal_med_cht_r2 Enchanted Elven Leather
gen_im_trs_dal_med_glv_r0 Elven Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_med_glv_r1 Superior Elven Gloves
gen_im_trs_dal_med_glv_r2 Enchanted Elven Gloves
gen_im_trs_dal_med_hlm_r0 Elven Light Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_med_hlm_r1 Superior Elven Light Helm
gen_im_trs_dal_med_hlm_r2 Enchanted Elven Light Helm
gen_im_trs_dal_one_lsw_r0 Dalish Longsword
gen_im_trs_dal_one_lsw_r1 Superior Dalish Longsword
gen_im_trs_dal_one_lsw_r2 Enchanted Dalish Longsword
gen_im_trs_dal_shd_wdn_r0 Ironwood Shield yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_shd_wdn_r1 Superior Ironwood Shield yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_shd_wdn_r2 Enchanted Ironwood Shield
gen_im_trs_dal_two_2hs_r0 Ironwood Warblade yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_two_2hs_r1 Superior Ironwood Warblade yesYes
gen_im_trs_dal_two_2hs_r2 Enchanted Ironwood War Blade
gen_im_trs_dem_amu_r0 Demonic Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_dem_amu_r1 Ornate Demonic Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_dem_amu_r2 Greater Demonic Amulet
gen_im_trs_dem_blt_r0 Demonic Belt yesYes
gen_im_trs_dem_blt_r1 Ornate Demonic Belt
gen_im_trs_dem_blt_r2 Greater Demonic Belt
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_boo_r0 Demonic Footwraps
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_boo_r1 Ornate Demonic Footwraps
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_boo_r2 Greater Demonic Footwraps
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_cht_r0 Demonic Robes
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_cht_r1 Ornate Demonic Robes
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_cht_r2 Greater Demonic Robes
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_glv_r0 Demonic Gloves
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_glv_r1 Ornate Demonic Gloves
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_glv_r2 Greater Demonic Gloves
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_hlm_r0 Demonic Hood
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_hlm_r1 Ornate Demonic Hood
gen_im_trs_dem_lgt_hlm_r2 Greater Demonic Hood
gen_im_trs_dem_rng_r0 Demonic Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_dem_rng_r1 Ornate Demonic Ring
gen_im_trs_dem_rng_r2 Greater Demonic Ring
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_fir_r0 Demonic Rod
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_fir_r1 Ornate Demonic Rod yesYes
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_fir_r2 Greater Demonic Rod
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_spi_r0 Demonic Staff
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_spi_r1 Ornate Demonic Staff
gen_im_trs_dem_sta_spi_r2 Greater Demonic Staff
gen_im_trs_drk_amu_r0 Twisted Amulet
gen_im_trs_drk_amu_r1 Tainted Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_drk_amu_r2 Blighted Amulet
gen_im_trs_drk_one_axe_r0 Notched Darkspawn Hatchet
gen_im_trs_drk_one_axe_r1 Wicked Darkspawn Hatchet
gen_im_trs_drk_one_axe_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn Hatchet
gen_im_trs_drk_one_lsw_r0 Notched Darkspawn Blade
gen_im_trs_drk_one_lsw_r1 Wicked Darkspawn Blade
gen_im_trs_drk_one_lsw_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn Blade
gen_im_trs_drk_one_mac_r0 Notched Darkspawn Hammer
gen_im_trs_drk_one_mac_r1 Wicked Darkspawn Hammer
gen_im_trs_drk_one_mac_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn Hammer
gen_im_trs_drk_shd_met_r0 Pitted Darkspawn War Shield
gen_im_trs_drk_shd_met_r1 Heavy Darkspawn War Shield
gen_im_trs_drk_shd_met_r2 Superior Darkspawn War Shield
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2ha_r0 Notched Darkspawn War Axe
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2ha_r1 Wicked Darkspawn War Axe
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2ha_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn War Axe
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hm_r0 Notched Darkspawn Maul
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hm_r1 Wicked Darkspawn Maul
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hm_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn Maul
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hs_r0 Notched Darkspawn Slayer
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hs_r1 Wicked Darkspawn Slayer
gen_im_trs_drk_two_2hs_r2 Ruthless Darkspawn Slayer
gen_im_trs_dwv_dua_dag_r0 Dwarven Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_dua_dag_r1 Superior Dwarven Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_dua_dag_r2 Masterwork Dwarven Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_heavy_helm Surfacer Stone Helmet noNope
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_boo_r0 Dwarven Leather Boots
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_boo_r1 Superior Dwarven Leather Boots
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_boo_r2 Masterwork Dwarven Leather Boots
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_cht_r0 Dwarven Leather Breastplate yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_cht_r1 Superior Dwarven Leather Breastplate
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_cht_r2 Masterwork Dwarven Leather Breastplate
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_glv_r0 Dwarven Leather Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_glv_r1 Superior Dwarven Leather Gloves
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_glv_r2 Masterwork Dwarven Leather Gloves
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_hlm_r0 Dwarven Leather Helm
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_hlm_r1 Superior Dwarven Leather Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_dwv_med_hlm_r2 Masterwork Dwarven Leather Helm
gen_im_trs_gen_amu_r0 Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_amu_r1 Ornate Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_amu_r2 Greater Amulet yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_lbw_r0 Longbow
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_lbw_r1 Superior Longbow
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_lbw_r2 Enchanted Longbow
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_sbw_r0 Shortbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_sbw_r1 Superior Shortbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_arc_sbw_r2 Enchanted Shortbow
gen_im_trs_gen_blt_r0 Belt yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_blt_r1 Ornate Belt yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_blt_r2 Greater Belt yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_dua_dag_r0 Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_dua_dag_r1 Superior Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_dua_dag_r2 Enchanted Dagger yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_boo_r0 Heavy Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_boo_r1 Superior Heavy Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_boo_r2 Enchanted Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_cht_r0 Plate Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_cht_r1 Superior Plate Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_cht_r2 Enchanted Plate Armor
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_glv_r0 Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_glv_r1 Superior Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_glv_r2 Enchanted Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_hlm_r0 Helmet yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_hlm_r1 Superior Helmet yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_hvy_hlm_r2 Enchanted Helmet
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_boo_r0 Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_boo_r1 Superior Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_boo_r2 Enchanted Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_cht_r0 Robes yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_cht_r1 Superior Robes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_cht_r2 Enchanted Robes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_glv_r0 Gloves
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_glv_r1 Superior Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_glv_r2 Enchanted Gloves
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_hlm_r0 Headwear yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_hlm_r1 Superior Headwear yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_lgt_hlm_r2 Enchanted Headwear yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_med_boo_r0 Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_med_boo_r1 Superior Boots
gen_im_trs_gen_med_boo_r2 Enchanted Boots
gen_im_trs_gen_med_cht_r0 Leather Armor
gen_im_trs_gen_med_cht_r1 Superior Leather Armor
gen_im_trs_gen_med_cht_r2 Enchanted Leather Armor
gen_im_trs_gen_med_glv_r0 Light Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_med_glv_r1 Superior Light Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_gen_med_glv_r2 Enchanted Light Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_gen_med_hlm_r0 Light Helmet
gen_im_trs_gen_med_hlm_r1 Superior Light Helmet
gen_im_trs_gen_med_hlm_r2 Enchanted Light Helmet
gen_im_trs_gen_one_axe_r0 Hand Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_axe_r1 Superior Hand Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_axe_r2 Enchanted Hand Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_lsw_r0 Longsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_lsw_r1 Superior Longsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_lsw_r2 Enchanted Longsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_mac_r0 Mace yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_mac_r1 Superior Mace yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_one_mac_r2 Enchanted Mace
gen_im_trs_gen_rng_r0 Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_rng_r1 Ornate Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_rng_r2 Greater Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_met_r0 Heavy Shield yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_met_r1 Superior Heavy Shield
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_met_r2 Enchanted Heavy Shield
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_wdn_r0 Shield
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_wdn_r1 Superior Shield yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_shd_wdn_r2 Enchanted Shield
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_cld_r0 Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_cld_r1 Ornate Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_cld_r2 Greater Enchanted Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_ele_r0 Runed Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_ele_r1 Elegant Runed Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_ele_r2 Commanding Runed Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_fir_r0 Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_fir_r1 Runecarved Enchanted Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_fir_r2 Inscribed Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_nat_r0 Wooden Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_nat_r1 Carved Wooden Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_nat_r2 Inscribed Wooden Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_phy_r0 Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_phy_r1 Ornate Enchanted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_phy_r2 Greater Enchanted Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_spi_r0 Etched Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_spi_r1 Lyrium-Imbued Etched Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_sta_spi_r2 Runic Etched Staff
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2ha_r0 Battle Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2ha_r1 Superior Battle Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2ha_r2 Enchanted Battle Axe
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hm_r0 Maul yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hm_r1 Superior Maul yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hm_r2 Enchanted Maul
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hs_r0 Greatsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hs_r1 Superior Greatsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_gen_two_2hs_r2 Enchanted Greatsword yesYes
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_lbw_r0 Marcher Longbow
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_lbw_r1 Superior Marcher Longbow
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_lbw_r2 Enchanted Marcher Longbow
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_sbw_r0 Marcher Shortbow
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_sbw_r1 Superior Marcher Shortbow
gen_im_trs_krk_arc_sbw_r2 Enchanted Marcher Shortbow
gen_im_trs_krk_crack_armor Cracked Leather Armor
gen_im_trs_krk_g_dagger City Guard Dagger
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_boo_r0 Reacher Boots
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_boo_r1 Superior Reacher Boots
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_boo_r2 Enchanted Reacher Boots
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_cht_r0 Reacher Plate Armor
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_cht_r1 Superior Reacher Plate
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_cht_r2 Enchanted Reacher Plate
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_glv_r0 Reacher Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_glv_r1 Superior Reacher Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_glv_r2 Enchanter Reacher Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_hlm_r0 Reacher Helmet
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_hlm_r1 Superior Reacher Helmet
gen_im_trs_krk_hvy_hlm_r2 Enchanted Reacher Helmet
gen_im_trs_krk_low_crossbow Fereldan Crossbow
gen_im_trs_krk_one_lsw_r0 Marcher Longsword
gen_im_trs_krk_one_lsw_r1 Superior Marcher Longsword
gen_im_trs_krk_one_lsw_r2 Enchanted Marcher Longsword
gen_im_trs_krk_one_mac_r0 Marcher Mace
gen_im_trs_krk_one_mac_r1 Superior Marcher Mace
gen_im_trs_krk_one_mac_r2 Enchanted Marcher Mace
gen_im_trs_krk_shd_met_r0 Marcher Shield
gen_im_trs_krk_shd_met_r1 Superior Marcher Shield
gen_im_trs_krk_shd_met_r2 Enchanted Marcher Shield
gen_im_trs_prf_amu_r0 Corrupted Talisman
gen_im_trs_prf_amu_r1 Ornate Corrupted Talisman
gen_im_trs_prf_amu_r2 Mystic Corrupted Talisman
gen_im_trs_prf_dwarf_shield Dwarven Shield
gen_im_trs_prf_rng_r0 Corrupted Ring
gen_im_trs_prf_rng_r1 Ornate Corrupted Ring yesYes
gen_im_trs_prf_rng_r2 Greater Corrupted Ring
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_ele_r0 Corrupted Staff
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_ele_r1 Ornate Corrupted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_ele_r2 Greater Corrupted Staff
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_phy_r0 Corrupted Staff
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_phy_r1 Ornate Corrupted Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_prf_sta_phy_r2 Greater Corrupted Staff
gen_im_trs_qun_amu_r0 Taamsala Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_amu_r1 Taamsala Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_amu_r2 Taamsala Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_blt_r0 Nehrappan Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_blt_r1 Nehrappan Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_blt_r2 Nehrappan Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_epic_sword Sword of a Thousand Qunari
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_boo_r0 Sataam-Taar Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_boo_r1 Sataam-Taar Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_boo_r2 Sataam-Taar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_cht_r0 Antaam-Taar Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_cht_r1 Antaam-Taar Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_cht_r2 Antaam-Taar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_glv_r0 Notas-Taar Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_glv_r1 Notas-Taar Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_glv_r2 Notas-Taar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_hlm_r0 Asalaa-Taar Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_hlm_r1 Asalaa-Taar Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_hvy_hlm_r2 Asalaa-Taar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_boo_r0 Mertam-Saar Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_boo_r1 Mertam-Saar Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_boo_r2 Mertam-Saar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_cht_r0 Taaras-Saar Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_cht_r1 Taaras-Saar Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_cht_r2 Taaras-Saar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_glv_r0 Aqaam-Saar Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_glv_r1 Aqaam-Saar Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_glv_r2 Aqaam-Saar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_hlm_r0 Asabas-Saar Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_hlm_r1 Asabas-Saar Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_lgt_hlm_r2 Asabas-Saar Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_cld_r0 Saartoh Bas-Tic Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_cld_r1 Saartoh Bas-Tic Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_cld_r2 Saartoh Bas-Tic Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_fir_r0 Saartoh Bas-Vat Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_fir_r1 Saartoh Bas-Vat Iss
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_fir_r2 Saartoh Bas-Vat Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_nat_r0 Saartoh Bas-Kos Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_nat_r1 Saartoh Bas-Kos Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_sta_nat_r2 Saartoh Bas-Kos Katoh yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2ha_r0 Taam-Kas Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2ha_r1 Taam-Kas Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2ha_r2 Taam-Kas Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hm_r0 Sata-Kas Eva
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hm_r1 Sata-Kas Iss (Dragon Age II) yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hm_r2 Sata-Kas Katoh
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hs_r0 Valo-Kas Eva yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hs_r1 Valo-Kas Iss yesYes
gen_im_trs_qun_two_2hs_r2 Valo-Kas Katoh yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_arc_lbw_r0 Mariner Longbow yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_arc_lbw_r1 Superior Mariner Longbow
gen_im_trs_rdr_arc_lbw_r2 Enchanted Mariner Longbow
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_boo_r0 Raider Heavy Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_boo_r1 Raider Superior Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_boo_r2 Raider Enchanted Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_cht_r0 Raider Plate yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_cht_r1 Raider Superior Plate yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_cht_r2 Raider Enchanted Plate
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_glv_r0 Raider Gauntlets yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_glv_r1 Raider Superior Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_glv_r2 Raider Enchanted Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_hlm_r0 Raider Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_hlm_r1 Raider Superior Helm
gen_im_trs_rdr_hvy_hlm_r2 Raider Enchanted Helm
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_boo_r0 Raider Heavy Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_boo_r1 Raider Superior Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_boo_r2 Raider Enchanted Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_cht_r0 Light Raider Armor
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_cht_r1 Superior Light Raider Armor
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_cht_r2 Enchanted Light Raider Armor
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_glv_r0 Raider Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_glv_r1 Superior Raider Gloves
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_glv_r2 Enchanted Raider Gloves
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_hlm_r0 Light Raider Helm
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_hlm_r1 Superior Light Raider Helm
gen_im_trs_rdr_med_hlm_r2 Enchanted Light Raider Helm
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_lsw_r0 Raider Blade
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_lsw_r1 Superior Raider Blade
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_lsw_r2 Enchanted Raider Blade
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_mac_r0 Raider Club
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_mac_r1 Superior Raider Club
gen_im_trs_rdr_one_mac_r2 Enchanted Raider Club
gen_im_trs_rdr_shd_wdn_r0 Mariner Shield
gen_im_trs_rdr_shd_wdn_r1 Superior Mariner Shield
gen_im_trs_rdr_shd_wdn_r2 Enchanted Mariner Shield
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2ha_r0 Blood Axe
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2ha_r1 Superior Blood Axe
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2ha_r2 Enchanted Blood Axe
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hm_r0 Raider Maul
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hm_r1 Superior Raider Maul
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hm_r2 Enchanted Raider Maul
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hs_r0 Saber
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hs_r1 Superior Saber
gen_im_trs_rdr_two_2hs_r2 Enchanted Saber
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_boo_r0 Scavenged Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_boo_r1 Commissioned Heavy Boots yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_boo_r2 Tevinter Heavy Boots
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_cht_r0 Scavenged Plate Armor
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_cht_r1 Commissioned Plate Armor yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_cht_r2 Tevinter Plate Armor
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_glv_r0 Scavenged Plate Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_glv_r1 Commissioned Plate Gloves yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_glv_r2 Tevinter Plate Gloves
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_hlm_r0 Scavenged Plate Helm
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_hlm_r1 Commissioned Plate Helm yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_hvy_hlm_r2 Tevinter Plate Helm
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_boo_r0 Tevinter Patterned Shoes
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_boo_r1 Tevinter Freemage Boots
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_boo_r2 Magisters' Boots
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_cht_r0 Free Adept Robes yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_cht_r1 Free Magus Robes yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_cht_r2 Tevinter Magisters' Robes
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_glv_r0 Cloth Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_glv_r1 Free-Sign Cloth Gloves
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_glv_r2 Tevinter-Cut Cloth Gauntlets
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_hlm_r0 Adepts' Cloth Hood
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_hlm_r1 Free-Sign Hood yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_lgt_hlm_r2 Tevinter-Cut Hood
gen_im_trs_slv_one_axe_r0 Mantakers' Roughwork Axe yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_one_axe_r1 Mantakers' Hobbler - Refined
gen_im_trs_slv_one_axe_r2 Mantakers' Willbreaker - Masterwork
gen_im_trs_slv_shd_wdn_r0 Blank Heraldic Shield yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_shd_wdn_r1 Roughwood Shield
gen_im_trs_slv_shd_wdn_r2 Masters' Wall
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_cld_r0 Roughwork Bound Staff
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_cld_r1 Roughwork Adept Staff
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_cld_r2 Roughwork Empowered Staff
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_ele_r0 Commissioned Adept Staff
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_ele_r1 Commissioned Enchanters' Staff yesYes
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_ele_r2 Commissioned Magus Staff
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_phy_r0 Burlwood Staff - Bound
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_phy_r1 Burlwood Staff - Channeled
gen_im_trs_slv_sta_phy_r2 Burlwood Staff - Empowered
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_boo_r0 Templar Boots - Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_boo_r1 Templar Boots - Superior Heavy Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_boo_r2 Templar Boots - Enchanted Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_cht_r0 Templar Armor - Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_cht_r1 Templar Armor - Superior Heavy Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_cht_r2 Templar Armor - Enchanted Heavy Issue]]
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_glv_r0 Templar Gloves - Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_glv_r1 Templar Gloves - Superior Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_glv_r2 Templar Gloves - Enchanted Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_hlm_r0 Templar Helm - Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_hlm_r1 Templar Helm - Superior Heavy Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_hvy_hlm_r2 Templar Helm - Enchanted Heavy Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_boo_r0 Templar Boots - Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_boo_r1 Templar Boots - Superior Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_boo_r2 Templar Boots - Enchanted Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_cht_r0 Templar Armor - Light Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_cht_r1 Templar Armor - Superior Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_cht_r2 Templar Armor - Enchanted Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_glv_r0 Templar Gloves - Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_glv_r1 Templar Gloves - Superior Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_glv_r2 Templar Gloves - Enchanted Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_hlm_r0 Templar Helm - Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_hlm_r1 Templar Helm - Superior Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_med_hlm_r2 Templar Helm - Enchanted Light Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_axe_r0 Templar Axe - Standard Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_axe_r1 Templar Axe - Superior Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_axe_r2 Templar Axe - Enchanted Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_lsw_r0 Templar Longsword - Standard Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_lsw_r1 Templar Longsword - Superior Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_lsw_r2 Templar Longsword - Enchanted Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_mac_r0 Templar Mace - Standard Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_mac_r1 Templar Mace - Superior Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_one_mac_r2 Templar Mace - Enchanted Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_shd_met_r0 Templar Defender - Standard Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_shd_met_r1 Templar Defender - Superior Issue yesYes
gen_im_trs_tmp_shd_met_r2 Templar Defender - Enchanted Issue
gen_im_trs_tmp_temp_armor Templar Armor

Junk Edit

See Junk.

NPC items Edit

Dragon Age II Edit

ID Item Obtainable Notes
gen_im_arm_cht_coma noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t1 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t2 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t3 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t4 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t5 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_coma_t6 noNope
gen_im_arm_cht_comb no